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Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction- Hagane no Kokoro


Hagane no Kokoro

Fullmetal Heart

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fan fiction

By: Courtney Ritter
!!!! DISCLAIMER !!!!
I do not own anything within this story except for Evelyn Hartley and Catherine Hartley. All rights go to Hiromu Arakawa, Funimation, Destineer, Square Enix, Bones, and anyone else involved with Fullmetal Alchemist. This story follows in time with the anime. Please enjoy!

Prologue- Fires At Dawn

Insomnia had seized me once more that fateful night. I sat up in my bed and stretched, yawning a big yawn. I looked around the nearly empty room, taking everything in before I headed out. The bookshelf across from the bed was filled with manuals on automail machinery and repair. Typical Winry... Winry was kind enough to let Ka-san and I stay with her and Granny Pinako. Ever since Do-san and Onii-chan turned rouge from the army, they’ve been on the run. Eventually, they came home, but our home- along with them inside- was destroyed. I cursed under my breath at the thought of the State Military, those dogs... I hated them. I had good enough reason to. All of those State Alchemists and their Fuhrer could burn for eternity for all I cared... I cursed again as I wiped away the tears induced from the thought of Nii-chan... I missed him so much. When I was little, he used read me stories before I went to bed and stay there until I fell asleep. He was a good Nii-chan...
I shook my head to the thoughts from my mind, then stepped out of bed. I had barely taken two steps before I cried out as I tripped over some spare automail parts laying around the room. It was very audible, I lay there on the floor for a moment more just in case Winry or Ka-san were woken up. After a few moments of silence, I finally stood and, watching my step, decided to take a walk. It was raining outside, but I didn’t take an umbrella. Honestly, I didn’t care. I may have been eight-years-old, but I wasn’t completely vulnerable. Pulling my blonde hair back into a short ponytail, I quickly put on my rain boots and stepped outside. I guess I could walk by the Elric’s house... I thought. I sighed as I remembered what poor Edward and Alphonse Elric had just gone through. Their father left when they were really little and their mother had died only a year ago. All Ed and Al had left was each other. Of course, Ka-san, Winry, Granny, and I helped a little, but only as much as they would let us. I helped the most, seeing as the three of us were all alchemists.
I sighed and folded my arms behind my head as I walked. I paused and glanced over at the Elric’s house as it began to glow a strange purple color... the glow of an alchemical reaction. I gasped as I realized what they were doing. You idiots! What do you think you’re doing!? Not caring about the strange man in a State Military uniform standing in my way, I ran toward the light at full speed. “Ed! Al!” I cried, seeming unable to run fast enough. The alchemical light had died down by the time I reached the door, so I pushed it open. What I saw was absolutely horrific. A strange creature that wasn’t completely human but had human characteristics wheezed over by the far wall. This... thing was all twisted and turned inside-out and...frightening. Was it... Mrs. Elric? Or... a monster? “D-don’t... look at it... Evelyn...” I heard Ed’s voice gasp. To my right, I saw Ed, gasping and bleed from what used to be his left leg. I gasped and ran to his side, examining the wound. It was a clean cut about mid-thigh and bleeding profusely. “My God... Ed... what happened here?” I looked at him, tears spilling down my cheeks. He clenched his teeth and shook his head, either unable or unwilling to answer. “Al...” he choked out, cursing. I looked around, not seeing his little brother. “Ed, where is he? Where is Al?” I asked, shaking him. He pointed to his right and said, “It all went wrong. It was supposed to be... equivalent exchange...” I followed his gaze to a pile of clothes with shoes sitting beside them. But... those are Al’s clothes.... I thought to myself.
After seeing the monster, the missing Alphonse’s clothes, and Ed’s condition, the rest wasn’t hard to sum up. A fierce expression covered my face as I scolded, “You performed a human transmutation, didn’t you!? God, Ed! What were you thinking!? Your mother is dead and there is nothing you can do about it! Why would you go against Nature’s laws and try to bring her back!? Now, you’ve lost your brother! What are you going to do about that, Edward Elric! What!?” I gasped for breath from yelling, crying harder still. He shook his head and pointed to a large suit of armor in the corner of the room. “Evelyn... would you bring that over here?” I looked from the armor to him. “What’s in your head, Edward?” I asked, standing to go retrieve the item. I laid in on the ground next to him and watched as he painted three transmutation circles on his body- one on each arm, one over his heart- with blood from his leg. “I can’t live without my brother. If I can still reach him, I can attach his soul to this armor.”
That was when he finally looked at me. His golden eyes were filled with tears, his face and golden hair streaked with blood. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. “Will you help me, Ev? I need him. I can’t do this alone.” He held out his hand to me, begging from the pit of his heart and soul. I stopped to think about everything that happened tonight. What if I had not woken up in the middle of the night and taken a walk? Ed would’ve had to do this on his own and God knows what else he would’ve lost for human transmutation! I sighed and looked him straight in the eyes. “If Ka-san finds out about this, it’ll be your head!” I grinned at him to show that I would gladly help. He smiled weakly and nodded. I drew similar transmutation circle on my arms and over my heart and touched them, just Ed did in unison with me. The circles glowed when we touched them in an alchemical reaction. I closed my eyes for a moment, then reopened them due to a feeling that I was suddenly alone. I looked around to see if Ed was still there, but found myself only accompanied by the empty suit of armor.
I stood and brushed myself off, looking at my blood-drenched knees from where I kneeled in Ed’s blood...gross. I was about to head outside to look for Ed when I heard the armor groan and clank as it stood. I shrieked as it shook its head and said, “What... happened?” I recognized the young voice as... “Alphonse?” I asked, taking a step closer. The armor looked at me, it’s strange eyes glowing with life. “Evelyn! What’re you doing here!? Where’s Brother?” Al asked from inside the armor. He glanced at his gauntlet hand. “What happened to me? Why am I in this armor?”
“I had to do a spirit attachment, Al. It was the only way to get you back.” Ed gasped from behind us. When we turned, he was now missing his left leg and his right arm. I gasped, covering my mouth as I took a step back. “Brother! What happened to you?” Al asked, standing. Ed shook his head and looked at the monstrosity in the corner. “Don’t look at, Al... It’s not Ka-san... I’m not even sure... if it’s... human...” Al turned to look anyway, despite his older brother’s warnings. He gasped and fell backwards. “B-but, Brother! I thought that all of your theories were correct!” Ed laughed weakly as his brother scooped him up into his arm’s. “The theories weren’t the problem, Al... the problem... was us.” He sighed and looked at me. “Sorry about all this, Ev.” I shook my head, wiping away the tears. I looked at Al and said, “He have to take him back to Winry before he bleeds to death. Let’s go!” Al nodded and followed me back to the house.
“Winry! Ka-san! Granny!” I called as I approached the house. Sure enough, they knew I was gone and had woken up not too long after everything. I ran ahead to prepare them for the shock following close on my heels. “Evelyn! Where were you!? I was so worried!” Ka-san cried, hugging my as I ran into her arms. Tears spilling over my cheeks still, I looked up at her and sobbed, “Please, Ka-san! You have to help Ed and Al!” She nodded and prepared to ask why when she saw Al run up to us with an unconscious Ed in his arms. Winry and Ka-san gasped at the sight while Granny cursed. “Please help him! He’s gonna bleed to death!” Al cried, dropping to his knees. Winry stepped forward cautiously as I turned around. “Alphonse? Is that you?” she asked, looking from him to Ed. Al nodded and stood. “Please take care of Brother! I need him here!” Winry nodded and ran inside, calling over her shoulder, “Follow me to the bedroom! Ev, you get the first aid! We need gauze, dressing, medicinal alcohol, everything! Hurry”
“You got it! I replied, running in ahead of Al. Ka-san and Granny stared after us, unsure what to make of everything. Ka-san sighed and smiled fondly. “They sure have grown up, haven’t they, Pinako?” Granny sighed and nodded. I rounded the corner, wheezing after running through the whole house. “I can’t find he first aid kit, Ka-san! Where is it!?” Granny nodded at me and led me to the kitchen. Soon, we were at work to heal Ed.
“You think he’s gonna be okay, Ka-san?” I asked, looking up at my mother. She smiled and nodded at me. “You three all did such a wonderful job in taking care of his wounds. Thank you for telling me the truth, too. That way, we were able to understand better.” I nodded and looked at the now sleeping Ed. His shoulder and thigh were now wrapped in gauze with the proper dressing. It was now raining very badly outside and our clothes were drying off after being cleaned in the extra room. I was about to say something when a tall man with black hair wearing a State uniform entered the room, saying, “My, my. I’ve never seen such a furious reaction. These boys are lucky to have escaped with their lives.” Everyone in the room glared at the military dog and for the same reason. I think that I was glaring the most furiously, though. The black-haired man looked at my mother and said, “Ah! I know you! Your Miss Catherine Hartley, right? Your husband and son betrayed our nation and were severely punished, right?”
“Don’t you dare talk to me about them, you murderous dog! Judging by the transmutation circle on your glove, you must be a State Alchemist! Get out and leave us alone!” Ka-san cried, holding me close. Even though she was not an alchemist, she knew well enough what a transmutation circle looked like. The dog of the military looked at me and smiled. I glared and stuck out my tongue at him. He laughed and turned to leave. “The name’s Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang. Come see me at Central sometime. These children might make great State Alchemists someday.” I shook me head violently and cried out, “Never! I’ll never be the military’s dog like you!” He turned around, surprised by my tone. “Roy Mustang... I’ve heard of you. They call you ‘The Flame Alchemist’. You take this message back to Central with you. I hate every last one of you murderers and I hope you all die!” I ran out of the room, purposely bumping into him for emphasis.
I ran upstairs into my room and sat on my bed, burying my faces into my hands as I sobbed. The State had taken everything away from me. My family... my friends... I would rather die than ever be one of them. They were the Fuhrer’s lapdogs, bred purely to kill when called to action. I hated them all with a burning passion and I really did hope that they would die. Besides, I had far more important things to deal with, like Ed and Al. I swore to myself at that very second that I would do everything in my power to protect them and Winry. Tonight’s epidemic was a tragedy and I would be sure never to let it happen again for as long as I lived. I would keep that promise like equivalent exchange. I would give up anything to keep them safe. When I thought of how frightened Ed looked in that house, I shivered and tried to remember what he looked like when he smiled. I blushed and giggled at the thought. I would definitely want to see his smile again. I needed him as much as he needed me. The memory of his smile would keep me going until he got better. Then, a thought hit me. He could get better with Winry’s help... the help of an automail mechanic. He could get automail replacements of his limbs, so he could be normal again.

Chapter One- Seven Years Later

“Ugh! It’s so hot in this god-forsaken desert!” Ed complained, falling face first into the sand. I followed his example and clutching my growling stomach. “Forget the heat, Ed! I wish we had some food!” I sighed and shook my head. How typical that two fifteen-year-olds should complain about such trivial things after everything that we had been through. I sat up and looked across the barren wasteland. “Hey, Ed? Where’s Al?” I asked, looking over at him. He sat up on his hands and knees, looking left and right. “Hey, Al! Al!”
“Down here.” We heard Al say. A silver gauntlet shot up out of the sand beneath us and grabbed Ed’s ankle, making him scream in fright. Pinching the bridge of my nose, I sighed and shook my head. “Come on, Ed. Let’s dig your brother out.” After several exhausting minutes of digging through sand, we managed to unearth Al. The fourteen-year-old suit of armor was constantly apologizing as we struggled to pull him out. “I’m sorry, you guys!” he said while we tried to catch our breath and cool off. “Why does this keep happening?” Ed asked, clearly irritated. “I’m sorry! I keep filling up!” Ed stood and kicked his brother’s breastplate. “Filling up with what!?” he shouted. At that moment, the breastplate opened and buried Ed in the sand that had collected inside. Al laughed and inched away from the pile. Enraged, Ed burst from the sand and began to chase his younger brother around in circles.
I sighed and shrugged. “You two haven’t grown up at all, have you? Come on, we need to get to Liore already!” I picked up my luggage and began to walk. “If you think that I’m gonna carry your stuff, too, think again!” The two brothers stopped quarreling and gathered their stuff as they tried to catch up with me. “Hey, Ev. Tell me again why you want to help us search for the Stone again?” Ed asked when he caught up to me. “I told you before. I saw what happened that night and, now, I’m a part of it. So, I’m helping. Plus...” I turned to him and smiled. “That’s what friends do, right?”Ed stared at me for a minute, then looked away and nodded as he blushed. I grinned and said, “Besides, we all know you’d get lost in the crowd since you’re such a pipsqueak!” Ed snapped and began chasing me as he yelled, “WHO’RE YOU CALLING A PIPSQUEAK, YOU JERK!?!?” I laughed and ran, knowing that he’d rip me limb from limb for that comment.
Before we knew it, we had arrived in the desert village of Liore. Ed and I were exhausted from all that running. “You shouldn’t have reacted so harshly, Brother!” Al scolded, shaking his armored head. “Yeah, yeah. Too tired to fight, Al.” He stopped abruptly and looked around. “Hey, Ev? You hear that?” I stopped too, listening hard. Sure enough, I heard the familiar sound of... “Water!” ed and I cried in unison. We rounded the corner and soon caught sight of a fountain in the middle of town. Ed squealed for joy and rushed toward the fountain, all the while screaming the word “water” over and over. “Hey, Ed! save some for me!” I laughed, running after him. He leaped as if to jump into the fountain, then stopped and caught himself at the edge, examining the contents of the fountain just as Al and I caught up to him. I grabbed one of the cups and scooped up the liquid. “Is it blood?” Al asked.
“No. More like blood-red wine.” Ed remarked as I wafted the scent to my face. “Hm. It’s fresh. The fountain must churn it just right-” I was cut off as a sun-browned hand grasped Ed and I, pulling us away from the fountain. “Hey, you know the rules! You kids aren’t allowed to this stuff!” A rough voice chastised. I turned around to see a tall man wearing a coffee-stained apron and a black hat. His fierce expression changed into confusion upon further inspection of us. “Hey, you’re not from around here, are you, kids?”
The man- he owned a coffee shop not far from the fountain- laughed and said, “So, you’re travelers, huh? I’m sorry about that! I thought you were one of the village kids trying to sneak a sip or something.” He scratched the back of his neck, smiling apologetically. “You guys must be living a dream, what with that wine fountain and all. Pretty snazzy!” Ed remarked, taking another sip of his drink. I nodded and said, “I was thinking that this place might be a dust bowl, but it’s really hopping!” The shop owner laughed and said, “Oh, I almost forgot! It’s time for a little soul food!” He reached up and hit a little switch that turned on the small radio that sat on the ledge above us. Some calming music came from the speakers and, soon, it echoed from every household in the town. We listened intently, waiting. Every villager folded their hands together, closed their eyes, and bowed their heads in prayer. Ed and I exchanged confused expressions as a deep voiced man came on the radio. “Children of the blessed Sun God, Leto... Lift up your hearts and pray that ye may be saved...” the deep voice spewed more religious stuff while Ed asked the shop owner, “Hey, who is this? On your airways?” The shop owner looked up and, grinning, said, “Why, that’s Father Cornello! The prophet of the Sun God, Leto.”
“Oh, yeah? Well, I’ve never heard of the guy.” I said, shrugging. The shop owner’s eyes bulged at those words. “You’re kidding me! You’ve never heard of the Great Prophet Cornello!?” He stared at me, jaw dropped. “What’s so great about him?” Ed asked, looking at him through the half-empty glass. “He can perform miracles!” one man said, wielding a mug of beer. “He brought this town back to life!” said another. “He can even bring the dead back to life!” one more said. Ed covered his ears and said, “You know, what I just remembered that we have to be somewhere! Let’s go.” Al and I nodded and stood. Unfortunately, Al’s head hit the ledge overhead and knocked off the radio, which shattered into pieces on the ground while the shop owner stared aghast. “Oops. I’m sorry.” Al said, scratching the back of his neck.
“Well, that’s what happens when you go around wearing a suit of armor, kid!” the shop owner said. “Relax, pops! We can fix it, no problem!” Ed said, holding up a hand to silence him. I nodded and patted Al’s shoulder. “We should let Al have a go at this one.” Ed nodded and took a step back as Al drew a transmutation circle around the broken radio. The shop owner just watched and said, “I don’t know how that little drawing of yours is going to help...”
“You’ll see in a sec.” Ed said, smiling fondly at his little brother. After he finished drawing the circle, Al stood and, in a familiar flash of alchemical light, the radio was as good as new and still spilling religious testimonials. Everyone stared at this spectacle in awe. “This really is a land of prophets...” the shop owner sighed, eyes wide as Al set the radio on the counter. “Not really. Alchemy is a science. We’re all alchemists. I’m Evelyn Hartley, but people know me as the Spirit Alchemist around Central.”
“We’re the Elric Brothers, not to brag or anything., but we’re pretty well known.” Ed said, nodding at Al. “Elric? Never heard of you.” The shop owner said, scratching the back of his neck. Ed looked at him with an expression that said, “Seriously?” Then, a woman who was sitting at the counter said in a voice both soft and sad, “You fool. That’s Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist. You’re pretty famous around East City, or so I’ve heard.” She looked at Ed, smirking. He grinned at her like he was proud of himself. Soon, a crowd gathered around Al and asked him questions left and right. “Yeah, I’ve heard of you!” one man said, slapping him on the shoulder. “Oh, I get it! You got the name ‘Fullmetal’ because you wear that armor.” said another, laughing. I sighed and shook my head, hoping that the dreaded word would’t pop up. Al shook his head and pointed at Ed, saying, “Um, I’m not the Fullmetal Alchemist. He is!” Everyone turned around to look at Ed. “Huh? You mean that little shorty?” Uh-oh. Not good.
Ed snapped once again and, grabbing two men by the collar of their shirts, began twirling around fiercely as if to throw a javelin. “‘SHORTY’!? CAN A SHORTY DO THIS!? WHAT ELSE DO YA WANNA CALL ME, A HALF-PINT, BEAN SPROUT MIDGET!?!? I’M STILL GROWING, YOU BACKWATER DESERT IDIOTS!!!!” Al sighed and shook his head at his brother. “Come on, Ed, give it a rest already! No one even said that in the first place!” I said, shrugging. “Well, things sure are lively down here, aren’t they?” a sweet voice said from behind me. I turned to see a tall girl a little old than me in a simple white sundress carrying a bag of groceries. “Ah! Rose! You heading down to the chapel?” the shop owner asked, smiling. She giggled sweetly, nodding. “Who are these three? Some travelers, perhaps?” he asked, looking at the three of us. I nodded and waved. “I’m Evelyn. Nice to meet you.” She nodded at me.
“My name’s Alphonse Elric. I’m sorry about my brother’s temper.” Al said, bowing apologetically. Ed released the two men and, putting a hand on his hip, pointed at himself. “I’m Edward, Al’s older brother, also known as the Fullmetal Alchemist!” Rose blinked. “Older brother? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” she asked, sincerely curious. Ed fumed while Al tried to calm him down. I laughed and patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’s not just you. He has the same issue with everyone.” I said, grinning. The shop owner laughed, too, and said, “Hey, Rose! You should take them to see Father Cornello! Maybe a spiritual pick-me-up is just what they need.” Rose nodded and looked at Ed. “Uh, no, that’s okay.” Al said, shaking his head. “We wouldn’t want to intrude-”
“I think it’s a great idea, Al. What about you, Ed? What do you think?” I interrupted, contemplating whether or not we might find some leads on the Stone. By the look on his face, I could tell that Ed was thinking about the same thing. Ed nodded and shrugged. “Sure. I don’t see anything wrong with it. We may even find what we’re looking for there.” Al jolted in surprise and looked at his brother. “Really? You mean you want to?” Ed nodded, smiling. I stood and asked Rose to lead the way. She nodded and we followed close behind her as she led us to the temple. On the way there, Ed turned to me and asked, “Remember that woman at the shop? She knew me... have we met before?” I thought about it for a second and replied, “No, I don’t think so...”
“You shouldn’t worry!” Rose called from ahead, looking over her shoulder at us. “I’m sure Cornello will help you find what you’re looking for. And, besides, if you show him your faithful, I bet he could make you taller! ♥” Ed snapped once more and chased after her. “What’s wrong with you people? I’m not short! You come from a desert tribe of giants or something!” Ed shook his fist at her while ran away and laughed. “Brother, calm down!” Al called as we ran to catch up with them.
We soon reached the chapel, but Rose had to ask Cornello if we could stay, so we waited outside the door for her. Curious, I eavesdropped on her conversation after she entered. “Father Cornello?” she asked, closing the door behind her. I placed one ear against the cherry wood to hear better. “Ah, Rose.” the deep voice shone with recognition. “Pardon me, Cray. May I put some travelers in the Pilgrim’s quarters?” Rose asked, being too polite for my taste. The deep voiced Cornello laughed and said, “You really delight in helping others solve their troubles, don’t you?” he asked. The squeaking of a chair signified that he stood. “Well, that’s what you teach us, Father Cornello, so that’s what I do. Or, try to...” she trailed of, her tone thoughtful. That’s strange... what’s she thinking about? I thought, listening closer. “And God see those good deeds and writes them all down in stow.” Cornello said, a smile in his voice. Chills ran down my spine at those words, though I didn’t know why. “But, you must be patient, Rose. We need a little more time to grant the miracle you seek.” What miracle? What does she want so badly? I asked myself.
“Hey, Ev, what’s going on in there?” Ed asked, crouching beside me. I shook my head and moved away from the door. “I’m not really sure. She’s been doing this religious crap for something that she wants back. Of that, I’m sure. She’s trying to please this God for personal gain, but... what does she want...?” Ed shook his head, unsure. “I could ask her.” Al piped in, standing. I nodded at him. Then, Rose came out, smiling like nothing had happened. “Are you ready?” she asked, leading us away from Cornello’s office. We nodded and stood. Once we reached our room, Al stepped in and asked, “Hey, Rose?” Rose looked up at him, curious. “You seem to really enjoy being religious, don’t you? Clearly, if you are clinging to this spiritually, you must have been hurt a sometime, right?” Rose’s smile disappeared and turned thoughtful; she looked away, clearly hurt. “I don’t like to talk about it with a large audience...” she trailed off, tearing up. I yawned and stretched. “Man, I’m bushed! Let’s get some shut eye, Ed.” I said, relieving Rose of the stress. She smiled a thank you to me and I winked and led Ed inside. “But...hey! There’s only one bed!”
“I spoke to Rose.” Al said, looking out the window. Down below, Rose stood over a grave with a bouquet of roses before the headstone. “That grave belongs to her boyfriend. He was all she had. Her parents died when she was a little girl. She’s convinced that Cornello can bring him back to life.” I sighed and leaned back in the chair, folding my arms behind my head. Across from me, Ed sat and looked out at Rose, balancing his chin in the palm of his hand. “And he’s leading her on and letting her think he can do it.” Ed spat, frowning. “Well, maybe he can.” Al said. Ed looked at him, shocked. “What if Cornello really is a holy man? Those scriptures... Maybe there is something else out there. Something we can’t explain.” Ed paused, then huffed out a breath. “Don’t count on it.” he replied, looking out the window again.
The next day, there was a gathering in town square. Everyone had gathered to see Cornello “work miracles”, so the three of us came to witness just in case we learned anything. Cornello stood before all of us, wielding a small glass. His left hand hovered over the glass and, in a flash of light that seemed to emanate from the ring on his hand, the glass filled with blood-red wine. The crowd cheered as he summoned a stump of wood. With the same reaction, the wood changed into one of the statues that were stationed throughout Liore. The crowd went wild as he waved, all apart from us. Standing on his suitcase, Ed watched everything while Al balanced me on his shoulders. “What do you think?” Ed asked, glaring. “Well, it looks pretty obvious. He’s using alchemy.” I said, shaking my head. I jumped down from his shoulders to stand next to Ed, who said, “Yeah, but still. Something’s not right. It’s not equal-
“Hey, guys!” Rose interrupted, approaching us. We looked at her as she came to stand in front of us. “How are you liking your first miracle gathering? He’s amazing, isn’t he?” She asked, smiling in admiration. Ed looked back at the prophet and replied, “Well, he’s an amazing actor, I’ll give him that. But, those aren’t miracles. He’s swindling you!” Rose turned around and glared at him. “Now, Ed, we can’t know that. We just know he’s using alchemy and he’s ignoring the laws.” Al said, trying to calm Rose. “What laws?” Rose asked, shifting her gaze to Al. Ed jumped down from the suitcase and ran forward a little. “This isn’t witchcraft, it’s a science. And you don’t make things out of thin air. In chemistry, a reaction has to be balanced. So does alchemy.” Rose looked at him, confused. “It’s an equation, Rose.” I added in, watching Cornello still. “Your output has to be in equal mass with the materials you started with. The base elements have to be similar, too.”
“Like the radio I fixed.” Al piped in. “I can make it bigger or three, or something...” Ed nodded and said, “It’s our founding principle. ‘To obtain, something or equal value must be lost.’ But, that holy idiot’s totally disregarding the law.” Rose stepped forward in protest. “Because he’s working miracles!” At that minute, a little girl approached Cornello up on the stage, a dead bird in her hands. Cornello placed his hands on the bird and, in another flash of light, the bird leapt up and flew around Cornello’s head before resting on his shoulder. The little girl clapped and the crowd erupted into cheering once more. “What do you say now, Ed?” Rose asked, glaring at the back of his head. “I’ll bet you can’t do that with alchemy!” She looked at her feet as she whispered, “It’s a true miracle. It has to be...”
I sighed and shook my head. “Whatever. I’m not about to stand here and argue over beliefs. We believe one thing and you believe another. The end.” I shrugged. Rose shook her head and ran off toward the chapel. “Great job, Ed. Why is it that you’re always scaring people off?” I asked. He grinned and replied, “We need to find out more about this Cornello character. Should we head to the temple? Maybe Rose can still tell us something.” I nodded and headed after Rose alongside the brothers.
When we arrived, Rose wasn’t there yet, so we hid for a minute until she appeared with cleaning utensils in her arms. We took a seat in the front pew- when I sat a little too close to Ed and my hand touched his, he blushed and looked away- while Rose polished the alter. “So, if you pray and polish the alter enough times, someone who’s dead will be brought back to life?” Ed asked, breaking the silence. Rose paused, not looking at us. Then, she turned around and said, “Something like that.” as if the comment hadn’t bothered her at all. Ed hesitated, then sighed as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small note book. Opening it to a specific page, he began to read of the page’s contents. “Water, 35 liters; Carbon, 20 kilograms; Ammonia, 4 liters; Lime, 1.5 kilograms; Phosphorous, 800 grams; Salt, 250 grams; Saltpeter, 100 grams; Sulfur, 80 grams; Fluorine, 7.5; Iron, 5; Silicon, 3 grams; and trace amounts of 15 other elements.” Rose stared, confused. “What’s that?” she asked.
“It’s all the ingredient of the average adult human body, down to the last specks of protein in your eyelashes.” I answered as Ed closed the notebook. “And, even though science has given us the entire physical breakdown, there’s never been a successful attempt at bringing a human to life.” Ed leaned forward slightly, staring at the floor. “But, still, something’s missing. Something scientists haven’t been able to find in centuries of research. So, what makes you think that hack-job priest with his parlor tricks will be able to?” Ed asked, looking at Rose. She flinched. Clearly, he had hit a soft spot. “And, in case you’re wondering, all those ingredients can be bought with a child’s allowance. Humans can be built on the cheap. There’s no magic to it.”
“Well, if there’s no magic, then you try to bring someone back to life!” Rose shot back, starting forward. I leaned back, crossing my legs and folding my arms behind my head, replying, “Just a matter of time, Rose. Science will find a way. Science is the answer to everything.” Ed stood and approached the alter; I followed close behind. He looked up at the statue and said, “If I were you, I’d drop the scriptures and pick up and alchemy book. We’re the closest things to gods there are.” I shook my head, shoving my hands into my pockets. “You’re not a god. You’re nothing close to it.” Rose snapped glaring at us. “And neither is the sun. It’s just a mass of hydrogen.” I answered. “Get close to it, like Cornello claims... and all you’ll do is burn up.”

New Fan Fiction!!!!

A Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction

The Legend of Zelda: Insanity of Darkness

Written by: Amari

Inspired by the song Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni by Shimamiya Eiko.

*DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything in this story except for Amari. All ownership rights go to Nintendo.*

Please enjoy.


Running as fast as he could, Link sprinted through the seemingly empty forest, tears streaming down his cheeks. How could she do this to us!? He asked himself, nearly tripping over a tree root. How could Amari tear us all apart like that!? Why!? He cursed as he failed to dodge a low branch, his nose pouring blood. He wiped the new red on his sleeve and froze when a familiar yet insane laugh rang out from behind him. He slowly turned around to find a blood-drenched Amari standing behind him, her twins swords held loosely in her hands as if not there. Her evil grin and wide eyes seemed to mock him like lies buried under his skin. His own fearful eyes could not tear themselves away from the blood that dripped from her, her sister’s blood...
“Link, baby...” she cooed, lazily draping herself across his shoulders like an unraveling scarf about to fall. “I’ve missed you. Why did you run from me? Do you fear me!?” She cackled wildly and stepped back, gripping her swords tightly. Her fanged grin made him take a step back as she screamed, “Well, you have every right to!!!” She laughed frighteningly and took a drunken swipe at him. Link narrowly dodged and began to run back to Hyrule Castle. Even though she was merely staggering behind him, she managed to keep close on his heels. With each step he took, she seemed to take one hundred and catch up to him. She simply laughed and began to sing menacingly:

“Oni-san, come here, to where my hands clap

No matter how you flee, I’ll capture you

From the animal trail where cicadas cry

The voice that I heard is no more.”

He gasped and began screaming for attention when he saw two guards at the entrance to the forest. Unfortunately, they did not turn in time to see Link as one of Amari’s curved blades dug into the base of his neck. He gasped as blood spurted out from the new wound and fell to his knees, coughing up more crimson. With no more strength to stand, he rolled onto his back and looked up at Amari, who now stood over him as Death looms over it’s next victim. “Goodnight, honey. See you in the morning.” she whispered as she came down with her sword.

“Take these fingers, my fingers

I’ll take you away with all of your fingers

To the unopened forest where cicadas cry

I can’t turn back anymore.”

Chapter One
Smiling up at the brightly shining sun, Link let out a content sigh and leaned back against his favorite tree. He heard footsteps next to him and he said, “You’re late.” Amari giggled sweetly and, taking his hand, replied, “No, you’re just insanely early. As always.” He chuckled and looked at her. He could never ignore how much he loved her. Her gorgeous blond hair that she only wore down for him, her sparkling emerald eyes, that sweet smile that never left her lips... he sighed as he remembered all of the good times that they had shared. She looked at him and said, “What’s with that far-away look? What are you thinking about?”
“I’m thinking about you. Like always.” he replied, flashing her favorite crooked smile. He kissed the top of her hand lightly and helped her up as he stood. Taking one quick glance at the diamond ring on her left hand, he asked, “I’m assuming that you haven’t told anyone but Zelda?” She shook her head and looked up at him lovingly. “I wanted to tell Father with you. He gets scary when he’s suspicious!” She shuddered playfully and the two laughed at the thought. “How about this: We’ll both tell him when you beat me in a race out of the forest! Okay?” She asked, winking. Smirking, he released her hand and replied, “You’re on!” The two rushed through the trees in perfect unison, laughing as they raced one another. Link soon got a head start to where he could not see her behind him.
He was about to win when he heard a loud thud followed by her scream. He stopped and instantly headed back, concern distorting his features. About five feet back from where he stopped, he found Amari struggling to escape the bonds of black tentacles trying to pull her into the darkness. She desperately reached for him, fearful tears streaking down her cheeks. She tried to scream his name but was cut off as a black tentacle slithered across her lips, dripping in what seemed to be human blood. “I’m coming, Amari!” Link cried, drawing his Master Sword. He managed to slice the large tentacle around her waist before one snapped at him like a whip. The large tentacle repaired itself by growing two more limbs in the missing one’s place and wrapped around her ankle.
The tentacle sent Amari into a head-first dive for the forest floor as more and more wrapped around her until she was tightly bound. Green eyes swimming in salty tears, she screamed through the silencing tentacle once more as she was pulled into the darkness before him. Before Link could reach her, Amari and the darkness that swallowed her disappeared into thin air. Dropping his sword, he stared in disbelief at the peaceful forest before him and cursed. He collapsed to his knees and ran a sharp hand through his blonde hair, the dry leaves cracking under him. What have I done? How can I call myself responsible if I couldn’t save her in time!? I’m so foolish!!! He scolded himself like this for a minute or two before he remembered that he should probably report Amari’s kidnapping to her family.
Although he was strongly regretting the trip to Hyrule Castle, he still knew that it had to be done. he would not rest until his beloved was returned to him safely. Returning to Master Sword to it’s scabbard, he stood and began to make his way out of the forest to Hyrule Castle. As he walked across Hyrule Field, he felt that every blade of grass was glaring at him accusingly, every whisper of wind seemed to blame him for her kidnapping. It’s all your fault... Some Hero of Time you are, not even able to save your girlfriend... You were too weak to save her... How could you let something like that happen to her?
“Shut up! Shut up, all of you!” he wailed at the sky, shaking with anger and self-hatred. A dark laugh frighteningly similar to his own rang through his head- Dark Link. “Good Gods, Mr. Hero! Hearing voices? You really are insane!” His shadow chuckled at him, sneering. “Shut up, DL! You’re not helping at all!” Link growled back, not liking how his shadow was sealed inside him. “I’m just saying, man. On another subject, you must feel terrible after losing your ‘beloved’ so tragically!”
“Wouldn’t you?” Link asked guiltily, sorrow filling his being. He remembered her laugh, her smile, the way she looked at him... “Don’t make me sick! Love is stupid!” DL hissed. “Which explains why you’ve never had it.” Links snapped, ignoring the next comment DL made as he entered Hyrule Castletown. He didn’t acknowledge anyone when they waved at him or called his name; he was too absorbed in his own thoughts. How would he ever break the news to her family? Where should he start looking for her?
Before he even realized it, he arrived at the gates to Hyrule Castle. The guards there greeted him warmly and let him in, noting that the King was expecting him. Link nodded and thanked them half-heartedly and continued on. He slowly pushed opened the doors to the throne room and was instantly ‘glomped’ by an overly-excited Zelda. “Oh, Link! I’m so happy for you and Amari. Don’t worry, I haven’t told Father about your engagement! I was saving that for you...and...” She trailed off, looking around. “Hey, where is Amari, anyway?” She stopped smiling when she caught sight of Link’s pain-stricken face at her name. She laid a concerned hand on his shoulder and asked, “Link, what happened? Did you and Amari get into a fight or something? If you did, then I-”
“Amari has gone missing. She was taken into the darkness.” Link interrupted, looking away from her. She reminded him too much of her sister. She gasped her light blue eyes widened. “When did this happen!?” She asked, taking on the role of a queen, the role she was born to play. “Not too long ago. We were in the woods and she was just...taken.” He answered truthfully, still refusing to look at her. She nodded and, with a serious expression on her face, she turned to the nearest guard and commanded, “Send a search party to every corner of Hyrule. Do not stop until you have found my sister. Understand?”
“Yes, ma’am!” He replied and left, barking orders to start looking for the missing Princess of Hyrule. Link sighed and led Zelda to the kitchen, where he fixed them both a glass of their best wine- Sauternes and Barsac. Although Link poured her half a glass, Zelda chugged in down in less than a second, gasping as she swallowed. “More.” She commanded, shoving the empty glass at him. He nodded and quickly refilled it, handing it back to her. Once more, it disappeared down her throat and she said, “More.”
“Please, be careful, Zelda. You could do some damage if you keep drinking it like that.” Link warned as he refilled her glass again. She sigh and nodded, taking more delicate sips this time. She laughed nervously and said, “It’s weird. Usually, I’m the one who gets kidnapped. Now that it’s Amari’s turn, I don’t know what to do.” She joked, trying to loosen the tight air. Link smiled pitifully at her and took a quick drink. New, frightened and confused tears rolled down her cheeks. She quickly wiped them away as she said, “I shouldn’t be so worried. It is Amari, after all, the same Amari that can take down one thousand guards in under a minute with her eyes closed. Still... I can’t help but feel scared for her. Only the Gods know what could be happening to her.” Both she and Link shuddered at the thought.
Zelda looked at Link and said, “You look awful. You should get some rest. You know the room you sleep in when you stay with us. Go take a nap for a while. I’ll send for you if we find her, I promise.” Link nodded and, finishing off his wine, headed to the guest room. It was simple room with purple walls, grey flooring, and one window shrouded by purple lace curtains. A simple grey bed sat off in a far corner of the room with a small mahogany chest next to it. Without even taking off his boots, Link stumbled over to the bed and, the minute his head hit the pillow, he fell asleep. Soon, he was dreaming of when he proposed to Amari....
“Link, where are you taking me!?” Amari giggled as Link led her to his secret spot. “Somewhere special! I promise, you’ll love it!” He replied, stopping to cover her eyes. He led her even further into the forest until her reached a small break in the trees. “What is so much of a secret that you should have to cover my eyes?” she asked him, growing more curious by the second. He laughed and uncovered her eyes to show her an empty field. The horizon was broken by only one, large tree in the middle that had stood there for 500 years. Lilacs, baby’s breath, and lilies bloomed in randomized spots throughout the meadow. Amari gasped and clasped her hands in front of her. “Oh, Link! It’s so beautiful here! Whenever did you find such a place!?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Yesterday.” He replied sarcastically, laughing as he ran to the tree.
She followed close behind, laughing as she caught up to him and managed to reach the tree before him. “I win!” She declared, panting. He laughed and held her hands in his. “So, do you like this place?” He asked, looking her deep in the eyes. Amari looked just as deeply back and nodded. “This place is beautiful! I’m just disappointed that I didn’t find it first!” She laughed. “Good, because I want you to remember this place for the rest of your life. And there is only one way I know that will help...” Link trailed off, reaching into his pocket. Amari’s smile replaced by shocked realization as he pulled out a small black box and got down on one knee.
“Princess Amari Yoshimitsu Hyrule...” Link started, opening the box. Inside, a small diamond enclosed in a gold Triforce balanced perfectly a simple gold band was tucked safely inside. Link removed the ring and presented in to her by asking, “Will you marry me? My life is incomplete without you. If you say yes, then you’ll make me the happiest man in all of Hyrule!” Amari stared at the ring and, as a smile spread across her face, she nodded. “Yes! Yes, Link, I will marry you!” She wrapped her hand around his neck and kissed him as happy tears spilled over her cheeks. When she released him, she allowed him to place the ring on her finger.
“But, Link...” she trailed off. He looked up from her hand. Horror spread across his face as he saw her neck split open and pouring blood. Her once green eyes were splattered with hideous black blood and more blood still ran down her chin as she asked, “Are you sure that you can protect me!?”
Link sat up sharply in his bed, covering his mouth to not scream out loud. He didn’t remember that part of the memory. He realized that his worrying over whether she was alive or not had affected his dreams. He buried his face in his hands and sighed as he tried desperately tried to clear his mind. He jumped in fright as one of the guards burst through the door and cried, “Sir! It’s Amari! She’s returned!” Link’s eyes widened as he got up. “What!? When!?” he asked, rushing out the door with the guard. “Just now! A watchman saw her arriving at the main gate!” The guard relayed what the watchman had reported as the two men sprinted for the main gate. She had been spotted staggering slowly across Hyrule Field near the horizon. By now, she had to be nearly at the gate, which had been opened for her.
When they arrived at the gate, they stopped and gazed as a blood-stained Amari stumbled toward them. She was gasping and clutching her right arm, a fierce look contorting her usually happy face. Everyone- including Link- who caught her eye shivered in fright and looked away. Link ran forward and caught her as she collapsed, losing all strength and will to stand. “Amari, baby, what happened to you!?” Link asked, petting her bloodied head. She paused, trying to remember, then cursed. “It’s strange, but... I don’t know. I remember being pulled into the darkness, but after that... it’s all blank. Next thing I know, I’m waking up covered in blood outside of Kakariko Village.
“My first thought was to go into town for a place to rest, but then I thought that I should come here. I’d assumed that you would go straight to Zelda and let her know of my disappearance- my thanks to you for that.” She cupped a hand around his cheek and smiled her normal, sweet smile at him. Her eyes became gentle and kind as she whispered to him, “I love you so much. I wish to rest now. Please take me somewhere that I can clean up and sleep.” She asked, green eyes dulled with exhaustion. Link nodded and, supporting her along the way, led her to her room where Zelda took care of her.
“She told me everything and instantly passed out.” Zelda whispered to Link as she closed Amari’s bedroom door behind her. “She seemed really tired, so we’ll just let her sleep until she wakes up on her own. If you go in to check on her, try to do so quietly. She needs her rest.” she warned as the two tip-toed downstairs to the common room. Zelda, now in more comfortable clothing, plopped down in a chair close to the fireplace and let out an exaggerated sigh. “Why does being an older sister have to be so hard!?” she complained. Link chuckled and sat in the chair across from her. “Well, at least she’s alive and well. That’s the best that we could’ve hoped for.”
“Amen to that!” Link replied, watching the orange flames dance in the fire. “I’m a little concerned, though. I mean, she doesn’t remember anything at all about what might have happened to her. She doesn’t know where she went, who she saw, whose blood she was covered in... it makes me wonder if she really forgot or if she’s hiding something. but, she seems so sincere about forgetting...”
“Oh, don’t be such a worrywart!” Zelda chided, shaking her head as she shrugged. “She’s alive and well, just like I said. We have absolutely nothing to worry about.” She stood and looked him in the eye. “Now, it’s been a long night, so I’m going to go to bed. You should get some more rest, too.” Link nodded and the two headed off to their rooms. Once Link reached his, he actually took the time to change in more comfortable sleeping garb and climbed under the covers. Although he knew that he needed to get more sleep, he couldn’t help but lay there in bed for a few moments longer, staring up at the ceiling and thinking about what might have happened to Amari.
Why am I freaking out so much? Zelda’s right. Amari is fine and I have nothing to worry about. What’s more, even DL’s being quiet for once, which is weird, but a blessing nonetheless. I should just...try to sleep... And as his thoughts drifted off, he soon fell to sleep. This time, however, he slept soundly and nightmare-free.
The next morning, Link woke to the sound happy singing below him and the smell of cooking bacon. The sound and smell drew him out of bed and down the stairs into the kitchen, where he found Amari and Zelda simultaneously cooking some form of breakfast and singing a chorus of a praise to Din. “Morning, ladies! What’s cooking?” He asked, sniffing the air curiously. Amari folded her arms across her chest and asked, “Gods, Link, is food all you ever think about!?” She giggle jokingly and returned to stirring the omelet. “We’re making a big breakfast for the four of us- yes, that includes Father. We’re making omelets, pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and french toast. That’s sure to make anyone’s stomach growl!” Link’s own stomach did the same to prove her point and all three laughed. “Good morning, my lovely daughters!” King Daphnes bellowed from the stairs, whistling tunelessly as he made his way over to the dining room table.
“I’m glad to see you well, Amari! My thanks to you, Link, for looking after her! I’m just waiting until you finally decide to propose to her, m’boy!” Daphnes laughed, smacking Link on the shoulder as he sat next to the King. “Actually, Father, he already did.” Amari announced, holding up her left hand and smiling. Daphnes’ face lit up and he suffocated Link with a big bear hug as he cried, “Aha! Well done, young Link! We shall start the preparations at once! We’ll have a royal banquet and all of Hyrule will be invited!” He bellowed, releasing Link. Link gasped for air and smiled warily back.
“Alright, you two, play nicely!” Zelda warned as she brought the two their overflowing breakfast plates. She flinched away as they dug in, shoving food into their mouths without time to swallow. Amari, looking disgusted, sat across from Link and sarcastically remarked, “I don’t understand why you don’t choke when you eat like that! Honestly, I’m surprised you’re both not hugely obese since you eat ten times your own body weight in one sitting!” Zelda nodded in agreement as she sat next to her sister. The girls had barely even begun eating before their father stood with empty plate to get seconds, followed closely by Link. Amari rolled her eyes and sighed as she took a bite of her french toast. She instantly spit it back out and coughed, clearly tasting something wrong. “Aw, crap! I undercooked the french toast! It tastes terrible!”
“Really? I didn’t notice.” Link and Daphnes said in unison as they sat down to bolt their second helpings. “After that, no more food for you, okay?” Zelda scolded, point her fork at them. They both nodded and grinned greasy, syrup-filled grins and returned to the breakfast. Later, while the sisters cleaned up the dishes, Link got dressed for the day and practiced a little bit of hand fighting in his room while he waited for them to finish. When he stopped, he found himself thinking about what happened yesterday. That was so weird. She just got kidnapped out of nowhere. Even weirder still is that she still can’t remember anything between disappearing and waking up again. It almost like she doesn’t want to remember, too... I shouldn’t linger on it too much! I’m going to take for a walk about Castletown today! He thought to himself. With one concluding thought about how weird it was that DL hadn’t bothered him since after Amari disappeared, he headed downstairs once more to retrieve Amari. He stopped at the middle of the stairway when he overheard a conversation between Daphnes and Amari.
“Amari, dear, are you sure that you don’t remember anything about what happened? If you can remember anything at all, maybe we can find who ever kidnapped you and punish them.” Daphnes asked, his voice dripping with concern. “For the last time, Father, I don’t remember anything at all! I don’t want you getting concern about this!” Amari dipped her head a little, smiling sinisterly. “Malon stuck her nose too far in this and she was executed for it! I don’t want you to do die, either!” She bit her lip and turned her back to him, looking ashamed. Malon... did she find Amari sometime after her kidnapping? Why does Amari seem pleased with the fact that Malon is dead? Link thought, his eyes narrowing suspiciously.
“I don’t know who this Malon girl is, but if you think that my concern for you will cause me harm, then I’ll trust you. But, I don’t think that you should get excited over someone’s death.” Daphnes chided. He smiled at her, then headed off to his bedroom. Amari stared after him, laughing darkly under her breath at him. Link waited for a few minutes before walking the rest of the way down the stairs to gain composure from his suspicion. “Hey, Amari! You want to hang out in Castletown today?” Link asked once she caught sight of him at the bottom of the stairs. She smiled sweetly at him and nodded. “Sure! That sounds like loads of fun!” She said, washing her hands. He smiled back and, taking her hand, began to lead her outside. He stopped when he felt a tug backwards and turned to look at her. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Link...” Her face was shrouded in shadows cast by her hair and her voice sounded ominous. When he finally found her glowing green eyes in the shadows, he could swear that they had cat-like slits for pupils as she asked, “How much of the conversation with my father did you hear from the staircase?” He froze, unsure how she would know something like that. Her eyes narrowed and she smiled as she repeated the question. He shook his head and quickly replied, “I didn’t even know you were talking to him. I was too busy practicing hand-fighting.” That’s such a scary face she’s giving me. How did she know that I was eavesdropping? I hope I fooled her well enough to change the subject! Link thought, praying that he was right.
“...Good answer.” She whispered, not meant for him to hear. When he gave her a questioning look, she smiled sweetly again and returned to normal. “Well, c’mon! Let’s go have some fun!” She cheered, now leading him into town. What was with that sudden change of mood? Link asked himself. Why did she look like that? Was it something that happened when she got kidnapped? Something’s fishy... He shrugged and decided to drop the whole thought as the two prepared for some Bombchu Bowling.
Later that evening, Link and Amari returned back to Hyrule Castle, laughing until tears came to their eyes. “That was so funny when that guy came into the shop and tried out a Bombchu! It almost hit you and you were all like ‘Aahhhhh!!!’” Amari teased, nearly doubling over with laughter. “You would have screamed and run too if you were being chased by a bomb!” Link laughed, clutching at his sides as he shook with laughter. The laughter soon died down to giggles and happy sighs when Daphnes came down the stairs. “Oh, Father, you have to hear about this! Link and I were-”
“Amari, I wish to speak with you in my bedroom. Now.” Daphnes cut her off, an official look of seriousness on his face. The two stopped smiling and Amari was lead away by her father. Link, who was still running on his ‘fun-time-with-Amari’ buzz, calmly sat down in the common room and warmed up by the fire. He started to doze off for a bit when the grandfather clock next to him struck midnight, exactly three hours after Amari’s meeting with her father. What could be taking them so long? Link wondered. Curious to see if they were still talking or not, Link found his way to Daphnes’ room. he put his ear to the door and, when he heard nothing, opened it.
He staggered and nearly vomited when he saw the body of the King of Hyrule of his bed. A Chinese short sword laying the bed next to him, covered in his blood. Daphnes’ entrails had been completely removed his body- which had been crudely cut open- and sprawled across the room like decorations. Every part of the King was covered in blood and hardly recognizable. Dear Gods... what could’ve happened here!?!? Link wondered, feeling nauseous. “Chi... chi... chi...” he heard someone whisper. In the far corner of the room, he saw Amari cradled in a fetal position rock herself back and forth as she cried and whispered “Chi... chi...” over and over again.
“Chi”... But, “chi” means... blood!?!? Link thought in shock as he approached the blood-stained Amari as she tried to comfort herself over her father’s death. “Amari, honey, what happened?” Link soothed, hugging her tightly as she clung to his tunic. She simply shook her head and continued saying “chi”. He helped her to her feet and lead her to the door to get Zelda. Don’t let her look at the body. Don’t let her look. He coached himself as he led her by the scene. He knew it was too late when he saw her eye dart to her father’s mutilated body and she started screaming uncontrollably. Zelda arrived first from the screaming as Link comforted her by saying, “No, baby, please don’t scream! Everything will be okay!”
“What’s going on down here!?” Zelda cried as she reached them. As soon as she saw her dead father, she, too, screamed and backed away from the door way. “What happened!?” she asked, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t know. All I know is that...” As Link relayed his entire side of the story, she led Amari upstairs and cleaned her up while some guards investigate the murder. When Link finished, Zelda tried and failed to come up with a reasonable explanation. “Amari, sis...” Zelda began carefully. Amari said nothing and stared at the floor, silent tears rolling down her cheeks. “Do you know what happened? Did you see who killed Father?” Amari shook her head, refusing to look away from the floor.
Zelda looked at Link and said, “Maybe you’ll have better luck.” She stood and, after laying a sympathetic hand on her sister’s shoulder, left the room. Link scooted over until he as right next to Amari and held her hand in his. “Sweetheart, what-”
“He knew too much.” Amari interrupted, not making eye contact still. Link hesitated, but listened. “I don’t know how he found out, but, somehow, he knew. Knowing that was a death wish. He brought his own murder upon himself. If you wish to stay alive...” she trailed off, switch her gaze to him. Those same cat-like eyes stared up at him alongside that insane smile of hers as she said, “Then, I suggest you dig no deeper. You’re only going to get into more trouble!” Link stood sharply and began to back toward the bedroom door. Still watching his every move, Amari cackled wildly with her head tilted inhumanely possible that made her look like some sort of possessed doll. Frightened by his own fiance, Link escaped from the room and ran to his own, Amari’s haunting laugh following him all of the way.