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Halloween Story---> Vengeance

Chapter One

Why is it when your life seems to be going smoothly- perfect grades, perfect crush, perfect everything- something catastrophic always seems to occur? You’ll even be sitting there, thinking “Wow! There is nothing in the world that could ever ruin this day!” and you realize that you’re devastatingly wrong. As I sat in the chair sobbing into my hands in the principal’s office over the death of the man that I loved, I realized that. It was almost like Fate wanted to make me suffer greatly after the best day of my life. At first, I thought that I was holding all of the cards in my hand. However, when I realized that I would lose this game, I could do nothing but fold. As my entire world came crashing down on me, I dared to jinx myself and ask, “What more could go wrong?”
Oh, if I had only known then when I asked myself that, I wouldn’t have bothered! But that will all come later. First, I believe that I should tell you how I first got into this situation, how I met Keith... and, eventually, how I avenged his death. First off, my name is Evelyn Hartley. Originally, I hailed from Emporia, Kansas. However, although my accent stayed with me when I moved, I currently reside in the Big Apple- New York City! Boy, was I ever frightened when we arrived! I had no idea where anything was and all of the tall buildings, as opposed to the open pastures of Kansas, were incredibly intimidating. While I aimlessly walked the streets of New York, I noticed the people staring curiously at my eyes. I’d simply flick back my long blonde hair and keep on walking, but it soon grew annoying.
So, I might as well explain... I was born with one bright green eye and one red eye. The doctors couldn’t explain it and suggested to fix it, but my mother and father refused the offer. I am eternally grateful that they did. I loved being unique. Whatever. That’s off topic. Back to my story.
One particular day, I stumbled across an antique bakery. I stopped to admire the cute little cookies that they had laid out for the children to see and beg their parents for. I laughed to myself as I remembered the times when my mother and I used to bake my father and sister muffins for breakfast. Oh, how long ago that seemed! I really missed the old days when I was younger and I didn’t have a-
“Y’know, if you keep standing there like that, you’re going to arouse some suspicions.” a strange voice broke my train of thought. I stood up straight, only to stumble and fall backwards. Rubbing the back of my head, I scolded my own clumsiness as the stranger laughed and offered to help me up. When I looked, I instantly met the stranger’s brilliant blue eyes. I sat there, stunned and captivated, while he stared back, equally interested. I blushed and reached for his hand, thinking it rude not to accept someone’s help. The minute our hands touched, I was sent into waves of electric shock. It burned through my veins white-hot and my heart rate alternated between through the roof and no beats at all.
Intrigued by my gawking, he pulled me up. “I’m sorry if I frightened you, miss. I just thought that I ought to warn you.” His sweet velvet voice left me devoid of words. The only thing I did to react was flush a deeper red. He laughed a sweet bell-like laugh and held out his hand. “My name is Keith. Keith McCarth. Are you new here?” I hesitated, fearing the electric shock wave, but took his hand and shook it. I shook myself out of my trance and replied, “I’m Evelyn Hartley. Yes, I just moved here from-”
“Kansas?” Keith asked, hoping that he had guessed right. I nodded and laughed at his accuracy. He grinned triumphantly and said, “Yeah, I thought so. I have an uncle in Kansas, so I recognized the accent.” He scratched the back of his neck. A quick glance at my watch sent me into a flurry to get home to my apartment. I slowed to a stop after my scrambling and looked around, thoroughly lost and confused.
“Um... Keith? Could you help me find the Valentine Suite Apartments division? I’m kinda lost.” I admitted, flushing a deep red once again. He laughed and nodded. Taking my hand in his, he lead me to the outskirts of town to the apartments, pointing interesting things along the way. Although I wasn’t sure why he had so suddenly just held my hand the whole way back home, I didn’t protest. I liked the feeling of his hand in mine.
During our “tour” back to my place, I found out that I would be going to the same high school as him- Brooklyn Bridge High, to be exact. He only had a few moments to tell me who to talk to and who to avoid, because we soon arrived at our desired destination. As if she already knew of our arrival, my mother came rushing out to meet us. “Evelyn, sweetheart! Where were you!? You didn’t call me, so I was worried sick! I almost called the police to look...for you.” she slowed down as her eyes suspiciously darted from me to Keith and back again.
Crossing her arms over her chest, she smiled slyly and said, “So, you’re late because you were hanging out with guys all day, huh?” Both Keith and my Mom laughed when I flushed deeply and protested my innocence. After their hysterics died down, Keith waved goodbye and, with a hearty “See you at school!”, he left. When we were alone, my Mom elbowed me in the gut and whispered, “Wow, Evelyn! You have good taste! If I were your age again, I’d have already snatched him up!”
I gasped at her comment and laughed, playfully punching her shoulder. After eating dinner and ignoring my little sister’s, Alison’s, questions about the mysterious new boy, I changed into my pajamas and laid down on my bed, facing the ceiling. I sighed, content, and decided that I was definitely going to love living here. Smiling to myself, I drifted off to sleep and awaited the next day- my first day of school with Keith.

Chapter Two

I woke up the next morning completely refreshed. Still, I laid in bed for a few more seconds, then stole a glance at my digital clock. With that one glance, I shot out of my bed screaming, “Oh my gosh! I’m super late!!!” I grabbed a comfortable T-shirt, a pair of jeans, my flip-flops, and a baggy sweatshirt to wear for that day. I was just rushing downstairs when I heard something hitting my bedroom window. I quickly made my way over to it, only to find Keith throwing rocks to get my attention.
“If you hurry up, I’ll walk you to school! It’s not that far away!” he shouted up at me, waving. I waved back and nodded, grabbing my stuff and sprinting out the door. He greeted me and, with an arm around my shoulder, walked with me to school. At one point, I tripped over a pothole in the road and crashed into another girl wearing a rather expensive-looking outfit. She managed to let out a “Uh, excuse me!” before we both collapsed. I blushed, stood, and brushed myself off before apologizing and offering to help her up. Her two lackeys that she had been traveling with smacked my hand away and helped her up themselves, which I thought was rather rude.
“How dare you! You ruined my favorite outfit!” she screeched, her black eyes somehow flaring with hatred. She angrily shoved a hand through her wavy, red hair. “Do you know how much money my Daddy spent on- oh, Keith!” she exclaimed when she caught Keith’s wary eye. She blushed and brushed off some dirt from her shoulder and said, “Keith, my dear! What’re you doing, hanging out with...” she trailed off, glaring at me. “Unimportant people. Oh, won’t you please accept my-”
“No, I won’t go out with you, Meriweather. That’s final.” he interrupted, grabbing my hand suddenly where she could easily see. Her eyes widened as our hands interlocked and I tried to hide behind him. She and her lackeys hissed- yes, hissed at him!- angrily and, with an unsatisfied “Hmph!” and a flick of her red hair, they were off. I sighed and said, “Thanks for helping me, Keith. I really appreciate it!” I smiled as sweetly as I could at him. He didn’t smile back and replied, “That was Meriweather, the ‘popular’ girl in school. She thinks that, because she comes from a rich family, she can do and say anything she likes. She learned that from her family. She’s been begging me to go out with her ever since elementary school! She won’t stop until she gets what she wants and she doesn’t take too kindly to rejection like that!” He scoffed at her from a distance, then continued.
“Her full name is Meriweather Yoshimitsu- she comes from a long line of Japanese priestesses, which is where her last name comes from. She wants people to call her Meri, a shorter modification of her name, but I call her Meriweather because it gets on her nerves.” He looked at me with such intensity and fierceness in his eyes that I shivered as we reached the main entrance to the school.
“She knows what you look like, so she’ll definitely track you down to get revenge. Be careful and avoid secluded areas where she and her posse can attack, okay?” I could only nod. On my exterior, I was relatively calm, but on the inside, I was buzzing with all sorts of questions I wanted to ask him. What would she get revenge for? How many people was she friends with? Would she come after me?
He smiled reassuringly and, grabbing my chin, leaned really close- really, really close- to my face and whispered, “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump! My heart pounded in my ears and blood pumped to my cheeks at those words. I couldn’t help but smile at him as he escorted me to my first class of the day- French with him! I was so happy that, for my first day, I would be following him to all of his classes!
As if by destiny, there was only one empty seat and it was strategically placed right next to his! I cheered and jumped for joy on the inside, but merely smiled happily on the outside. My soon-to-be French teacher- she wanted us to call her Madame Christine- welcomed me warmly and launched into class.
“ Bonjour, classe! J’espere que vous avez tout eu une bonne rupture! Today, we will begin talking about..” she continued on, deciding not to humiliate me with crazy introductions. I paid no attention to what she was saying, for my attention was solely fixed on Keith. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Meriweather glaring at me from across the classroom and crushing her pencil in her hand. I had a strong feeling that I would be her target for the next couple of months.
Unfortunately, I was correct. Until about mid-September, I was the target for getting beat up and being made fun of. Black eyes, bloody noses, and “Go back to where you came from, country hick!” comments were common during that time. I was miserable. Everyday, when I came home, I would run to my room and cry until suppertime. Until one day- September 29th, to be exact- if was as if none of that had happened. Everything returned to normal-or, rather,me being ignored by everyone but Keith, anyway.
I still caught a few hateful glances from Meriweather and her posse, but nothing more. It was when I saw her gang up on and try to kiss Keith that I realized who her new target was. He shoved her away with disgust and, muttering something under his breath, got into his car and drove off. She cursed at him for a moment, then slowly turned around to face me. I shivered, for the look on her face at that time was rather frightening. Her eyes were wide and sparkling with joy, but she was sneering with hatred, making her look like a total lunatic. When she started cackling, “He’ll pay for this!”, I got into my own car and drove home as fast as I could.
That night, I had terrible nightmares about that face of hers. One where I was trapped in the school and her face was everywhere and another where she was standing at the end of my bed, cackling wildly. However, there was one that, once I woke up, made me start bawling helplessly. It was absolutely agonizing to even think about.
In the dream, Keith was on an abandoned road, looking out over a black lake. A black motorcycle was parked near by for, possibly, a quick getaway. He seemed to be lost in thought, but was quickly snapped out of it as a figure jumped on him and placed a knife to his neck. It was cackling and screaming at him. His eyes widened in fear as he whispered, “M-M-Meriweather!?”
Then, I saw her insane expression as she nodded. “You chose the wrong answer when you rejected me. Nobody ever rejects me! So...” she cackled, sneering and heaving. “I’ll kill you for it! I’ll kill you, Keith!!!” And, with that, she began to press down hard on the blade. He gasped in agony, unable to stop her. Gallons of blood squirted out onto her face and poured onto the road until...
I sat up and screamed, tear streaming down my cheeks. I looked around and, seeing no boogiemen, buried my face in my hands, sobbing heavily. My mother came bursting into my room, crying, “Evelyn! Evelyn, what happened, honey!?” She calmed down a little when I told her about the dream. She sat on my bed next to me when I started to cry again and hugged me, singing my lullaby quietly. “Shh, baby, shh. It’s okay. It was just a dream. It’s okay...” She gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and told me to go back to sleep.
I had no more terrors left to deal with...until school that next morning.

Chapter Three

I was surprised, when I got to school that morning, by two things:
One; Keith wasn’t there to greet me nor was he in any of our classes that we usually had together during the day. Two; Meriweather and her posse left me completely alone all day that day. It wasn’t until I remembered my dream that I realized something was wrong. When I got called down to the front office, my suspicions were totally confirmed.
On the way there, I was worried out of my mind. Was I in trouble? Was Keith in trouble? Did something happen in my family? Did something happen in his family? My heart sank when I opened the door and saw Keith’s mother sobbing heavily into a handkerchief. I was about to go over and comfort her, when the principle, Mrs. King, called me into her office. Shaking intensely, I sat down in the first chair I reached.
Upon entering, Mrs. King’s back was to me. As I sat down, however, she swiveled around in her chair and shocked me with a grave expression. I had never seen anything but a smile on her face, so this scared me. “Miss Hartley,” she began, which was never good news, “Do you remember a boy named Keith McCarth? I believe that you once mentioned being good friends with him?”
My heart told me that I considered him to be more than that, but I nodded. “Has something happened to make you angry at him or to, possibly, harm him?” she asked, eyeing me. I gasped and shook my head. “No, ma’am! Keith’s been nothin’ but a blessin’ t’me! Why?” I asked, my fear unleashing my normally controlled accent. She sighed pitifully and laid a sympathetic hand on mine.
“We had a call from the police today. Apparently, they found his body in the lake outside of town. His throat had been slashed open and drained of blood. The killer hid the weapon well and there are no other clues. I’m so sorry.” I froze, letting the information sink in. They found his body in the lake outside town...slashed open other sorry. I almost fainted when I realized what I had seen. My dream had been real. It was a premonition.
A flurry of emotions were sent flying through me. Sorrow for his death, confusion from the dream...but, most of all, hatred for the person I knew had killed him. But... what could I say?
“Oh, by the way, I had a dream about his murder last night. The killer is Meriweather Yoshimitsu”? They would think that I was crazy! I took a deep breath, not caring to hide my tears. I simply nodded to keep from sobbing.
“Your mother has been called to come get you. You are excused from the rest of your classes. Your teachers have been notified and you may go home. Mister McCarth’s funeral will be held tomorrow, just in case you wanted to-”
“No.” I stopped her, already knowing what she would have said. “I don’t wanna see him like that. I wanna remember him the same way I saw him last...normal, not dead, and happy.” I stood and walked out to get my stuff out of my locker. I laid a hand on Keith’s weeping mother’s shoulder as I passed, showing that I understood her feelings of pain. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, closing my eyes. I opened them again and continued on. On the way to my locker, I came across Meriweather, strangely alone. She smirked at me and asked, “Well, what did you do now?”
I shook my head, shaking in fear and rage. I half wanted to beat her to a bloody pulp for killing him, half wanted to run away screaming. I was about to pass her when I stopped, eyes widening. Surely, I had just seen Keith walk by me, smiling sadly? No...that was impossible! He was dead...right? She stared at me strangely, lifting one eyebrow. Not only did I see Keith’s spirit, I very clearly heard him whisper, “I’m sorry that I left you here. I love you.”
I lowered my head and grinned widely. That was it. The last straw. I had finally lost it. Something inside me snapped when I heard those words very clearly in his voice. Almost impossibly fast for humans, I turned to Meriweather and, grabbing her by the throat, slammed her into the lockers. I, half-laughing half-screaming at her, said, “I knew it! I know that you killed him, Meri! I know that you killed Keith!!!” Her eyes widened, both with realization that I somehow found out and, also, with fear. I laughed mercilessly at her expression.
“You were a fool to do that, to kill him! I will do it myself! I will make you suffer far worse than he had to!!! I will kill you to make up for him!!!” As she gasped and clawed for air, fearful tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at me. All of the blackness of anger disappeared within me and, dropping to my knees, I released her. She coughed and inhaled deeply as she stared at me. However, my dementia had not faded and I doubted that it ever would. Still laughing, I looked up at her and said, “Mark my words, Meri. You will regret the day you ever came into existence!”
She held her neck and whispered, “You’ll never prove that I did anything. You’ll never prove it. How did you know anyway?” She gave herself away with those questions, not that she really cared after what had just happened. “You will probably think that I am crazy, but I saw it in a dream last night, in a premonition. Do not get me wrong; I very clearly saw your face, your hand on the knife that severed his throat. I will avenge him.” I answered. I stood up and leaned really close to her face and whispered, “I will avenge him and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. Now, if you want to keep everyone outside of this safe...say, perhaps, your friends and family,” she gasped at me. “I suggest that you keep quiet about this. Yes?”
She hesitated, but nodded. “Now... go!” With that, she ran off in the other direction. Calculating my odds, I decided to go to the last place where Keith was alive to think about my plan of action. Grabbing my keys out of my backpack, I ran down into the parking lot and drove off.
Stumbling out of my car, I collapsed to my knees and howled in mourning. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks as I pounded the blood-stained Earth beneath me. Keith was dead. He was gone. I was alone. I had run away from life. There was nothing left for me in life.
No. There was one thing that gave me enough reason to stay alive. Revenge. I needed to put Keith’s spirit at rest and...
Cold, translucent arms hugged me tightly from behind, causing me to shiver. Was I imagining it or was it really...? I slowly turned around to meet the ghostly figure of Keith, who was holding me tightly. Although he was see-through, I could still feel him, so I hugged him back. “Keith...Keith...Keith...” I whispered his name over and over again as he stroked my head. “Evelyn.” He said finally, pulling away to look at me. “Evelyn, honey, you know what you have to do. Please, set me free. Get rid of the scum what murdered me viciously.” I could only nod, smiling at him. Placing a hand on his cheek, I replied. “I miss you so much. I am sorry that I never told you, but... I love you. I have been in love with you ever since you found me that day outside the sweet shop.”
He smiled sweetly back and placed a hand on mine. To my great disliking, he began to disappear. I reached out for him desperately, clawing at the air for him, but to no avail. I slumped back to the ground, remembering his cold touch. Do not fear, my love. I thought to him.
I shall avenge you... no matter what the cost may be.

Chapter Four

Although it took me a little over a month to do it, I eventually came across the ‘materials’ needed to complete my revenge. By that time, search parties were scouring the city for me and I had found some place to hide- Keith’s abandoned apartment. After Keith died, his mother moved away to California to live to her heart’s content without suffering. He still visited me in my dreams, promising to help in any way he could to avenge his death. I’d simply smile and tear up at the sight of him. One night, in the bliss of my dreams, he kissed me.
The kiss was hot and cold, fierce and soft, but, also, kind at the same time. Passion...fear...hate...all were factors of the kiss. It seemed to take forever and every movement seemed to be measured, but it also flew by as fast as lightning. As soon as our lips had met, they soon parted and I was left alone in the living room (Keith’s mom had left all of the furniture, hoping to get a fresh start).
Within a couple of days, I heard from a couple of passing students from my school that the Halloween School Dance was coming up. Meriweather had been an important person who was always in charge of the holiday celebrations at our school. Surely, she would be designing the party. I, also, overheard them say that it would be that night. I smiled to myself and headed down to Halloween U.S.A. What fool would arrive at a masquerade-themed Halloween party without a costume? I know just what to be, too!
When I arrived, I hid my face within the shadows of my hooded jacket. One saleslady came over and asked me what I wanted, at one point. “Do you have an Alice in Wonderland dress?” I asked. She blinked, then nodded.
“Yes, actually! It’s the last one on our shelves! I’ll go fetch it for you!” She disappeared for a moment, then came back quickly with the costume in hand. It was just my perfect size! After buying the dress, a card-based mask, and some make-up, I left for the old apartment. A girl has got to look her best on the night that justice is served! In a few hours, I would be ready and waiting for my prey.
The beat from the music pumped into the night, echoing off of the blank walls in the empty alleyways nearby. Laughter of dancing teenagers and sweeping of costumes as people bumped into one another on the way to the punch bowl followed close behind it. Meriweather looked around, a feeling of dread washing over her. She quickly excused herself from her group of friends and, unknowingly, headed right toward my hiding spot. I was crouched behind one of the larger speakers, the music deafening. Right when she was in view, I thrust out my leg and-success!-struck her ankle and made her come toppling down to the floor. No one else took any notice.
Laughing silently, I bound her hands behind her and gagged her to silence her blasted screaming, regardless of whether anyone else could hear her over the music. Just as I snuck her toward the stage through the shadows, the song ended and everybody clapped. The DJ smiled widely and said, “Now, we have a surprising guest speaker tonight. Please welcome... Miss Evelyn Hartley!” An excited and relieved applause followed shocked gasps, a few cheers and whoops escaping their lips. I put on the most sane smile that I could manage and, shoving Meriweather ahead of me, I climbed the stairs to the nearest microphone.
I giggled childishly and said, “Thank you, DJ MicRo! First, I have someone I would like for you to meet!” Grasping Meriweather’s arm, I pulled her in front of me. “Presenting, the sly, the master of shadowing her sins... Keith’s murderer, Meriweather Yoshimitsu!”
Silence. No gasps. No laughs. Nothing at all. A few whispers finally started the frightened reactions. I could tell what they were thinking. Was I telling the truth? Was I crazy? What was I talking about? I smacked Meriweather (purposely hard) on the shoulder and, removing her gag, said, “Go on, princess! Tell them everything!”
Silent, self-pitying tears rolled down her cheeks as she shook her head. “I...I’m sorry...I-I didn’t mean to...” My black anger returned and I scowled darkly at her, making several in the audience shiver.
“You ‘didn’t mean to’? ‘Didn’t mean to’!? Hah! How could you not ‘mean to’ slash open his throat and dump him in the lake!? Explain that to me!!!” I hollered, making her cringe. I smiled again- my normal smile, not my sane one. Many people gasped, but more screamed when I reached into her pocket and pulled out the still bloodstained knife that she used to kill Keith. Still laughing, I said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Now, I shall make you suffer...just as I promised.” And, with one quick motion...I pulled the blade across her throat and released her, watching her slump to the floor. She trembled for a moment, then lay completely still.
I let out a cackling laugh that was short lived; a few moments later, the S.W.A.T teams and police came bearing down on every entrance. I blinked, finally returning to sanity. I remembered every sin that I had committed and started to cry. As the police came rushing toward me, I pulled the gun out of my back pocket and, aiming it at my head, whispered, “I would rather die now than rot in a jail cell forever.” I pulled back on the trigger as I heard someone cry out a sharp “No!” through all of the screaming and echoes of the gunshot and...
Everything went black.

Epilogue- A few weeks later...

“Meri! Oh, Meri, you’re back!” Meriweather turned around, pulling her scarf closer around her neck to hide the terrible scar that now adorned her throat. “Oh, hello, Emily! It’s good to see you! How was your Thanksgiving?” The two chatted on for a few moments during the passing period between classes. However, at one point, pain flared up in her neck and she nearly doubled over. Emily gasped and, grabbing her arm, lead her to the infirmary to get her pain medicine.
Meriweather, gasping and sweating, laid down on one of the beds toward the back of the room while Emily dug through the cabinets for her pain killers. Meriweather took deep breaths to relax. She seemed almost ready to fall asleep there when...
I laughed, sounding somewhat like a child. Her eyes flew open at the sound and she looked around, not sitting up. She looked up again and screamed. I floated above her, still wearing the Alice dress that I had died in. I was a spirit, forever bound to the Earth as a prisoner. However, I did not let that hold me back. I smiled at her and summoned some friendly hands to hold her wrists, her ankles, and cover her mouth as she let out more muffled cries. Emily turned around and, seeing nothing but Meriweather, ran out of the room to get help... a foolish move.
“I told you, Meriweather. I am holding all of the cards now.” I said, my voice empty and raspy from misuse. My ghostly blood dripped on her from the open wound in my head. Blood stained the blue dress and covered nearly every inch of me where it landed. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she struggled against her restraints. I laughed and said, “It is of no use now, girl! You cannot escape me! Now...where did we leave off? Oh, yes!” I pulled out the knife I had used before and lined it up evenly with the scar on her neck.
“Right here.” I made a light line, shaped exactly like her scar. She cried, shoulders heaving. I made similar marks a little deeper on her wrists and on her cheeks. I laughed at the wave of deja vu that washed over me at those wounds. It reminded me of the fight between Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen in my family’s favorite movie, The Princess Bride. Casting the knife away, I quickly snapped her neck. She died instantly. Her head falling to the side, tears rolled from her lifeless eyes and blood from her open mouth and wounds.
Emily returned a few moments later with the school principal, who gasped. I finally revealed myself to them. I walked to the middle of the room and backed up against the wall. I didn’t have much longer, for the hands of demons from Hell where desperately reaching for me, clawing at my back to suck me in. As I stepped back to let them have me, I said only one word as an eternal farewell:

Kaito and Kamui Gakupo's Version- Koi no Fuga Lyrics

Oikakete oikakete
Sugari tsukitai no
Ano hito ga kiete yuku
Ame no magari kado
Shiawase mo omoide mo
Mizu ni nagashita no
Komado utsu ame no oto
Hoho nurasu namida

Hajime kara (Hajime kara)
Musubarenai (Musubarenai)
Yakusoku no anata to watashi~!

Tsuka no mano tawamure to
Minna akiramete
Naki nagara hazushita no
Shinju no yabiwa wo

Hajime kara (Hajime kara)
Musubarenai (Musubarenai)
Yakusoku no anata to watashi~!

Kaeranai omokage wo
Mune ni dakishimete
Kuchizuke wo shite mita no
Ame no GARASU mado

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Akujikimusume Conchita (The Evil Food Eater Conchita) Lyrics

Fushuu tadayou haitoku no kan
Kyou mohajimaru saigo no bansan
Mino ke moyodatsu ryouri no kazukazu
Hitori kui asaru onna no egao
Kanojo no namae ha BANIKA CONCHITA
Katsutekono yono bishoku wo kiwame ta
Sono hate ni kanojo ga motome tanoha
Kyuukyoku nishite shikou no akujiki

Uyamai tonae yo
Wareraga idai na CONCHITA
Kono sekai no tabemono ha
Subete gaanatano tameni aru

Kura i tsukuse kono yono subete
Ibukuro nihamadamada aki gaaru
Ao shiroku kagayaku moudoku
Meindeisshu no supaisu ni saiteki ♥
Hone no zui madeshaburi tsukuse
Tari nakereba sara nimokaburitsuke
Shitasaki wo kake meguru shifuku
Bansan hamadamada owa ranai

Konnen ni itsutte 15 hitome no
O dae kokku gakou itsutte kita
Sorosoroo hima wo morae masenka ?
Mattaku tsukae nu yatsu rabakarine

Uyamai tonae yo
Wareraga idai na CONCHITA
Uragiri mono niha
Mukui wo uke teitadakimashou

Kura i tsukuse kono yono subete
Kyou no menyu ha tokubetsu sei nano
Ao shiroku kagayaku mouhatsu
Odoburu no sarada ni choudo ii ♥
Hone no zui madeshaburi tsukuse
Tari nakereba okawari surebaii
Chottosokono meshitsukai san
Anatahadonna aji gasurukashira ?

Itsushika kan hamonukenokarani
Nani nimonaishi daremo mouinai
Soredemo kanojo ha motome tsuduke ta
Kyuukyoku nishite shikou no akujiki

Kura i tsukuse kono yono subete
Kanojo ha mizukara no migite wo mite
Soshite shizuka nihoho warai nda
Mada taberumono arujanai
CONCHITA no saigo no akujiki
Shokuzai hasou kanojojishin
Kuwo kiwame tasono shintai no
Ajiwo shiru monohasudeniinai

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Cirque du Freak Fan Fiction -> Princess of Darkness

~ Prologue ~

Gasping for breath, I stumbled blindly down what I had hoped was a busy street. By the way my footsteps echoed, I could assume that it was not. Cursing my own stupidity, I finally gave up and collapsed. I could no longer see or use my right arm, due to the organ's and extremity's absence. I knew that I would have no chance at survival, seeing as the year was 1695. I must have been forsaken, for the humans from my village were still tracking me down. Cursed fools, believing that I was actually a witch! God, curse those who kill 'witches' for a living. I hope that-
I paused, for I heard someone walking toward me. I hoped that if I acted dead, they would leave. Instead, the person- a man, by the way he walked- he bent down to look at me. My heartbeat sped up as he said, "You do not have to die like this."
I hesitated, then replied, "What do you mean, stranger?"
"I mean, that I could save your life. However, I cannot replace your eyes, I can give you a new arm. Please, come with me. My friends and I can take care of you and you will not have to deal with those so-called 'Witch Hunters'. What do you say?"
"Who are you, sir?"
"My name is Larten Crepsley. I am a traveling performer with the Cirque du Freak. Please, let me and my friends heal you." I sensed that he held out a hand. I flinched slightly, then blindly felt for his hand. He laughed and pulled me up to my feet, supporting my weight as he lead me back to the Cirque.
"Tell me, young lady..." I nodded to show that I was listening. "What is YOUR name?"
"My name is Amari." I laughed at my lack of manners.
"Of what heritage do you fall under, Amari?"
"I am Japanese. We came here with the English in hopes of building our own country, as you must know, Mister Crepsley."
"Oh, please, just call me Larten." I felt that he must have smiled, so I smiled back. "You will, probably, want me to become your apprentice, no?" I asked, smirking slyly. He looked down at me questioningly. "I know what you are. Back in my country, we call you a 'ヴァンパイア.' You are here for a worthy person to call your 見習い, no?" He hesitated, laughed, and nodded.
"私は、マスターに参加します。" I answered, trying to bow low without falling. He nodded and replied, "Well, then. Welcome to the Cirque, Amari."

Auto-Tune the News! FLASHBACK #1 Lyrics

BO: We are ready to lead once moooooooore

EG: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
KC: Barack Obama is now officially
The 44th President of the United States

EG: Oooooh
KC: But tomorrow President Obama begins to
Unpack that enormous crate of burdens
And expectations
EG: And expectations
KC: And expectations
EG: Got to save the nation
KC: Expectations
EG: Shawty
KC: Expectations
EG: Shawty
KC: Expectations

BO: I have come here tonight
To speak frankly and directly
To the men and women who sent us
To the men and women who sent us

Repeat with ad libs and cowbell

I will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes
To help the small business and the family
That's what this is about
To help the small business and the family, family
MG/SG: Mama, Daddy, Granny, and your Great-Grandpappy
MG/SG: He love his wife and kids--that's his modus operandi

BO'Reilly: He did seem to bow
A lot of Americans very angry about this
(ooh ooh ah ah)
BG: It sent a message that Islam
Is superior to any other master or king
Or president in the world
An American president bound to a Muslim
DM: Yeah, he bowed to the Saudi
Left the seat up on the potty
Must be a president of shoddy qualitayee

LK: Here's the picture that bugged the heck out of me
I mean it really cheesed me off all weekend
President Obama giving a warm handshake
To, uh, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez
Ima put that up on the full screen and take a look at it
LK: Boys in the hood
MG: Yeah, up to no good
ALE: At least we're still capitalists
ALE/MG: Knock on wood

GB: Obama's aunt: she has a limp
SC: Mooooooo
GB: LIke little Tiny Tim: "I'd like more please, please" [sic]
SC: Mooooo Moo Moo Moooo Mooooooo
GB: "God bless us, every one"
SC: Mooooo Moooooooooooooo


There is an interesting thing that my Uncle Joey (yes, the cool one that I never shut up about his awesomeness) showed me today on YouTube called Auto-Tune the News. I have seen #1 and #5. I like the latin-themed episode (#1) the most. The review under the name has the lyrics. I like it A LOT!!!!! The lyrics are funny and the tune is really cool!!! Here are the links to the ones that I have seen:

Auto-Tune the News! Flashback #1:

Smoking Lettuce; Auto-Tune the News #5:

I really hope that you liked it as much as I did!!!! LOLZ!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hitobashira ARISU (Human Sacrifice ALICE) Lyrics

(ALICE #1--- Meiko)
Ichibanme ARISU wa isamashiku, ken o katete ni fushigi no kuni
Ironna mono o kirisutete, makka na michi o shiite itta
Sonna ARISU wa, mori no oku
Tsumibito no you ni tojimerarete
Mori ni dekita igai ni, kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi

(ALICE #2--- Kaito)
Nibanme ARISU wa otonashiku, uta o utatte fushigi no kuni
Ironna oto o afuresasete, kurutta sekai o umidashita
Sonna ARISU wa, bara no hana
Ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete
Makka na hana o ichirin sakase, minna ni mederare karete yuku

(ALICE #3--- Miku)
Sanbanme ARISU wa osanai ko, kirei na sugata de fushigi no kuni
Ironna hito o madowasete, okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta
Sonna ARISU wa, kuni no joou
Ibitsu na yume ni toritsukarete
Kuchiyuku karada ni obienagara, kuni no chouten ni kunrin suru

(ALICE #4--- Rin & Len)
Mori no komichi o tadottari, bara no ki no shita de ochakai
O-shiro kara no shoutaijou wa, HAATO no TORANPU

Yonbanme ARISU wa futago no ko, koukishin kara fushigi no kuni
Ironna tobira o kugurinukete, tsuisakki yatte kita bakari
Ki no tsuyoi ane to, kashikoi otouto
Ichiban ARISU ni chikatta kedo...
Futari no yume wo samenai mama, fushigi no kuni o samayotta

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trick and Treat lyrics- Rin & Len Kagamine

Fukai Fukai Kimi no naka youen ni hibiku koe
Oide Oide kono mori no motto okufukaku made
Hayaku Hayaku isugiashi de dekirudake chikaku ni
Oide Oide saa tanoshii aubi wo hajime you

Hitofuri suru dakede SYRUP ga fueru
Nigasa sae wasurete amai yume no naka
Tergai ni mamurarete remuri ni ochiru
Gensou no saimin ni oboreta mamade ii
Mekakushi wo hazushieha omoshiroku nai desho
Ashimoto gachuui suno tewa boku ga hiku kara
Suru mi wo ima sugu ni yudane nasai saa

Itsukara ka ginen no yaiba ga miekakure suru
Ai toiu menaifu radu wa sonzai shinai to
Mekakusi no sukima kara nozuki mita LANTERN ga
Utsushii dashita kage ni omowazu minoke ga yodatta

Oya oya warui ka mou omazame desu ka
Mekakushi ga toketa nara moumuku ni shiyou ka
Hora Hora warau nasai kawaii okau de
Negawa wo mata kabutte shibai ni modoru


Doushita no sonna me de karada wo furuwasete
Atatakai MILK de motenashite hosii no
Saa naka ni ohairi kuku wa totemo atatakai
Mikaeri wa POKET no nakami de ii kara
Chou dai hayaku hayaku nee hora ima sugu ni
Nishata kuitsu no gensuku wo kanagurisute
Mayakashi de muterashite amai mitsu wo sutte
Chou dau yokose hora ima sugu ni

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Evil Series- The Full Story (from sqeaky93)

Rin's Daughter of Evil:
Rin is the ruler of the Yellow Kingdom and falls in love with Kaito, Prince of the Blue Kingdom, but he falls in love with Miku, a girl from the neighboring Green Kingdom, she is not a princess. At the same time, Rin's twin brother and servant, Len falls in love with Miku at first sight. Rin find out that the one she loves, Kaito, and her brother, Len, are in love with Miku, who is a mere village girl. Rin gets jealous and orders Len to kill Miku and destroy the Green Kingdom. Len being the obedient servant and loving brother he is follows her orders and kills Miku. Kaito later finds out and sets after Rin for revenge. He goes to Meiko, who is a village woman in the Yellow Kingdom, who wants to rebel against Rin for killing her lover and for the state of the kingdom. A large army of citizens set after Rin, but Len decides to help her escape by switching places with her because they are twins. Len is captured in Rin's place and put to death by the guillotine. Rin, disguised as Len goes and sees her brother's execution and realized the error of her ways.

Miku's Daughter of Green:
Miku is a village girl in the Green Kingdom. The King has planned to have a war with the Yellow Kingdom but finds that he needs a trigger. He finds out that the reining princess of the Yellow Kingdom, Rin, is in love with the prince of the Blue Kingdom, Kaito. Here is where Miku enters, the King used her as bait to lure Kaito to fall in love with her, but at the same time Len falls in love with her. This causes Rin to get jealous and order Miku to be killed, which she is. You can probably guess what happens from there.
As for whether or not Miku loved Kaito or Len is up to the listener. I believe that Miku loved Len because in none of the songs is it said that Miku fell in love with Kaito. According to Miku's song, she fell in love with Len and was only baiting Kaito because she was ordered to by the King. When Len goes to kill her, she stabs herself and thanks him. Although she wishes that Len would have killed her instead of killing herself.

Meiko's Daughter of Vengance:
Meiko is a village girl of the Yellow Kingdom. The Kingdom has been reduced into a wasteland because Rin takes their fortune for her own luxuries. Meiko's lover goes to Rin to plead for her mercy, but instead Rin has him killed by the guillotine. After that, Meiko has sworn revenge over Rin. Later on, after news of Miku's death and the destruction of the Green Kingdom spreads, Kaito goes to Meiko for revenge over Miku's death. They form an alliance and go to capture Rin. When Meiko, Kaito and their army make it to the thrown room Meiko notices that Len has switched places with Rin. She informs Kaito and Len meets the guillotine in Rin's place. After that, Meiko feels guilty and confused for what she did, but admits it was for the sake of her and Kaito's revenge.

Kaito's Prince of Blue:
Kaito is a prince of the Blue Kingdom who fell in love with a village girl from the Green Kingdom called Miku. Their love is forbidden because of their class and he sneaks out at night to be with her. Later he sees that the Green Kingdom has been destroyed and Miku has been killed by the servant(Len) of the princess from the Yellow Kingdom(Rin). Kaito wants revenge and goes to Meiko who also wants revenge for her murdered lover. When going to capture Rin, instead they learned that she switched places with her servant Len and has escaped. Len is killed, but Kaito is still unsatisfied and kills himself to be with Miku in the afterlife.

Rin Kagamine's Daughter of Evil- Lyrics (Japanese)

Mukashi mukashi aru tokoro ni
Akugyaku hidou no oukoku no
Chouten ni kunrin suru wa
Yowai juuyon no oujo-sama

Kenran goukana choudohin
Kao no yoku nita meshitsukai
Aiba no namae wa JOSEFIINU
Subete ga subete kanojo no mono

Okane ga tarinaku natta nara
Gumin domo kara shibori tore
Watashi ni sakarau monotachi wa
Shukusei shite shimae

"Saa, hizamazuki nasai! "

Aku no hana karen ni saku
Azayakana irodori de
Mawari no awarena zassou wa
Aa youbun to nari kuchite iku

Boukun oujo ga koi suru wa
Umi no mukou no aoi hito
Dakedomo kare wa ringoku no
Midori no onna ni hitomebore

Shitto ni kurutta oujo-sama
Aru hi daijin wo yobi dashite
Shizukana koe de ii mashita
"Midori no kuni wo horoboshi nasai"

Ikuta no ie ga yakiharaware
Ikuta no inochi ga kiete iku
Kurushimu hitobito no nageki wa
Oujo ni wa todokanai

"Ara, oyatsu no jikan dawa"

Aku no hana karen ni saku
Kuruoshii irodori de
Totemo utsukushii hana nano ni
Aa toge ga oosugite sawarenai

Aku no oujo wo taosubeku
Tsui ni hitobito wa tachi agaru
Ugou no karera wo hiki iru wa
Akaki yoroi no onna kenshi

Tsumori ni tsumotta sono ikari
Kunizentai wo tsutsumi konda
Naganen no ikusa de tsukareta
Heishitachi nado teki de wa nai

Tsui ni oukyuu wa kakomarete
Kashintachi mo nige dashita
Kawaiku karenna oujo-sama
Tsui ni toraerareta

"Kono bureimono!"

Aku no hana karen ni saku
Kanashigena irodori de
Kanojo no tame no rakuen wa
Aa moroku mo hakanaku kuzureteku

Mukashi mukashi aru tokoro ni
Akugyaku hidou no oukoku no
Chouten ni kunrin shiteta
Yowai juuyon no oujo-sama

Shokei no jikan wa gogo san-ji
Kyoukai no kane ga naru jikan
Oujo to yobareta sono hito wa
Hitori rouya de nani wo omou

Tsui ni sono toki wa yatte kite
Owari wo tsugeru kane ga naru
Minshuu nado ni wa memo kurezu
Kanojo wa kouitta

"Ara, oyatsu no jikan dawa"

Aku no hana karen ni chiru
Azayakana irodori de
Nochi no hitobito wa kou kataru
Aa kanojo wa masani aku no musume

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Riyu Kosaka- Baby's Tears Lyrics (Japanese)

Owaranai mugen no HIKARI

Sora mawaru RINGU
surechigau sadame
nokosareteta... rakuen no maboroshi

Kanashimi no MERODI
nari yamu toki
soko ni saiteta chiisa na Baby's Tears

Sora to umi ga tsunagaru hoshi
tsunaida te o furikitta

Ashita no kagayaki o torimodosu tame ni
negai o nosete tokihanatsu

Owari o shiranai utsukushiku hane ni
furisosogu mugen no HIKARI

Mayonaka no taiyou
mayoi wa hareteku
niji iro ni kagayaku PURIZUMU

Kawaranai egao
KIREI na sora
koko ni negatta chiisa na Baby's Tears

Sora to umi ga tsunagaru shunkan
atarashii inochi koko ni...

Ashita no kagayaki o torimodosu tame ni
tatakau... anata no tame ni

Owari o shiranai utsukushiki hane ni
furisosogu mugen no HIKARI

Kazaru ai wa mou imi o motanai...
yureru kimochi tojikomete kyou mo warau no
ANATA no kaori ga shita
iki o hisome shizuka ni chiru hanaBIRA

Owari o shiranai utsukushiki hane wa
kagirinai aoki sora e

BeForU- Under The Sky Lyrics

Miageta kono aozora no iro ga mabushi sugite
warurekaketa daiji na mono sae
bokura ni kizukasete kureta ne

Me no mae ni hirogaru sekai wa chiisana dekigoto
hitotsu de kawatte yuku kara

Fukinukeru kaze o ukete
ano sora no mukou e
yawaraka na kaze ga kyou mo bokura o surinukete
kakegaenai toki o ikiteru

Itsumademo tomadoi mayou toki wa KIMI ga ita ne
utsumuiteta mama no hibi ja
nani mo hajimaranain da

Sukitooru kono sora no shita de
kanashimi o yasashisa ni kaeteku tsuyosa oboeta

Yume no tsuzuki ga aru nara
mayowazu ni tobidasou
ryoute o sora ni kazashite kokoro no DOA akete
asu o mitsumete aruite yukou

Fukinukeru kaze o ukete
ano sora no mukou e
yawaraka na kaze ga kyou mo bokura o surinukete
kakegaenai toki o ikiteru

Riyu Kosaka- Honey Punch Lyrics

Nandemo nai koto de
Butsukatte namida detarishite
Wagamama na atashi no tonari de
Kawaranai egao kureta

Zettai no Communication!
Yappa kore ga daiji deshou?!
Yatta! Congratulation!
Tokubetsu na hito e

Yume ippai
Kokoro kara anata e no ai o
Sasaketai todoketai
Mou mune ga ippai

Motto ai ga ippai
Amai amai Candy mitai na ai o
Tsukuritai tarinai
Demo onaka ippai

Futari no ai ai kasa o sashite aruku
Ame ga yande niji ga dete
Zutto wasurenaide ite

Motto ai ga ippai
Amai amai Candy mitai na ai o
Tsukuritai tarinai
Demo onaka ippai

Vocaloid CENDRILLON lyrics- Hatsune Miku and KAITO

Asa made odoru yume dake misete
Tokei no kane ga toku mahou
Aimai na yubi sasou kaidan
San-dan tobashi ni hanete yuku
Basha no nakade furue-teta
Mijime na furugi mekuri megure yoruno butou

~Chorus 1~
Mishiranu kao sagasu
Sasayaku ano koe ga
Nigiri-shimeta yaiba tsuki-tate
Subete wo ubae to
Minashigo tsudou shiro
Emi kamen ni egaite
Itsuwari no itsukushimi sae
Hane de tsutsuma SERAPH

Haino nakade akaku tokete majiru GLASS no kutsu

Imasara kaeru furuete iruno
Anata ga mewoyaru tokei
Kutsu nugi odoru SLOPE nukete
Nodo made nobiru yubi no saki de
Sukuu shizuku kuchi-zukete
Hashiru shoudou sebone nukete-yuku SETSUNA

~Chorus 2~
Kane wa narasa-naide
Anata ni hizama-zuki
Mada dame to sakenda migite ga
Tsuki-sasu SAYONARA
Kesenai shouen wo kousui ni matou-hime
Tsuyoi hitomi bokuno kootta kamen goto uchinuku

Ima mo mimi ni anata no toiki ga
Tsuki-sasaru no tooi yume
STAINED GLASS gosi hikaru tuki ga
Kimi ni kabuseta VEIL

~Chorus 3~
DRESS hiza de saite
TIARA wa nage-sutete
Mitsume-au hitomi to hitomi ga
Hibana wo hanatsu
Kodoku na tamashii ga honoo AGE hikare-au
Sono namida sukue nainara marude hitori asobi

~Chorus 4~
Tokiyo tomare imawa
Anata ni yoi-shirete
Yureru kodou hitotsu-hidotsu wo
Kizami tsukete tai
Todomare atsuku nure
Uchi-tsukeru takamari ni
Kore ijyou wa ugoke naiyo

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Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Written By: Amari

Original Game By: Tetsuya Nomura

Owned by: Square Enix

(*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except for Raxima. All rights go to Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura.*)

~ Prologue ~

I couldn’t understand why everything was blank. It was almost like I had no memories. Where was I? Who was I? I glanced at everything around me as I stood. A large city with empty screens displaying nothing but colors. Everything was dark, but I could see as if it were daytime. I brushed my hair behind my ears and winced as I caught sight of my reflection in the window. Long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail with two large strands of hair, one slightly covering my left eye; one bright, emerald-green eye and one crimson eye to contrast that sparkled even in this darkness; naturally toned muscles with tan skin pulling over them as they flexed. Was this…me?
I was startled as a hand landed on my shoulder. I whirled around to face a man. Long silver hair fell to the small of his back, putting emphasis on his golden eyes as it framed his face. A black robe, black gloves, and black boots made me assume that he was a part of some group- a club maybe? Fear triggered tears to spill over my cheeks. “You don’t need to be afraid of me, young one. I won’t hurt you.” His deep voice- soothing, almost- seemed to lure me in.
“Wh-who are you?” a bell-like voice responded- my voice. “What do you want with me?”
“I am Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII. What is your name?” he asked, gold eyes full of curiosity. I hesitated, trying to quickly conjure up a fake identity. “You don’t know, do you?” Xemnas asked, holding out his hand. Letters appeared and hovered over it, forming the word “Raxima”. I blinked, looking up at him. “Is…is that my name?” I asked.
“It is now.” He replied. He handed me a black coat and boots similar to his own, nodding. “Would you like purpose? I can give it to you.” He smiled, sweet but sinister. I nodded, curious. I pulled both on and smiled back. He outstretched his hand and, somehow, manifested a portal of some sort. I stared, amazed and frightened. Xemnas simply said, “That is the Corridor of Darkness. It’s how we travel.”
I looked up at him. “You mean… there are more of you?” I was anxious to meet these other members. He nodded, guiding me through the Corridor, and replied, “Welcome to the Organization, Raxima.”
When we reappeared, we were standing before a large white castle with oddly-shaped towers. I was just about to ask where we were when another man came running at us, grinning. He, too, wore Xemnas’ garb, but had strangely spiked, dirty-blonde hair and dull green eyes. He continued to grin and said, “Hey! Looks like you found another one. That’s the third time this year!” His voice reminded me of- although I didn’t know what it was- a geek of some kind. I couldn’t help but giggle at his enthusiasm.
“I got her to laugh! Score!” He laughed as well. He held out his hand, saying, “I’m Demyx, by the way. Welcome to the Organization, umm…”
“Raxima.” I said, shaking his hand. He nodded, turning to the doorway behind us. “Hey, Roxy! Axel! We’ve got another one!” Soon, two more arrived. The taller of the two had an over-confident look on his face. His fiery-red hair and green eyes made up for that, though. The other one- oh, just looking at him- made my heart flop and chagrin pump into my cheeks. Yet again, his spiky blonde hair and blue eyes seemed captivating to me as they jogged over to us.
“Raxima, this is Axel-“ he pointed to the fire-haired one. “- and Roxas.” He playfully punched Roxas in the stomach, who laughed and struck back. Whereas Xemnas looked about 32 and Demyx looked about 27, Axel looked to be around 20 while Roxas looked about 16. “But, yeah, this is Raxima. Say hi!” Demyx laughed.
“Hey, there!” Axel said, smiling triumphantly.
“Nice to meet you!” Roxas followed, his sweet smile making my heart flutter again. When I blushed, they all laughed. Axel patted my back and said, “Let’s get you inside. Everyone else will want to meet you!” He ruffled my hair a little and I laughed.
Once we got inside, I was no longer afraid, but eager to meet them all. I was happy to be so easily accepted into a large group. I was a little confused at first, but I got learn everybody’s names. Xigbar was Xemnas’ second-in-command, followed by Xaldin. Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion were in charge of the lower levels of the castle. Saix, Axel, Demyx, Marluxia, and Larxene all had some sort of elemental power (ice, fire, water, earth, and lightning respectively). Roxas and Xion were the only two wielders of the legendary Keyblade and Luxord was considered the gambler.
The Organization mainly consisted of male members, apart from Larxene, Xion, and me. I was curious to find out why, but I was even more captivated by something else. Later, at dinner, Larxene cooked a special meal that consisted of sukiyaki, monja-yaki, tempura, yakitori, and udon noodles. I was lucky enough to get a plate of each before Xigbar challenged Demyx to an eating contest. Larxene scolded them and told them not to spoil everyone else’s dinner, whacking them in the back of the head with a wooden spoon.
Toward the end of the meal, when everything had calmed down, I decided to ask the question I really wanted answered the most. “So… what exactly are we?” my voice cracked a little when everyone turned to look at me. Axel took a big swig of his sake and answered, “We are a group of special Nobodies who rule over the rest of the Nobodies. A Nobody is the lifeless shell of a person when darkness corrupts their heart. The Nobody is created at the same time as a Heartless is created.
“But, for those few who are strong at heart, when they’re turned into a Heartless, special Nobodies like us are created. Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, and Zexion were the original six Organization Elders. The rest of us who joined in were assigned a number in order of which time they joined. For example, my number is eight and Roxas is thirteen. You would be considered number fifteen, after Xion.” He paused, then took another drink.
I let all of that information sink in. Was I only a lifeless shell of a person? “Wait a minute! If we’re each only a shell of a person, who were we originally?” I asked, curiosity burning inside of me.
“We don’t know. That’s what Organization XIII is all about. We’re searching for a place called Kingdom Hearts, which is where all of the hearts released by the Keyblade go. Once a person is turned into a Heartless and a Nobody, they can never be whole again unless their heart is found by their Nobody.
“Actually, a few of us here know who we originally were. Xemnas used to be a guy named Xehanort, Roxas used to be a kid named Sora, and Namine used to be Sora’s friend, Kairi, who is still alive today. Namine had to take apart Sora’s memories for some reason-“ he snickered deviously as if he remembered something funny. “- But, she’s starting to put them back together again. Sora’s current status is stasis, which means he’s sleeping in a cyrotank.
“We’re a bit worried about Roxas, though, seeing as he is Sora’s Nobody. We don’t know what happens to those people who return to light, so we’re keeping a close eye on him.” I felt a harsh pang of fear in my stomach. Roxas… what would happen to him? I wondered who my original self was, what I looked like, what I sounded like. “Don’t worry, Raxima!” a sweet voice chimed in. Xion’s violet eyes looked solemn but fierce. “Roxas will be A-okay! Right, Roxas?” she turned to him, smiling, but he didn’t seem to notice. He kept his gaze focused on me, causing me to blush again. He grinned and nodded.
An artificial yawn from the doorway made me turn. Larxene winked at me and teased, “Well, I think little Roxy here should have some ‘one-on-one time’ with Miss Raxima, dontcha think?” she giggled. I blushed an even deeper red when everyone nodded and got up to leave. Axel shot me a quick thumbs-up as he pulled the door closed behind him, leaving me alone with Roxas.
My heart pounded loudly, my temperature raised a little, and I was nervous. Chagrin wouldn’t give up and revealed me. Roxas, also, blushed a light pink. I was sure that he could hear my pulse, which made me blush- if possible- even redder. By this point, I was probably as red as Axel’s hair.
“So, uh-ummm…Raxima?” he stuttered, looking at me. My eyes widened as he scooted closer to me. His hand was so close to mine, I could very nearly feel the heat emitting from it. “Yeah?”
“You’re blushing really red. Should I call Zexion? He’s our medic.” I shook my head. “Oh, that’s good. Well, as you may have noticed, only you, me, and Xion are able to feel human emotions.” I nodded. I was afraid that, if I spoke, I would say the wrong things.
“That’s because we’re different. We weren’t ‘born’ the way everyone else was, but not in a bad way. It’s makes us special.” He raised his hand and lightly touched his fingertips over the place where my heart should have been. Electricity shot through me like a bullet, raising goose bumps over every inch of my body. “It’s shows that we have a stronger chance of having our hearts return to us. A-and, if mine does…” he paused, drawing his hand away. He placed it back next to his side, conveniently landing on top of my own.
“It’d be cool to have you there when it happens. You’re a really cool person. Even though I can’t be sure because I don’t know you completely… I can sense that.” He grinned and I felt like I was about to faint. I nodded instead, replying, “Thanks, Roxas.” After a short moment of just staring at each other, Xion came in to alert us about the time. Roxas nodded and stood, helping me up. I felt another shockwave and swooned, nearly crashing into the table. Roxas waved as he followed Axel and Demyx to their room, the two ruffling his hair. I followed Xion in the other direction, smiling.
“So, tell me. What did you two say in there? You were awfully quiet.” Xion asked teasingly.
“What? Were you listening or something?” I sneered, smirking.
“Larxene had everybody wait. We were disappointed when we couldn’t hear anything, but Axel saw that you two were blushing…and holding hands!” she accused, tickling me.
“No, we weren’t!” I laughed, racing her to our room. I had a strong feeling that I was going to like it here in the Organization.

(Time Lapse-276 Days: Week 39 in the Organization)

~ Chapter One ~

Trying not to make any noise whatsoever, I slowly advanced on my target. Holding my twin scimitars tightly, I flinched and cursed at myself silently as I snapped a twig underfoot. Roxas turned sharply in my direction, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. Smirking sinisterly, he called out, "Raxima, you can't hide forever! I will find you and when I do-" He was cut off by me as I leapt out of the trees, swords raised overhead. He rolled away just in time, but snagged his coat. I sighed and rolled my eyes at him. "Dude, that's the fifth time this week! I can't keep sewing your same shirt forever!" I shook my head and advanced on him. I released my blades, which disappeared before they hit the ground, and pulled out a small handgun from my pocket.
"Oh, by the way..." I pulled the trigger and grinned as the water splattered across his face. "You're out! I win the water war!" He groaned, but laughed and I helped him up.
Roxas and I had been hanging out in a little place called Twilight Town, a nearby world with a great view from the top of the clock tower. It was sometime during the summer and we were fighting with water guns, water balloons, you name it. Whenever we did this, I simply wore my bathing suit and some jean shorts with my favorite pair of flip-flops. Roxas was wearing a small white jacket over a black shirt and baggy khaki jeans, preferring to go barefoot. I loved hanging out with Roxas in Twilight Town. It was almost like being with a brother, only we were closer. Ever since my first day in the Organization, Roxas and I have been by each other's side. It was no longer a secret that we were both in love with each other because Xion 'coincidentally' saw Roxas kiss me on the Organization's anniversery and told everyone in a fit of excitement.
I had fell into place with the way of things quickly. I, now, helped Larxene with the cooking, studied with Zexion, played and won poker with Luxord, and grew a small garden of special black roses with Marluxia. I, also, did many other things, but only minor things.
We put away the water guns and headed back to the portal to Betwix and Between, a.k.a the Corridor of Darkness, leaving the woods. We stopped short and observed a small group of kids our age getting into a fight with each other. "C'mon, Seifer! You can take him, y'know!" The darker one cheered.
"Cakewalk." The white-haired one said.
"Yeah, go Hayner! Go get 'em!" The other boy and girl cheered. The two boys in the middle nodded and starting throwing punches at each other. However, quicker than expected, the taller one named Seifer was on the ground. Hayner stood over him, smiling triumphantly. I sighed, relieved that both Hayner and Seifer were okay. I turned to Roxas and said, "Hey, let's go talk to them! It'd be great to have some new friends!" He smiled and nodded. We both ran to Hayner and his friends while Seifer and his friends ran away.
"Wow, that was awesome!" I said as we approached them. They turned, a look on each face that said "Who are you?"
"My name is Raxima. This is Roxas. We saw you take down that Seifer guy!"
"Yeah, it was impressive!" Roxas finished. Hayner grinned. "Glad you think so. I'm Hayner. This is Pence-" he pointed to the fatter one, who waved sheepishly "-and Olette. Are you two new to town? If so, we could give you a tour." He suggested, winking at me as if he wanted to ask me out. I backed away and allowed Roxas to put an arm around me, showing Hayner that I was taken. Hayner looked disappointed slightly, but waved it away.
"That's very kind of you, but we need to get home." He turned to me and winked. "Your Mom'll be worried if you aren't home for dinner. She might think the we eloped or something." I smiled lovingly and tucked my self into his arms, purposely angering Hayner. "I would love it if we did." That was what broke the ice. With hands in a fist, Hayner blurted out, "Are you two, like, together, or something!?" Roxas hugged me tighter and nodded.
I knew that Roxas and I had the same idea by the way that we were deliberately making Hayner jealous by our true relationship. He huffed a breath and muttered, "I'm heading off to the station. Meet me up on top so I can show you Twilight Town, okay?" Not waiting for a reply, he stormed off.
"Wow, man. I've never seen Hayner so jealous before! This is awesome!" Pence laughed. Olette giggled and said, "I'm curious. Are you two really together, or are you just tricking Hayner." We both shook our heads. "No, we're really together." Roxas answered. I simply stared up at him, unable to look away. She smiled and nodded. "So, do want a tour of the place?" We shook our heads again. "I really do have to get home to Mom. It's pretty late. Man, that water took forever to win!" I giggled as Roxas groaned and muttered, "I can't believe I lost to my girlfriend!" Pence and Olette nodded.
"Well, it was great meeting you two! You're both really cool!" Pence said, shaking my hand.
"I hope we can see you tomorrow! Maybe we can have a huge water war!" Olette giggled, hugging me. I nodded and turned to Roxas. "Maybe we can bring our brothers, Axel and Demyx." I suggested. We both laughed, waved goodbye, and headed home.
Once we were back at 'The Home That Never Was' (our world's name was The World That Never Was, but we called it home), Roxas gave me a quick kiss on my head and wished me a good night. I hugged him and did the same, then headed back to my room. I wanted to talk to Xion about today, but I found the room empty. I searched all over the Castle until I finally found her at The Alter of Naught, staring up at the heart-shaped moon. "Raxima, why do we Nobodies exist? Don't give the regular explanation, really try to tell me. What are we? Why are we?" she half-cried, half-giggled. I stared at her curiously, wondering why she was asking this now. She turned around and I gasped. She was smiling eerily, as if she had lost her mind or something. I was reassured about that by the insane cackle that she emitted. Drawing her Keyblade, she charged toward me, still cackling wildly. I blocked her attack quickly and threw her over me. She collided with the wall and laid there for a minute, before laughing again and standing up. I heard someone behind me, so I called, "Uh, Axel! Roxas, can you help me here!?" The two ran past me at Xion, seizing her arms and disarming her. She simply continued laughing and shrieking, "We're nothing! We're nothing!!!" Soon, the whole Organization was up there with us. "What on earth is going on, you four!? What is wrong with Xion!?!?" Xemnas asked.
"I'm no so sure! I just came looking for her and she attacked me! She's gone mad!!!" I explained, tears spilling over my cheeks from fear. Zexion, who had helped me control my emotion fits, hugged me tightly and let me sob hopelessly into his chest while Axel and Roxas struggled against Xion, who was still acting insane. Xemnas stepped toward her and said, "Xion, calm yourself! Why do you behave so?"
"We're nothing! You're nothing, I'm nothing!!! We'll all fade to darkness!!!!" she cackled. Xemnas sighed and, in one swift movement unable to catch with the human eye, he shoved his own blade through her. She stopped, eyes bugging out of her head. She smiled normally at me and whispered, "I'm sorry. I should have been more careful." She closed her eyes and disappeared his a pillar of light. Xemnas began shooing everyone back into their rooms. Still shaken by Xion's attack and death, Roxas guided me back to my room while I sobbed into his shoulder with Zexion coaching me, "It's okay, Raxima. You'll be okay." When they offered me a drink, I shook my head and, without saying anything at all, I closed myself in my room and cried myself to sleep. Before I lapsed into sleep, I remembered when Xion died how she disappeared into a pillar of light. Suspiciously, I noticed that the light left Xion and entered Roxas, like he had absorbed her spirit. But, before I could get a good explanation, my eyes fluttered closed. That night, I didn't sleep well, due to the nightmares of Xion's last moments.

*** New Fan Fiction--- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days***

Okay, so, I recently found out that there will be a new Kingdom Hearts game coming out called 358/2 Days. So, as I was reading the article about it in Nintendo Power Magazine, I thought, "Huh! This seems like an interesting game. I should make a fan fiction about it! After all, I've been wanting to do so for a while now!"
So, I did some research. 358/2 Days takes place in between Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 2 and it explains Roxas' time with Organization XIII. Strangely, there is a fourteenth member of the Organization named Xion. Roxas, Axel, and Xion soon become friends.
In 358/2 Days, you can play as any Organization XIII character and fight alongside another member, if you so choose. And, since it's coming out on Nintendo DS, there is a multiplayer option where you and three of you friends can play together and fight Heartless together.
Although I don't know very much about the plot of the actual game, I am creating my own plot of the story that would seem to fit in with the game. My character, Amari, is found in the dark streets of The World That Never Was by Xemnas and is given the name "Raxima." She joins the Organization as the fifteenth member and... well, you'll see!
Oh, if you aren't quite able to understand everything, you can just Google the information that you want explained. That's how I learned everything.

Raxima, like all of the names of the Organization XIII, is a rearranged version of Amari with an X in it. If you take Amari and put the R, A, add an X there, I, M, and A. Amari -> Raxima!!! There you have it!!! If you have a character that you made up, give them a really cool or confusing Japanese name and rearrange it and add an X somewhere to make a member of Organization XIII!!!!!!
If you want to, you can leave a comment somewhere on my page, telling me about your member. Oh, by the way, Raxima is pronounced "Ruh-shi-mah". Just so you know.

A Place to Belong

A “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” Fan Fiction

Written By: Amari

(*Note: Every character other than Amari and Calesca has been created by and are owned by Nintendo. I only own Amari and the name Calesca. Nothing else. This story is entirely fan made.*)

~ Prologue ~

Her heart was pounding in her ears as she sprinted away from the balcony. Tears rolled heavily down her cheeks as horrific thoughts of her husband’s fate relentlessly taunted her. She shook them off and focused only on the pull of her muscles and tendons in her legs.

She held her child close, as all mothers would. Yet, regardless of the severity of the current event, the baby girl slept soundly in her mother’s arms. The young woman rounded the corner, crashing into another along the way. Fearing the Gerudo raiders had already found her, she let out a hoarse screech.

The other being clamped a hand to the woman’s mouth and sharply whispered, “Careful, Lady Calesca! They’ll hear you!” Calesca sighed through her hand and said, “Mistress Impa! Oh, thank the Gods! I was afraid that they had found me!”

“M’lady, you must be wary! Hidden as you are, they can hear the smallest of sounds!” Impa stopped and looked around the Queen. “But… where is Princess Zelda!? Is she safe!?”

“Yes, Impa. My other daughter is well. She is hidden in a small hollow near the sakura tree, the one in my garden. No one will find her there.” A loud crash of doors breaking off of their hinges rang through the empty hall, weighing on Calesca’s already heavy heart like impending doom. “There is not much time left, I fear!” she gasped, pressing her baby daughter close to her chest. “Quickly! You must get me and the child out of the castle!”

Impa’s eyes widened in surprise and fear. “But, Lady Calesca! The Gerudo are breaking down on every exit we could escape from! How do you---“
“There is no time to explain or plan, Impa! Just do it! Our lives--- nay, the world! ---depends upon our safekeeping! The child must live!” Calesca cried hysterically, shaking.

Impa paused and assessed the situation at hand. After a short moment, she sighed and nodded. “Of course, Your Majesty. I, Impa, the Shadow Sage, will see to it that this wonderful child of yours lives. I swear to it.” She bowed her head in a low but quick sweep.

Down at the other end of the hall, fast-paced footsteps raced toward them. Soon, several Gerudo soldiers found the two. “Here! They are here! Do not let them escape!” One woman cried, pointing her menacing claymore toward them.

Faster than what should have been possible, Impa grabbed her Queen’s wrist and dashed off in the direction of the stables. But, also impossibly fast, the Gerudo woman that had revealed them swung, landing a hard blow across the Queen of Hyrule’s back. Queen Calesca wailed in agony, but did not hesitate. Instead, the blow seemed to help her accelerate in speed, catching up with Impa.

By the time that they reached the stables, they had outrun the Gerudo soldiers and Calesca’s wound was bleeding profusely through her royal gown. Impa grabbed a piece of loose fabric and, in one silent pull, ripped the heavier layers off of the dress and used them to put pressure on the bleeding.

“Thank you, Mistress Impa. I trust that you will take good care of my daughter in my stead.” She gasped through the pain.

“You are very welcome, my Queen. Head to Gerudo Desert. I know of one soldier who has not been taken under Ganondorf’s control. The Spirit Sage, Nabooru, will be sure to raise her if you tell her that I sent you. Also,” Impa laid a delicate hand on Calesca’s knee. “I will watch over the child. I will watch her grow and make sure that no harm befalls her. I promise.

“You should take the Southern Bend, the one that passes over the Zora’s River. It will get you there faster and in one piece.” The two shuddered in unison, and Impa continued, “These bandages will only last that long, but you have some internal bleeding. I am afraid that your time here is done.”

Calesca closed her eyes and nodded. Always so understanding, yet always so naïve… even in the face of death. “Thank you, Mistress Impa.” She repeated. “But, where will I find Nabooru?”

“Her home is the first one that you will see on the right. I believe that---“a crash, followed by several shouts, cut her short. Calesca quickly mounted the stark white horse and coaxed it to go as fast as it could, blowing through the barricade of Gerudo women up ahead.

“The Queen! Don’t let her escape!”

“Quickly! After her, after her!”

“Someone go alert Lord Ganondorf! Quickly!”

The fierce shouts faded behind her as she sped toward the Southern Bend, clutching the baby under her cloak to shield it from Gerudo onlookers. She focused on the sounds around her to distract her from her fears that lay behind her. The mournful howl of the wind that whispered to her and gently ran its fingers through her hair, the soft thuds of the horse’s hooves beating against the earth beneath her, the menacing crackle of the fires that consumed Hyrule CastleTown… all were too clear to her in her last moments.

She dared not allow the more obvious sounds invade her mind. The dark laughter of every Gerudo as they cut down everyone in their sight, the piercing screams that would turn even the bravest of men’s faces white as a ghost, and, farther behind her, the confused wails of the young child hiding in the hollow of a sakura tree, calling desperately for her mother to hold her once again.

She would not think of that. It hurt her too much to bear.

She blinked and pulled on the reins to slow her horse as she realized that she had arrived at the Gerudo Fortress. She laughed to herself, at herself, for thinking that it would all play out slowly. Impa was right. Her time had come and Fate was desperate to get her cold, dead grasp on a soul from someone so valuable, desperate enough even to speed up her time just to get her to her final destination.

She took one last fateful glance at her youngest daughter, cradled against her chest for warmth. The child was now awake, her bright emerald eyes darting which way and that. She raised her tiny hand and touched her mother’s cheek, sensing that they would soon be parted. The way she seemed to look at her only mother, it was almost like she knew what had to be done. For the greater good.

In a way that seemed very much like defeat, the child looked away from her mother and nestled closer into the warm nest. “Yes. I know, little one. I shall miss you as well.”

“Who goes there!? Begone with you!” a very distinctive female voice called out from the blackness of the first house on the right, Nabooru’s house. A tall woman with long auburn hair tied up in a ponytail emerged from the shadows, strangely unarmed.

Calesca dismounted from her horse and, sweating and panting, limped cautiously toward her. The woman’s captivating golden eyes widened as Calesca drew closer. “Are you the one that they call Nabooru? The Spirit Sage? I need your help.” Her voice, hoarse and raspy, came out like a whisper.

The woman scowled, confusion in her liquid gold eyes. “I am she. You are Calesca, Queen of Hyrule, no?”

“Yes, I am. And I am dying because of your sorority’s raid on my home. But, I do not resent you, for Impa, my handmaid, said that I had every reason to trust you, over all Gerudo here.” She made a grimace and hunched a little.

Nabooru understood quickly and helped the dying queen into her home, setting her carefully down on the couch. But, Calesca refused and, instead, handed her the child. Nabooru glanced between the half-dead royal and her daughter, confusion distorting her features. “What---“
“She’s yours now, Sage. You will raise her as a Gerudo and will not let her think otherwise. She must remain unaware of her true self until the time is right. Never tell her that she is royalty. Never tell her who she really was and could have been. She is built and looks close enough to you that anyone could believe that she was truly yours. I have no more life to give her, so you must do it for me.”

Nabooru only stared, jaw hanging nearly ajar. She swallowed hard, but nodded and looked fondly down at the child now sleeping in her arms. When she looked back, the light left Calesca’s eyes as she chose her last words well. “I love you, little one. Live a full life, my child, my… Amari.”

Eighteen Years Later…

~ Chapter I ~

“Amari, you lazy girl! Get up before you miss your admittance ceremony!” I slowly opened my eyes, only to close them again to shield them from the bright sun over the Gerudo Fortress. I moaned and pulled the sheets over my head stubbornly, shunning the light away.

“I don’t want to get up yet! Can’t I have ten more minutes? Please?” I complained, sounding like a whiny two-year-old. Nabooru stalked around to my beside, pulled me up and smacked the back of my head. I was suddenly more alert of the summer heat. “Ouch! I’m up, I’m up! Gods, Nabooru!” I mumbled incoherently under my breath, glaring through the shocking light.

Another smack sent me into a back flip over my bed, a low crouch, and a sharp snarl ripping through my throat. Nabooru clapped her hands together and smiled, offering to help me to me feet. “Now, if only you would do that for Lord Ganondorf at the ceremony today! He would be very impressed.” I rubbed my eyes, drowsiness drifting in once more. “Ceremony? What ceremony?”

“You foolish child! How could you forget!? Your admittance ceremony? Today you are officially eighteen-years-old! And, as tradition calls for, you are to be put to an ‘all-or-nothing, life-or-death’ trial! If you pass, which you will because of my training, you will take your Oath and become an official Gerudo guard!”

I gasped. Of course! How could I forget something as important as that? I scrambled to my feet and raced to my bureau, digging out my personal set of the Gerudo Tribe’s traditional garb.

As forgetful as I was, I was a full-fledged Gerudo warrior. But, I also had some traits of the Hyrulean race in me, I guessed. My emerald eyes, my long blonde hair, and, of course, my long pointed ears. I was mostly Gerudo, though. Our strength, speed, agility, stealth, body build, style, and sun-browned skin were all common traits that me and my sisters shared.

I had always wondered how I had gotten those traits. Nabooru, sometimes known to me as “Sensei Nabooru” or just “Sensei”, told me that sometimes Gerudo women get together with Hylian men to expand our tribe until the next Gerudo king is born. Several other girls, she had told me, had Hylian fathers and Gerudo mothers.

But, her lie had one major flaw. I had met every one of those girls and one could never tell that they had Hyrulean blood in them. I was the only one who was the most obvious. Luckily, no one ever pointed it out.

Once I found my traditional clothes, I paused briefly. Then, I turned sharply toward Nabooru and said, “I would like a little privacy, please! Thank you.” She rolled her eyes and stepped out of my room, closing the curtain behind her. I quickly replaced my spaghetti-strap blouse and shorts with a short tubetop that wrapped snuggly around my bosom and baggy pants.

I carefully but quickly pulled on my pants and slippers. I slipped over to my jewelry case and fastened my onyx gem to my hair. Pushing my wrists through some bracelets as I fastened my necklace around my neck, I snatched my comb and brushed my hair until it was smooth and silky. With a few quick twists through a sage-green hair band, I dashed out of the house to catch up with my sorority as they headed toward the arena. I counted about thirteen girls until I found my friend, Haru. I gave her a quick hug and feel into an even pace beside her.

Even though we were taught to not be emotional, Haru and I couldn’t help ourselves. So, sure enough, we giggled nervously as we followed our group to our final test. I goodbye to Nabooru and began building up some easy conversation with Haru.

“Oh, man, am I nervous! I have butterflies in my stomach!” Haru’s sweet voice chimed like a bell when she talked to someone she trusted. But, whenever she need to, her voice could grow deep and frightening around enemies. She had the trademark Gerudo hair and eyes (bright auburn hair, golden eyes), but her style was very unique. It made me feel less strange.

Her hair was curly, which was unusual compared to the normal Gerudo hair that was always straight, and her eyes were very large, which was also unusual. Her kind and gentle nature towards animals and the other races of Hyrule made her an interesting person to talk to, which many of us did.

She made a good shoulder-to-cry-on, too. Whenever one of the Gerudo novices couldn’t control her emotions anymore, they would come and talk about it with Haru and me (Haru usually had her arms full of crying children, so I had to be there to get her stuff). I’d had a few breakdowns of my own before, so I was included in that.

I nodded and hid my hands, which were shaking from excitement and nervousness. “I wonder what the test will be like… will we all have the same ones? Do we have to fight or perform? Will it be against each other or---“

I held up a hand to silence her. “Whoa, Haru! Slow down! I only know as much as you do! Plus, it you keep talking that fast, your face will turn purple.” But, chagrin decided otherwise and turned her cheeks red, as opposed to the concerning purple it had been a moment ago.

I noticed instantly when the front row of our sector slowed to stop, so I halted myself as well as Haru. As usual, it took her only a second to catch on. “We’re here.” She whispered, shaking. I gave her a quick, one-armed hug and whispered, “It will be okay. Remember, our sector trained under Nabooru, and she’s Lord Ganon’s second-in-command! Part of the best of the best! We’ll blow them all away.” I spoke those words with childish pride, for something inside of me brought up the memory of the day that Nabooru herself pulled me aside to tell me about the test.

“This test will not be like any other that you have experienced. It will be the toughest, longest, and most life-threatening of them all. Many Gerudo have died trying to pass this test. You’ve seen my scar! That scar of mine is a reminder of how I could have lost my life that day. No amount of training can prepare you. The test is an illusion of the mind.” She whispered, keeping the volume low so no others could hear.

“So, does that mean that it’s not real?” I asked, sincerely curious.

“Oh, yes! It is very much as real as you and me, but… I can’t say anything more. I have already said too much. But, know this, Amari. The test is different for every sector, every person. About three out of every twenty-eight Gerudo who go in there come back out alive! You must be very careful. Trust no one but yourself.”

I blinked, confused. “Not even Haru? But, she’s my best friend!”
“Not even Haru. My best friend Galion and I went in there together, hoping that we would be the last and win together. But, about halfway through the fight, she---“

“And now, Sector G4 will attempt to pass the test. Sector G4, you may now enter the arena.” Nabooru’s excitement shone in her voice as she called us forward. I gulped and hoped that we would all pass with flying colors.

~ Chapter II ~

The moment that our sector entered the arena, the crowd (our whole tribe, rather) erupted into applause. Events such as these caused an excited uproar and literately everyone showed up just to watch. This particular event, however, occurred annually every eighteen years. At that age, we were considered to be “of age” and were able to attempt this test. Those who failed were usually disposed of during the test, falling victim to her sisters’ blades.

My concern must have shown on my face, because Haru gently squeezed my hand as we approached the Leader’s Box. Sitting closest to the edge and in the dead center in an elegant chair that would only belong to royalty, Lord Ganondorf impatiently tapped his fingers together.

He, then, rose and held up his hands, quickly silencing the crowd. Our sector crouched low and bowed, crossing one arm over our chests. From what I could see, I was the one that bowed the lowest. “Rise, Sector G4. I congratulate you. You have done well and worked hard to get here.” His booming voice made Haru flinch as we stood. But, regardless, she never took her eyes off of him.

“My second-in-command, Nabooru, has told me much about each of you.” He gestured to his left, where Nabooru now sat. She nodded and sent a quick wink my way. Lord Ganondorf caught it and traced it back to me. His sinister gold eyes appraised me for only a moment and he soon continued. “You all have a certain department of skill in which you are the most skillful, as well certain heightened senses that help you in that area. I know of those skills and I will be putting them to the test… this test.

“Today, we will be setting up a replica of the Spirit Temple. Your task is simple. You must find this pendant-“he held up a small necklace which was embedded with tiny emeralds. “-and make it out alive. You are all each other’s enemies and no one can be trusted. But, there is one little catch. Whoever has the pendant must kill off all of her teammates before the door closes.

“Once you exit the temple replica with the pendant and all of your teammates are disposed of, you win. The prize will be decided at the end of the test. You have thirty minutes to say your goodbyes while we set up because once you enter that replica, there is no turning back. Your lives depend upon your decisions. Choose carefully. I will call for you when we are ready.”

On the exterior, I was relatively calm and agreeable. On the interior, I was screaming against this. I didn’t want to have my sisters cut down by my own blade! Especially Haru, my long-time childhood friend. But, I was curious to find out what that prize was and my competitive side took over. I wanted it. I wanted it so much that I dismissed any resentment I felt toward my test. I would win at all costs.

We bowed once more and entered a small conference room. As soon as the doors closed behind us, several of us either broke down in tears or hugged the closest sister to them. I sat down on a bench and let my head fall into my hands. Haru sat beside me and patted my back. “It’s gonna be okay, Amari.” She cooed, hugging me as my tears spilled over my cheeks. I never sobbed, though.

“I don’t want any of you to die! I love you all too much! I won’t do it! I’ll forfeit, if it will keep some of you alive!” I wailed. Several heads turned to me all at once, eyes wide with shock. “Amari, don’t say that! We all need you! You are our best fighter here!” one girl said.

“Yeah! We wouldn’t have been able to learn the Kaitengiri Sandstorm move if it weren’t for you! We are worthless without you!” said another, laying a hand on my shoulder.

“Plus, who was there to tell us to keep going when we gave up?” Haru questioned. I lifted my head to wipe away my tears. “I guess that was me.” I whispered.

“Who was there to tell us what to do when we were confused about something!?”


“And just who was there to help the nurses heal our wounds from practice!? Tell me who!”

“Me!” I cried, feeling more confident. Haru nodded and clapped a hand to my shoulder. “See? You are the strongest, the fastest, and the smartest out of all of us! You’ll totally win!” With her last words, my confidence faltered.

“But, if I win… I’ll have to kill you all. I wouldn’t be able to deal with it…” my voice trailed off as more tears filled my eyes. My tears, as well as my respiratory system, was cut off as my entire squad gathered around me in a group hug. “We all love you, Amari, as much as we love each other. Sorority G4 forever, right?” Haru whispered.

Several murmurs of agreement spread like wildfire through our sector. “Can’t… breathe…!” I gasped, coughing theatrically. We all laughed and broke apart into a circular formation. I placed my hand in front of me, smirking. “C’mon, girls! Let’s go do this thing!”

Many girls nodded and some cheered. One by one, hands plied on top of mine from all directions. “On three! One… two… three!”

“Sorority G4 go!” we all shouted in unison. We laughed once again and a few high-fived each other. “I’m going to miss you all, if I live.” The youngest girl muttered, hugging her older sister (her biological one). We all replied with something similar to that for a few moments, until the doors swung open. We all turned to find Nabooru motioning us to go out. “We are ready for you. You are all prepared, no?” We all nodded. She smiled regretfully to each of us as we passed her.

I assumed that when Lord Ganon had said “replica”, he had meant a smaller one. Instead, it was more like they had moved the whole temple itself. I swallowed hard and glanced back at Nabooru, who gave me a quick thumbs-up. We were each separated so that we each had one entrance to go through. The Spirit Temple was really like a big maze, so we were going to be searching for a while.

I closed my eyes to slow my breathing, switching into my battle mode. I tensed into a battle pose, arming myself with my twin scimitars, glaring at the darkness before me. “On my mark!” Lord Ganon’s voice echoed from behind me and into the halls of the replica. After a short pause, he called, “Go!” I sprinted into the darkness, preparing to cut down the first person I saw for that pendant.

I soon came to the main entrance of the replica. Instantly, I climbed the wall to hide in the top corner that was shrouded by shadows. I waited and watched for any sign of movement. Soon, light footsteps came from the hall that came from my entrance. I narrowed my eyes, coiling my muscles as I prepared to pounce. When I saw that it was Haru who rounded the corner, it did not make me hesitate.

I launched myself from the corner silently, points of my blades aiming for her heart. But, I quickly changed my path. I landed on the edges of my blades and kicked my legs over my head, jabbing them right into her gut. Caught off-guard, she released her longsword as she flew across the room, crashing into some pots.

I didn’t waste a single second; I dashed forward and, in one sweeping blow, guided my swords to her throat. She didn’t even have enough time to open her mouth to scream before a fountain of her blood came spurting out of the place where her veins had split. I was already prepared, though. I had already numbed my emotions, so her gruesome demise had no impact on me.

I simply smiled triumphantly and licked a little of her blood off of my hand. But, a small glint from the reflected sunlight that peeked through the roof caught my eye. I reached down and pulled out of one of the broken pots… the pendant. My smile grew wider as I realized that the Goddess of Fortune was, indeed, smiling down upon me. I swiftly stuffed it into my pocket. Adrenaline pumped white-hot through my veins. Victory from finding the pendant and thrill from killing sped me up as I searched out my remaining targets.

I found about five huddled together, planning out areas to search for my prize. I sneered, noticing that these girls were the ones who were easily frightened. They would be easy kill. I laughed menacingly as I hid in the shadows. A few jumped, one actually shrieked. I sidled around them until I was behind them. I, once again, launched myself toward them. I lunged, stabbing the scimitars into the backs of the first girls’ heads. When they collapsed, I could see that their eyes had rolled back into their heads.

Dark crimson pools quickly spread themselves across the floor, bleeding from the wounds and the girls’ mouths and nostrils. The other three, who were not paying attention, had just turned to see me. I was covered in human blood, my sisters’ blood. My clothes were barely green anymore, my skin was painted crimson and brown in some places. My entire left side of my face was dripping with blood, making me seem more intimidating than I should have been.

I sneered again and stabbed forward, quickly clashing blades with the tallest girl, whose name I believe was Kilala. She grimaced as she slid backwards, clearly over come by my strength. Her eyes quickly flickered to her other two sisters behind her, which was a large vulnerability. “Run! Find the pendant!” she screamed, wincing as her knees buckled under pressure. I laughed maniacally, the lust to kill driving me hysterical.

Without even breaking stride, I reached into my pocket and dangled the prized necklace in front of them. They each gasped in disbelief. “No! How did you get it before us!?” Kilala cried as I shoved it back into my pocket. “Does it matter? You shall die, either way.” My voice, sinister from the dark desire for blood, made each of them shudder in unison.

I cackled once again and screamed wordlessly as Kilala met Death by her own creation, the Kaitengiri Sandstorm. I began to spin faster and faster, causing a sandy tornado to form around us. She covered her eyes, flinching away. I smirked and finished it all off with a simple Kaitengiri. As I span in synchronization with the storm, I drew closer to the poor girl, slicing deeper and deeper into her until she was only a dismembered corpse.

I stopped, the sand falling around us. Once the other two had clear sight of the scene, they gasped. One gagged and fell to her knees, too sick to stand. The other cursed at me and said, “You’re sick! This is all just a game to you! And to think that I felt sorry for you earlier!” she screeched, crying now.

“Humph. How petty. I thought that this would be exciting, for I expected a little challenge out of at least one of you. What a waste of my time.” I sighed, turned, and walked away. The girl growled at my back. “You think that you’ll win? You may have the pendant, but I can pry it from your cold, dead hands!” her voice raised in volume as I drew farther away from her. I stopped, peeking over my shoulder.

“Is that a challenge, little one? You dare take me on?” I turned to face her full on, assuming a battle stance. “Very well then. Show me that you have what it takes to impress Lord Ganon, child, or die trying.” She nodded, arming herself with some throwing knives. The other girl beside her grabbed her ankle, shaking her head in protest.

“No, Sissy! Don’t do it! She’ll kill you!” tears silently streaked down her cheeks as she spoke, her delicate hands shaking. The other just shook her head, never taking her eyes off of me. “I have to. You know that I never turn down a chance to prove myself to anyone. Never! I won’t back down!”

“And that, foolish girl, will be your own undoing!” I cried, lunging toward her. The sharp, metallic ring of our blades colliding echoed throughout the chamber. Almost like a signal, the remaining six from our sorority came bounding from all directions. The girl who was now locked in a chance with me never turned, but called out, “Amari has the pendant! Get her! Quickly!”

A few girls that I was close to (Chika, Kagome, and Miku) stared wide-eyed at the blood that swamped every square inch of my flesh. “Oh, my.” Miku whispered, getting nauseous.

“Amari, what have you done!? What happened to ‘I won’t do it’?” Chika wailed, appalled.

Kagome said nothing, for her eyes rolled back into her head as she fainted. “I am doing what has to be done in order to survive.” I replied, pressing down harder on the girl before me. She grunted, pulled away, and swung wildly at me. I ducked around her and sliced across her back, quickly stabbing my blade into that same wound. She screamed in agony, dropping her only means of defense. I twisted my blade around in a full, circular motion and pull, slicing her clean in half.

Her blood spurted out onto everyone in the room, causing the younger one to vomit. The others just groaned in disgust. I smiled, launching myself at the nearest opponent I saw. The child barely had time to look up before she fell backwards, blood pulsing profusely from the hole where her heart once was whole.

Kagome and Chika both came at me, Chika with her large boomerang and Kagome with her heavy glaive. Chika threw her weapon at Kagome, who launched herself off of it. She held her glaive close behind her, poised to kill. I simply smirked and dug my own blades into her side, sending her flying to the side.

“Well, it’s about time I got to have a real workout! I’ve been bored to tears since the beginning!” I cackled, piercing Kagome’s gut with enough force to take down a brick wall. She died swiftly, tears in her eyes. Chika, enraged by her death, screamed wordlessly at me and, leaving her boomerang behind, clawed at me with bared teeth.

“Now, that’s more like it! How fun!” I cried, easily slicing Chika’s throat open. Gasping, she fell to her death. Miku and the other three girls came at me from all sides, each armed with some sort of deadly weapon far more impressive than my own. I quickly disposed of the other three and disarmed Miku by maiming her.

She gasped for breath, clutching at the shoulder where her right arm once was. I pointed one of my scimitars at her throat, sneering heartlessly at her. “Give up, Miku. Let go of your naïve hope. You can see that this would happen sooner or later. Shall I kill you quickly or make you suffer?” I asked, chuckling darkly.

“I don’t understand, Amari. How could you be like this? This isn’t you, this is a beast from the darkest depths of the Underworld. Wake up! Find yourself once more! You were always so nice. You would never do anything to hurt us, physically or emotionally. Where did you come from? Return Amari to herself, you heartless wretch!” she wailed, eyes filled with fear.

“Heh. You fool. I am Amari. I have not changed. You are just afraid of a little competition.”

“No, you are not! I have never seen this side of you before! Repent, dark beast! Return to the black hole you came from! I---“ she paused, staring up at me with what could only be described as pity. Once feeling returned to my face, I could feel the hot tears that washed the blood from my cheeks. “Do you not think that I resent having to kill you all? I have no choice. It’s my life or yours, Miku. I bound by his laws, as are you. Just don’t hate me.”

Miku paused, sighed, and nodded. “I understand, Amari. Besides, I would be of no use to Lord Ganondorf. You are far more valuable than any of the rest of us could ever have been. I am ready. Do it.” She closed her eyes and laid her head back, being the first to welcome Death’s cold embrace. My competitive side returned, replacing my more compassionate and friendly side, enabling my to more easily dig my sword into her heart.

She did not scream or flinch. It was over quickly, her blood spilling endlessly onto the floor. I gently closed her eyes and returned my swords to their scabbard. My fierce side, the one that only appeared when I was in the midst of battle, faded away quickly. I returned to my true senses, cautiously taking in the lifeless bodies around me. Eleven gold eyes, staring blankly into the abyss of death, held no light of life in them.

How could I so mindlessly dispatch these souls, the souls of my family, the souls of people who had done everything but harm me in any way, I wondered. What kind of monster was I? I had no time to answer, for a deep rumble groaned as the replica’s doors began to seal themselves. I was almost out of time. I sprinted off to the closest door, grasping the pendant in one hand, and swiftly slid under the door in time to escape. I stood, brushing the sand off of me.

Then, I noticed that the entire audience was on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if I found the pendant or if I had just made off without it. I grinned proudly and lifted it over my head, panting heavily. I swooned slightly, but did not falter. The crowd, more thrilled than ever before, stood and exploded into cheers and hoots and whistling. Off to my right, Nabooru was jumping for joy, screaming, “Yes! YES! I told you, I knew she would make it! I knew it!”

I laughed at her and wiped away some sweat and blood from my face. But, my grin faded as Lord Ganondorf stood, holding his hands above his head, his expression impassive. I feared for what my final judgement would be. Would he think that I had overdone the killings? I shook slightly, butterflies in my stomach as he opened his mouth to speak.