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Halloween Story---> Vengeance

Chapter One

Why is it when your life seems to be going smoothly- perfect grades, perfect crush, perfect everything- something catastrophic always seems to occur? You’ll even be sitting there, thinking “Wow! There is nothing in the world that could ever ruin this day!” and you realize that you’re devastatingly wrong. As I sat in the chair sobbing into my hands in the principal’s office over the death of the man that I loved, I realized that. It was almost like Fate wanted to make me suffer greatly after the best day of my life. At first, I thought that I was holding all of the cards in my hand. However, when I realized that I would lose this game, I could do nothing but fold. As my entire world came crashing down on me, I dared to jinx myself and ask, “What more could go wrong?”
Oh, if I had only known then when I asked myself that, I wouldn’t have bothered! But that will all come later. First, I believe that I should tell you how I first got into this situation, how I met Keith... and, eventually, how I avenged his death. First off, my name is Evelyn Hartley. Originally, I hailed from Emporia, Kansas. However, although my accent stayed with me when I moved, I currently reside in the Big Apple- New York City! Boy, was I ever frightened when we arrived! I had no idea where anything was and all of the tall buildings, as opposed to the open pastures of Kansas, were incredibly intimidating. While I aimlessly walked the streets of New York, I noticed the people staring curiously at my eyes. I’d simply flick back my long blonde hair and keep on walking, but it soon grew annoying.
So, I might as well explain... I was born with one bright green eye and one red eye. The doctors couldn’t explain it and suggested to fix it, but my mother and father refused the offer. I am eternally grateful that they did. I loved being unique. Whatever. That’s off topic. Back to my story.
One particular day, I stumbled across an antique bakery. I stopped to admire the cute little cookies that they had laid out for the children to see and beg their parents for. I laughed to myself as I remembered the times when my mother and I used to bake my father and sister muffins for breakfast. Oh, how long ago that seemed! I really missed the old days when I was younger and I didn’t have a-
“Y’know, if you keep standing there like that, you’re going to arouse some suspicions.” a strange voice broke my train of thought. I stood up straight, only to stumble and fall backwards. Rubbing the back of my head, I scolded my own clumsiness as the stranger laughed and offered to help me up. When I looked, I instantly met the stranger’s brilliant blue eyes. I sat there, stunned and captivated, while he stared back, equally interested. I blushed and reached for his hand, thinking it rude not to accept someone’s help. The minute our hands touched, I was sent into waves of electric shock. It burned through my veins white-hot and my heart rate alternated between through the roof and no beats at all.
Intrigued by my gawking, he pulled me up. “I’m sorry if I frightened you, miss. I just thought that I ought to warn you.” His sweet velvet voice left me devoid of words. The only thing I did to react was flush a deeper red. He laughed a sweet bell-like laugh and held out his hand. “My name is Keith. Keith McCarth. Are you new here?” I hesitated, fearing the electric shock wave, but took his hand and shook it. I shook myself out of my trance and replied, “I’m Evelyn Hartley. Yes, I just moved here from-”
“Kansas?” Keith asked, hoping that he had guessed right. I nodded and laughed at his accuracy. He grinned triumphantly and said, “Yeah, I thought so. I have an uncle in Kansas, so I recognized the accent.” He scratched the back of his neck. A quick glance at my watch sent me into a flurry to get home to my apartment. I slowed to a stop after my scrambling and looked around, thoroughly lost and confused.
“Um... Keith? Could you help me find the Valentine Suite Apartments division? I’m kinda lost.” I admitted, flushing a deep red once again. He laughed and nodded. Taking my hand in his, he lead me to the outskirts of town to the apartments, pointing interesting things along the way. Although I wasn’t sure why he had so suddenly just held my hand the whole way back home, I didn’t protest. I liked the feeling of his hand in mine.
During our “tour” back to my place, I found out that I would be going to the same high school as him- Brooklyn Bridge High, to be exact. He only had a few moments to tell me who to talk to and who to avoid, because we soon arrived at our desired destination. As if she already knew of our arrival, my mother came rushing out to meet us. “Evelyn, sweetheart! Where were you!? You didn’t call me, so I was worried sick! I almost called the police to look...for you.” she slowed down as her eyes suspiciously darted from me to Keith and back again.
Crossing her arms over her chest, she smiled slyly and said, “So, you’re late because you were hanging out with guys all day, huh?” Both Keith and my Mom laughed when I flushed deeply and protested my innocence. After their hysterics died down, Keith waved goodbye and, with a hearty “See you at school!”, he left. When we were alone, my Mom elbowed me in the gut and whispered, “Wow, Evelyn! You have good taste! If I were your age again, I’d have already snatched him up!”
I gasped at her comment and laughed, playfully punching her shoulder. After eating dinner and ignoring my little sister’s, Alison’s, questions about the mysterious new boy, I changed into my pajamas and laid down on my bed, facing the ceiling. I sighed, content, and decided that I was definitely going to love living here. Smiling to myself, I drifted off to sleep and awaited the next day- my first day of school with Keith.

Chapter Two

I woke up the next morning completely refreshed. Still, I laid in bed for a few more seconds, then stole a glance at my digital clock. With that one glance, I shot out of my bed screaming, “Oh my gosh! I’m super late!!!” I grabbed a comfortable T-shirt, a pair of jeans, my flip-flops, and a baggy sweatshirt to wear for that day. I was just rushing downstairs when I heard something hitting my bedroom window. I quickly made my way over to it, only to find Keith throwing rocks to get my attention.
“If you hurry up, I’ll walk you to school! It’s not that far away!” he shouted up at me, waving. I waved back and nodded, grabbing my stuff and sprinting out the door. He greeted me and, with an arm around my shoulder, walked with me to school. At one point, I tripped over a pothole in the road and crashed into another girl wearing a rather expensive-looking outfit. She managed to let out a “Uh, excuse me!” before we both collapsed. I blushed, stood, and brushed myself off before apologizing and offering to help her up. Her two lackeys that she had been traveling with smacked my hand away and helped her up themselves, which I thought was rather rude.
“How dare you! You ruined my favorite outfit!” she screeched, her black eyes somehow flaring with hatred. She angrily shoved a hand through her wavy, red hair. “Do you know how much money my Daddy spent on- oh, Keith!” she exclaimed when she caught Keith’s wary eye. She blushed and brushed off some dirt from her shoulder and said, “Keith, my dear! What’re you doing, hanging out with...” she trailed off, glaring at me. “Unimportant people. Oh, won’t you please accept my-”
“No, I won’t go out with you, Meriweather. That’s final.” he interrupted, grabbing my hand suddenly where she could easily see. Her eyes widened as our hands interlocked and I tried to hide behind him. She and her lackeys hissed- yes, hissed at him!- angrily and, with an unsatisfied “Hmph!” and a flick of her red hair, they were off. I sighed and said, “Thanks for helping me, Keith. I really appreciate it!” I smiled as sweetly as I could at him. He didn’t smile back and replied, “That was Meriweather, the ‘popular’ girl in school. She thinks that, because she comes from a rich family, she can do and say anything she likes. She learned that from her family. She’s been begging me to go out with her ever since elementary school! She won’t stop until she gets what she wants and she doesn’t take too kindly to rejection like that!” He scoffed at her from a distance, then continued.
“Her full name is Meriweather Yoshimitsu- she comes from a long line of Japanese priestesses, which is where her last name comes from. She wants people to call her Meri, a shorter modification of her name, but I call her Meriweather because it gets on her nerves.” He looked at me with such intensity and fierceness in his eyes that I shivered as we reached the main entrance to the school.
“She knows what you look like, so she’ll definitely track you down to get revenge. Be careful and avoid secluded areas where she and her posse can attack, okay?” I could only nod. On my exterior, I was relatively calm, but on the inside, I was buzzing with all sorts of questions I wanted to ask him. What would she get revenge for? How many people was she friends with? Would she come after me?
He smiled reassuringly and, grabbing my chin, leaned really close- really, really close- to my face and whispered, “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump! My heart pounded in my ears and blood pumped to my cheeks at those words. I couldn’t help but smile at him as he escorted me to my first class of the day- French with him! I was so happy that, for my first day, I would be following him to all of his classes!
As if by destiny, there was only one empty seat and it was strategically placed right next to his! I cheered and jumped for joy on the inside, but merely smiled happily on the outside. My soon-to-be French teacher- she wanted us to call her Madame Christine- welcomed me warmly and launched into class.
“ Bonjour, classe! J’espere que vous avez tout eu une bonne rupture! Today, we will begin talking about..” she continued on, deciding not to humiliate me with crazy introductions. I paid no attention to what she was saying, for my attention was solely fixed on Keith. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Meriweather glaring at me from across the classroom and crushing her pencil in her hand. I had a strong feeling that I would be her target for the next couple of months.
Unfortunately, I was correct. Until about mid-September, I was the target for getting beat up and being made fun of. Black eyes, bloody noses, and “Go back to where you came from, country hick!” comments were common during that time. I was miserable. Everyday, when I came home, I would run to my room and cry until suppertime. Until one day- September 29th, to be exact- if was as if none of that had happened. Everything returned to normal-or, rather,me being ignored by everyone but Keith, anyway.
I still caught a few hateful glances from Meriweather and her posse, but nothing more. It was when I saw her gang up on and try to kiss Keith that I realized who her new target was. He shoved her away with disgust and, muttering something under his breath, got into his car and drove off. She cursed at him for a moment, then slowly turned around to face me. I shivered, for the look on her face at that time was rather frightening. Her eyes were wide and sparkling with joy, but she was sneering with hatred, making her look like a total lunatic. When she started cackling, “He’ll pay for this!”, I got into my own car and drove home as fast as I could.
That night, I had terrible nightmares about that face of hers. One where I was trapped in the school and her face was everywhere and another where she was standing at the end of my bed, cackling wildly. However, there was one that, once I woke up, made me start bawling helplessly. It was absolutely agonizing to even think about.
In the dream, Keith was on an abandoned road, looking out over a black lake. A black motorcycle was parked near by for, possibly, a quick getaway. He seemed to be lost in thought, but was quickly snapped out of it as a figure jumped on him and placed a knife to his neck. It was cackling and screaming at him. His eyes widened in fear as he whispered, “M-M-Meriweather!?”
Then, I saw her insane expression as she nodded. “You chose the wrong answer when you rejected me. Nobody ever rejects me! So...” she cackled, sneering and heaving. “I’ll kill you for it! I’ll kill you, Keith!!!” And, with that, she began to press down hard on the blade. He gasped in agony, unable to stop her. Gallons of blood squirted out onto her face and poured onto the road until...
I sat up and screamed, tear streaming down my cheeks. I looked around and, seeing no boogiemen, buried my face in my hands, sobbing heavily. My mother came bursting into my room, crying, “Evelyn! Evelyn, what happened, honey!?” She calmed down a little when I told her about the dream. She sat on my bed next to me when I started to cry again and hugged me, singing my lullaby quietly. “Shh, baby, shh. It’s okay. It was just a dream. It’s okay...” She gave me a quick kiss on the forehead and told me to go back to sleep.
I had no more terrors left to deal with...until school that next morning.

Chapter Three

I was surprised, when I got to school that morning, by two things:
One; Keith wasn’t there to greet me nor was he in any of our classes that we usually had together during the day. Two; Meriweather and her posse left me completely alone all day that day. It wasn’t until I remembered my dream that I realized something was wrong. When I got called down to the front office, my suspicions were totally confirmed.
On the way there, I was worried out of my mind. Was I in trouble? Was Keith in trouble? Did something happen in my family? Did something happen in his family? My heart sank when I opened the door and saw Keith’s mother sobbing heavily into a handkerchief. I was about to go over and comfort her, when the principle, Mrs. King, called me into her office. Shaking intensely, I sat down in the first chair I reached.
Upon entering, Mrs. King’s back was to me. As I sat down, however, she swiveled around in her chair and shocked me with a grave expression. I had never seen anything but a smile on her face, so this scared me. “Miss Hartley,” she began, which was never good news, “Do you remember a boy named Keith McCarth? I believe that you once mentioned being good friends with him?”
My heart told me that I considered him to be more than that, but I nodded. “Has something happened to make you angry at him or to, possibly, harm him?” she asked, eyeing me. I gasped and shook my head. “No, ma’am! Keith’s been nothin’ but a blessin’ t’me! Why?” I asked, my fear unleashing my normally controlled accent. She sighed pitifully and laid a sympathetic hand on mine.
“We had a call from the police today. Apparently, they found his body in the lake outside of town. His throat had been slashed open and drained of blood. The killer hid the weapon well and there are no other clues. I’m so sorry.” I froze, letting the information sink in. They found his body in the lake outside town...slashed open other sorry. I almost fainted when I realized what I had seen. My dream had been real. It was a premonition.
A flurry of emotions were sent flying through me. Sorrow for his death, confusion from the dream...but, most of all, hatred for the person I knew had killed him. But... what could I say?
“Oh, by the way, I had a dream about his murder last night. The killer is Meriweather Yoshimitsu”? They would think that I was crazy! I took a deep breath, not caring to hide my tears. I simply nodded to keep from sobbing.
“Your mother has been called to come get you. You are excused from the rest of your classes. Your teachers have been notified and you may go home. Mister McCarth’s funeral will be held tomorrow, just in case you wanted to-”
“No.” I stopped her, already knowing what she would have said. “I don’t wanna see him like that. I wanna remember him the same way I saw him last...normal, not dead, and happy.” I stood and walked out to get my stuff out of my locker. I laid a hand on Keith’s weeping mother’s shoulder as I passed, showing that I understood her feelings of pain. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, closing my eyes. I opened them again and continued on. On the way to my locker, I came across Meriweather, strangely alone. She smirked at me and asked, “Well, what did you do now?”
I shook my head, shaking in fear and rage. I half wanted to beat her to a bloody pulp for killing him, half wanted to run away screaming. I was about to pass her when I stopped, eyes widening. Surely, I had just seen Keith walk by me, smiling sadly? No...that was impossible! He was dead...right? She stared at me strangely, lifting one eyebrow. Not only did I see Keith’s spirit, I very clearly heard him whisper, “I’m sorry that I left you here. I love you.”
I lowered my head and grinned widely. That was it. The last straw. I had finally lost it. Something inside me snapped when I heard those words very clearly in his voice. Almost impossibly fast for humans, I turned to Meriweather and, grabbing her by the throat, slammed her into the lockers. I, half-laughing half-screaming at her, said, “I knew it! I know that you killed him, Meri! I know that you killed Keith!!!” Her eyes widened, both with realization that I somehow found out and, also, with fear. I laughed mercilessly at her expression.
“You were a fool to do that, to kill him! I will do it myself! I will make you suffer far worse than he had to!!! I will kill you to make up for him!!!” As she gasped and clawed for air, fearful tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at me. All of the blackness of anger disappeared within me and, dropping to my knees, I released her. She coughed and inhaled deeply as she stared at me. However, my dementia had not faded and I doubted that it ever would. Still laughing, I looked up at her and said, “Mark my words, Meri. You will regret the day you ever came into existence!”
She held her neck and whispered, “You’ll never prove that I did anything. You’ll never prove it. How did you know anyway?” She gave herself away with those questions, not that she really cared after what had just happened. “You will probably think that I am crazy, but I saw it in a dream last night, in a premonition. Do not get me wrong; I very clearly saw your face, your hand on the knife that severed his throat. I will avenge him.” I answered. I stood up and leaned really close to her face and whispered, “I will avenge him and there is nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. Now, if you want to keep everyone outside of this safe...say, perhaps, your friends and family,” she gasped at me. “I suggest that you keep quiet about this. Yes?”
She hesitated, but nodded. “Now... go!” With that, she ran off in the other direction. Calculating my odds, I decided to go to the last place where Keith was alive to think about my plan of action. Grabbing my keys out of my backpack, I ran down into the parking lot and drove off.
Stumbling out of my car, I collapsed to my knees and howled in mourning. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks as I pounded the blood-stained Earth beneath me. Keith was dead. He was gone. I was alone. I had run away from life. There was nothing left for me in life.
No. There was one thing that gave me enough reason to stay alive. Revenge. I needed to put Keith’s spirit at rest and...
Cold, translucent arms hugged me tightly from behind, causing me to shiver. Was I imagining it or was it really...? I slowly turned around to meet the ghostly figure of Keith, who was holding me tightly. Although he was see-through, I could still feel him, so I hugged him back. “Keith...Keith...Keith...” I whispered his name over and over again as he stroked my head. “Evelyn.” He said finally, pulling away to look at me. “Evelyn, honey, you know what you have to do. Please, set me free. Get rid of the scum what murdered me viciously.” I could only nod, smiling at him. Placing a hand on his cheek, I replied. “I miss you so much. I am sorry that I never told you, but... I love you. I have been in love with you ever since you found me that day outside the sweet shop.”
He smiled sweetly back and placed a hand on mine. To my great disliking, he began to disappear. I reached out for him desperately, clawing at the air for him, but to no avail. I slumped back to the ground, remembering his cold touch. Do not fear, my love. I thought to him.
I shall avenge you... no matter what the cost may be.

Chapter Four

Although it took me a little over a month to do it, I eventually came across the ‘materials’ needed to complete my revenge. By that time, search parties were scouring the city for me and I had found some place to hide- Keith’s abandoned apartment. After Keith died, his mother moved away to California to live to her heart’s content without suffering. He still visited me in my dreams, promising to help in any way he could to avenge his death. I’d simply smile and tear up at the sight of him. One night, in the bliss of my dreams, he kissed me.
The kiss was hot and cold, fierce and soft, but, also, kind at the same time. Passion...fear...hate...all were factors of the kiss. It seemed to take forever and every movement seemed to be measured, but it also flew by as fast as lightning. As soon as our lips had met, they soon parted and I was left alone in the living room (Keith’s mom had left all of the furniture, hoping to get a fresh start).
Within a couple of days, I heard from a couple of passing students from my school that the Halloween School Dance was coming up. Meriweather had been an important person who was always in charge of the holiday celebrations at our school. Surely, she would be designing the party. I, also, overheard them say that it would be that night. I smiled to myself and headed down to Halloween U.S.A. What fool would arrive at a masquerade-themed Halloween party without a costume? I know just what to be, too!
When I arrived, I hid my face within the shadows of my hooded jacket. One saleslady came over and asked me what I wanted, at one point. “Do you have an Alice in Wonderland dress?” I asked. She blinked, then nodded.
“Yes, actually! It’s the last one on our shelves! I’ll go fetch it for you!” She disappeared for a moment, then came back quickly with the costume in hand. It was just my perfect size! After buying the dress, a card-based mask, and some make-up, I left for the old apartment. A girl has got to look her best on the night that justice is served! In a few hours, I would be ready and waiting for my prey.
The beat from the music pumped into the night, echoing off of the blank walls in the empty alleyways nearby. Laughter of dancing teenagers and sweeping of costumes as people bumped into one another on the way to the punch bowl followed close behind it. Meriweather looked around, a feeling of dread washing over her. She quickly excused herself from her group of friends and, unknowingly, headed right toward my hiding spot. I was crouched behind one of the larger speakers, the music deafening. Right when she was in view, I thrust out my leg and-success!-struck her ankle and made her come toppling down to the floor. No one else took any notice.
Laughing silently, I bound her hands behind her and gagged her to silence her blasted screaming, regardless of whether anyone else could hear her over the music. Just as I snuck her toward the stage through the shadows, the song ended and everybody clapped. The DJ smiled widely and said, “Now, we have a surprising guest speaker tonight. Please welcome... Miss Evelyn Hartley!” An excited and relieved applause followed shocked gasps, a few cheers and whoops escaping their lips. I put on the most sane smile that I could manage and, shoving Meriweather ahead of me, I climbed the stairs to the nearest microphone.
I giggled childishly and said, “Thank you, DJ MicRo! First, I have someone I would like for you to meet!” Grasping Meriweather’s arm, I pulled her in front of me. “Presenting, the sly, the master of shadowing her sins... Keith’s murderer, Meriweather Yoshimitsu!”
Silence. No gasps. No laughs. Nothing at all. A few whispers finally started the frightened reactions. I could tell what they were thinking. Was I telling the truth? Was I crazy? What was I talking about? I smacked Meriweather (purposely hard) on the shoulder and, removing her gag, said, “Go on, princess! Tell them everything!”
Silent, self-pitying tears rolled down her cheeks as she shook her head. “I...I’m sorry...I-I didn’t mean to...” My black anger returned and I scowled darkly at her, making several in the audience shiver.
“You ‘didn’t mean to’? ‘Didn’t mean to’!? Hah! How could you not ‘mean to’ slash open his throat and dump him in the lake!? Explain that to me!!!” I hollered, making her cringe. I smiled again- my normal smile, not my sane one. Many people gasped, but more screamed when I reached into her pocket and pulled out the still bloodstained knife that she used to kill Keith. Still laughing, I said loud enough for everyone to hear, “Now, I shall make you suffer...just as I promised.” And, with one quick motion...I pulled the blade across her throat and released her, watching her slump to the floor. She trembled for a moment, then lay completely still.
I let out a cackling laugh that was short lived; a few moments later, the S.W.A.T teams and police came bearing down on every entrance. I blinked, finally returning to sanity. I remembered every sin that I had committed and started to cry. As the police came rushing toward me, I pulled the gun out of my back pocket and, aiming it at my head, whispered, “I would rather die now than rot in a jail cell forever.” I pulled back on the trigger as I heard someone cry out a sharp “No!” through all of the screaming and echoes of the gunshot and...
Everything went black.

Epilogue- A few weeks later...

“Meri! Oh, Meri, you’re back!” Meriweather turned around, pulling her scarf closer around her neck to hide the terrible scar that now adorned her throat. “Oh, hello, Emily! It’s good to see you! How was your Thanksgiving?” The two chatted on for a few moments during the passing period between classes. However, at one point, pain flared up in her neck and she nearly doubled over. Emily gasped and, grabbing her arm, lead her to the infirmary to get her pain medicine.
Meriweather, gasping and sweating, laid down on one of the beds toward the back of the room while Emily dug through the cabinets for her pain killers. Meriweather took deep breaths to relax. She seemed almost ready to fall asleep there when...
I laughed, sounding somewhat like a child. Her eyes flew open at the sound and she looked around, not sitting up. She looked up again and screamed. I floated above her, still wearing the Alice dress that I had died in. I was a spirit, forever bound to the Earth as a prisoner. However, I did not let that hold me back. I smiled at her and summoned some friendly hands to hold her wrists, her ankles, and cover her mouth as she let out more muffled cries. Emily turned around and, seeing nothing but Meriweather, ran out of the room to get help... a foolish move.
“I told you, Meriweather. I am holding all of the cards now.” I said, my voice empty and raspy from misuse. My ghostly blood dripped on her from the open wound in my head. Blood stained the blue dress and covered nearly every inch of me where it landed. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she struggled against her restraints. I laughed and said, “It is of no use now, girl! You cannot escape me! Now...where did we leave off? Oh, yes!” I pulled out the knife I had used before and lined it up evenly with the scar on her neck.
“Right here.” I made a light line, shaped exactly like her scar. She cried, shoulders heaving. I made similar marks a little deeper on her wrists and on her cheeks. I laughed at the wave of deja vu that washed over me at those wounds. It reminded me of the fight between Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen in my family’s favorite movie, The Princess Bride. Casting the knife away, I quickly snapped her neck. She died instantly. Her head falling to the side, tears rolled from her lifeless eyes and blood from her open mouth and wounds.
Emily returned a few moments later with the school principal, who gasped. I finally revealed myself to them. I walked to the middle of the room and backed up against the wall. I didn’t have much longer, for the hands of demons from Hell where desperately reaching for me, clawing at my back to suck me in. As I stepped back to let them have me, I said only one word as an eternal farewell:

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