Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random Rambling 5- Left or Right?

~ The Age-Long question: which is better, left-handed or right-handed? ~

Apparently, I am not the only one who is curious about this. Is there truly one that is better than the other? Or is it just an annoying question to bother the normal folk around us? In my opinion, niether one is truly more important, more special or better than the other. Some people theorize that whatever hand you write with, that is the side of your brain you use the most. Right-handed people use more creative thoughts than scientific or mathematical. And vice versa for left-handed people. I, honestly, don't believe that at all. What are your thoughts on this subject? Please leave your answer in your comment.

Random Rambling 4- Kaepora Gaebora

~ Kaepora Gaebora- Rauru reincarnated or Internet hoax? ~

Most of us, I hope, have heard of Kaepora Gaebora, the talking owl that follows you when you are Young Link, and Rauru, the Light Sage. So, what if Kaepora and Rauru were the same person? What if, in the future, Rauru was reincarnated into Kaepora? I was randomly exploring other Zelda fansites when I came across this strange anomaly. I was utterly surprised, so I decided to look into it. When I was playing Ocarina of Time, I noticed that whenever you were near Rauru or just spoke to him, Kaepora doesn't appear. So, when I was on the site that I found the anomaly on (click on title), I looked through the Ocarina of Time oddities again. I am still baffled. What is your opinion?

Random Rambling 3- Who is Zelda's Nobody?

~ Namine is Kairi's Nobody... is Midna Zelda's Nobody? ~

Okay, so anyone who has played the game Kingdom Hearts 2 should know that Namine turns out to be Kairi's Nobody. Well, what if Midna is supossed to be Zelda's Nobody? Because, well, Namine hangs out in the shadow with DiZ and Riku, but is still a good guy. So, I propose that Midna is exactly the same as Namine. They have a lot in common; live in shadow, are almost exactly like their other half (Kairi and Zelda) and are both still good guys! Do you think that this is possible?

Random Rambling 2--- Midna's Childhood

In Twilight Princess, Midna is reconized as a childish imp who is bent on save her own people in a selfish manner. Later, we learn that Midna is deeply moved by how Link still wants to help her even though he learned the truth of her intentions. Because without light, twilight is nothing. Princess Zelda said so herself! She said:
" Light and dark are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exsist without the other."
We are never really told much about her life's story other than her parents dying, Zant cursing her and taking over the Twilight Realm. Who is she really? Is there more to the Twilight Princess than we know of? Please leave your ideas and opinions in your comment.

Random Rambling 1- Ganon's Story

~ Ganondorf- did he always want to rule Hyrule or was it a childhood accident? ~

In almost every single Zelda game ever made, Ganondorf, or Ganon, has tried to take control of Hyrule. Has there ever been a reason behind this event? What if it was some childhood tragedy that involved his parents? What if it involved someone he loved? For example:
(we'll call the queen Callia and the king Daphnes)

Let's say that Callia, Daphnes and Ganon were all childhood friends. He had no other friends because people shunned him for being a Gerudo. So, Ganon, Callia and Daphnes grew up together. Callia, who happened to be the princess of Hyrule at the time, turns 18 and is legally able to take the throne. She has to decide to marry either Daphnes or Ganon. Ganon may have had a crush on her his whole life, but, she had liked Daphnes more. So, she chooses him. Ganon, now lonely and heart-broken, vows to take revenge upon everyone who Callia holds dear--- her kingdom, her family and her child, Princess Zelda. Once old enough to rule over the Gerudos, he leads his personal army to rampage every village and home he lays eyes on. Finally, they come across a village tucked away in a remote forest, called Ordon. With the village in turmoil, Sophie and Raven (Link's parents) try to flee with their baby, Link. Both of Link's parents are killed. Before Sophi is murdered, she places the baby in a bush where no one can see him. After the rampage settles, Bo (the mayor of Ordon) finds the starving baby and takes him in as his own. After destroying everything in sight, Ganon and his hoardes turn to Hyrule Castle. Once they arrive, they take down everyone in their path. Ganon, filled with seemingly perpetual rage, finds and murders Callia; she happened to be protecting her 2-year-old daughter, Princess Zelda. Apalled by his actions, he tells his mutiny to fall back. The next day, he taken to the Mirror Chamber where he sealed into the Dark Realm. 18 years later, he escaped from his prison. He resumes his place as King of the Gerudos. Having been released by the power of Twilight, he floods Hyrule with this newly found power. The people of Hyrule, with nowhere else to turn, pray that the Hero of Time will once again appear. Which leads us to Twilight Princess...

Another scenario: (we'll call Ganon's mother Rina)
Ganon had a peaceful life up until his 12th birthday. In the middle of the celebration, the Royal Army burst into his home and accuse Rina of witchcraft. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she is dragged away from her child, screaming, "Remember me in your dreams!" The next day, she is executed (your choice). Ganon blames himself for a fraction of his life. Finally, when he reaches the age of 27, he decides to blame the Hylian Royal Family for the death of his mother. After all, they are the ones in command for the Army. So, being the King of the Gerudos, he commands Nabooru, his second-in-command, to gather up the Gerudo warriors and storm each home; he also commands that they kill anyone who dares appose them. Soon, they come across a mansion of in the country. The man of the house is killed protecting his wife (we'll call her Sophie) and his newborn child, Link. Sophie flees, bearing a heavy wound, with the baby Link. She arrives at the Kokiri Forest, where she then dies. After that event, Ganon leads his rebellion to Hyrule Castle. Callia, protecting the baby Princess Zelda, is murdered by a Gerudo woman. Daphnes takes over protecting Zelda and fights Ganon. One lucky swipe gets Ganon and his mutiny to retreat. Weeks later, Ganon decides to ask forgiveness for Daphnes. After being forgiven, he assumes the position of second-in-command to the King. Which brings us to Ocarina of Time...

The Hidden Leagcy of Cleopatra

~ Prologue ~

There is a legend that has been hidden since 30 BC. It is the hidden legacy of the famous Queen Cleopatra. She ruled over Ancient Egypt for many years and there was peace throughout the lands, according to various history books. That was a mistake. There is another side to her story that has never been released to the public before… until now. Here is the true story of the famous Queen Cleopatra.
* * * * *
“ Hey! You can’t just leave me behind like that!” Cleopatra’s voice was quickly cut off by the endless, humid abyss and the sound off the crashing stones by the slaves off in the background. She bent over her knees and caught her breath. Her black, silky strands of hair quivered slightly by the wind that just barely blew by. Both Horus and Baste pushed the doors to the throne room open all the way. “ Aw, come on! Don’t tell me that you’re worn out already?” Horus mused. He was a strong young man with short, dark brown hair and a stubby goatee. He had gorgeous yet mysterious goldenrod eyes that held an undying will. He almost always remained calm, even in the most depressing moments. Baste, on the other hand, had a childish feel to her. She had bright, optimistic green eyes that were in the shape of cat’s eyes. She had bushy, red hair that covered her left eye almost always. She was very athletic, but she still held that feminine feel to her. She let her gray, striped cat ears stay out for she thought it irritating to have to hide them, along with her gray, striped tail. She smiled enthusiastically and proudly let her fangs glisten in the sunlight. The three had raced all the way from Cleopatra’s boat miles down the Nile River to her throne room in Cairo, Egypt. They all laughed at the fact that she was so tired and continued on into the room. Later that night, Cleopatra revealed the devastating news the she held in all day long. Horus stood in absolute anger. “ The King of England has called war against us!? Why!? What is it we have done to have come to this!?” His eyes held fiery anger that seemed to be impossible to put out. Cleopatra hung her head and sighed. “He… he wants my crown.” She immediately buried her face into her hands. Her shoulders shook violently as she wept heavily. Baste put her arms around Cleopatra and hugged her tight, trying to calm her. “I… I just don’t know w-what to do! How c-can I stop him?” She was crying so hard now she could hardly speak. Horus and Baste exchanged glances; both held a worried look upon their faces. “ Aw, it’s ok! We will always be here for you, as both your best friends and as your loyal subjects.” Baste removed her arms and stood beside Horus. The two bowed low in deep respect for her. She looked up and smiled weakly. As she wiped her eyes, she threw her arms around them and laughed. “ Thank you. You guys are the best friends a girl could have!” The three hugged for a moment, but then broke off in all directions. Cleopatra stood up, a fierce look on her face. “Okay. Let’s go!” She walked off towards the stairs that led to the throne room below, Horus and Baste following behind her. And with that, the war had begun.
* * * * *
Fire flashed off in the distance through the windows of the throne room. Screams rose over the sounds of the ring of swords and the crashing of houses being destroyed. Even so, Cleopatra remained adamant at her post. She sat on the throne while Horus stood beside her, sword drawn, and Baste stationed on a window, the string on her bow pulled back and ready to shoot down anyone with her poison arrows. They all remained so in silence for what seemed like an eternity. Suddenly, they heard a loud bang on the large, golden doors. Three more bangs followed it. On the fifth bang, the doors swung open and an army of the British piled in, weapons at the ready. Both Horus and Baste immediately tensed, preparing for battle. Horus dashed forward and began to fight. He stabbed his sword into one man’s ankle and severed it clean off, the blood spurting and spilling everywhere out of the wound. Baste fired multiple poison arrows all at once, all of them striking a British soldier in the heart. After all of the soldiers were annihilated, the battle seemed to be over by Horus and Baste’s standards. They were horribly wrong. When they turned around to congratulate each other with Cleopatra, they found her being held by the king of England. He firmly held his hand over her mouth and, with his other hand, held a sword to her throat in a death grip. Their hearts sank at this terrible sight. The king laughed manically, throwing his head back. “Now, you see what this has come to? All I wanted was the crown of Cleopatra, but, no! You had to fight back and start this worthless war.” Baste started forward, thoroughly infuriated. “ That is a lie! You started this war! We had nothing to do with this!” Baste’s voice echoed as it rose in anger. The king laughed once more. “Do you really think I care about petty little details such as those? Ha! You foolish, barbaric savages!” The king slowly pressed the sword harder on Cleopatra’s neck. She let out a muffled cry as tears rolled down her cheeks. “No!” Baste held her hand in a desperate act to protect her. The vile king removed the sword, leaving Cleopatra gasping for air. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, “Long live the Queen Cleopatra!” He returned the sword to her throat and slowly pulled it across. The blood made it’s way down her chest and the sword as he did so. When he released her, she slumped to the floor. Blood oozed from her split veins as she fell into an deep, endless sleep. Baste fell to her knees, the tears flowing nonstop down her cheeks. “ Impossible…” Horus gasped, not believing what he just witnessed. Baste sat there, shaking. She made no reply. What happened next was truly remarkable. Apparently, with her last bit of strength, Cleopatra crawled around the vicious king and stolen the sword that practically killed her. With that sword, she thrust it through his heart. As the blade punctured his innards, a shower of blood flooded out of his chest, dripping onto the floor as he fell down beside Cleopatra. Baste immediately stood up and ran to her dying queen’s side. “No… n-no… no, you can’t die! Egypt still needs a ruler! Y-you… please d-don’t leave us!” Baste threw herself upon the half-dead figure beneath her and wept. She heard a low cough from beneath her and instantly sat up. “B-Baste… I… I’m s-s-sorry… b-but I… I can’t go on… I… h-have no energy…” Cleopatra shakily lifted her golden crown off her head and placed it in Baste’s hands. Baste stared deeply into her eyes. “What…?” She seemed utterly confused. “ Y-you… shall rule in my place… for you cannot die… you shall g-guide my people to peace… please… f-for me.” She placed her hand on top of Baste’s arm. As her eyes rolled back into her head, her hand fell limply to her side. Baste and Horus could not believe it. Just like that, their best friend and queen had died. While Baste sat there in disbelief, Horus calmly strode towards the two. He scooped up Baste and carried her out of the throne room. He later returned for Cleopatra’s body and gave her a proper mummification and burial ceremony. The entire kingdom was devastated by her death. None remain today who know what happened.

~ Chapter 1~

The burning sun overhead beat down upon the back of Sara’s neck as she slowly rode down the hill on her horse. Man…I cannot believe how hot it is out here! She thought to herself. The heat was overbearing and the sweat rolled down the side of her face. As she reached for her handkerchief, she fell backwards off the back of her horse as it reared up, whinnying with surprise. She rubbed her neck as she struggled to sit up. She noticed up ahead that there was a dark figure standing before her. When the figure stepped forward, she had a full view of its face. Although there was not much to view, she had clear sight of the eyes which held a green reflection of the sunlight. In its right hand, it held a spear with a red and gold tasseled string tied around it. The figure was dressed in a simple navy blue turban, baggy shirt and pants tied together by a navy blue belt. Its face was shrouded by a mask that covered both its mouth and nose. It pointed the tip of the spear at her heart as she stood. “You have no business here! Leave or die!” The figure’s voice was feminine and sort of high pitched. You could tell that she would not be easily moved. Sara simply placed a finger on the tip and moved it to the side. “Calm down! I’m not going to stir up any trouble! There’s no need to flip!” Her carefree spirit shined through, but only momentarily as the spear returned to its spot over Sara’s heart. “You must leave or you will be forced to! These lands are cursed, so do not come any further!” The figure held her place as another figure joined her side, also holding a spear at Sara’s heart. Sara shook her head and replied, “ Listen, I’m not a treasure hunter or a thief or anyone who wants to excavate here! I’m only coming here because I need a place to stay and study! If you let me in, I promise that I will not touch or look at anything that you don’t want me to.” The two exchanged looks in a suspicious way, making Sara shudder. The first sighed and said, “ Very well. You may enter as long as you are under our supervision. Understand?” Sara nodded. The figures removed their spears and threw them aside. The first removed its mask, the second following. Now the figures weren’t as intimidating to Sara. The female smiled and held out her hand. Proudly, she said, “ My name is Rai-jiin, but you can call me Rai.” Returning her smile, Sara smiled also. Rai’s comrade stepped forward, gently grabbed her free hand and kissed it. Sara blushed, slightly embarrassed. “ The name is Baron. It is an honor to meet you.” Rai grabbed his ear and pulled. Baron screeched in pain as he was yanked away. Once Rai released him, his entire right side of his face was a flushed pink. “ You think you such the ladies man, don’t you!?” Sara laughed as Baron rubbed his ear, mumbling under his breath. Rai sighed and shook her head. “ You will never learn, will you?” Throwing the subject to the side, she walked over to the gates and pushed them open. Helping Baron up, Sara grabbed the reigns of her horse and guided it through. Shutting the gates behind him, Baron ran to catch up with the rest of the group. “ Welcome, Sara, to the lost throne of Cleopatra!” Rai said excitedly. “ Here, let me take you to a room you can stay in.” As Rai guided Sara to the guest room, Baron took her horse to a stable. Sitting on the bed, Sara said, “ How come everything is so well kept if no one has lived here in centuries?” Giving Rai a suspicious look, she stood up. Rai, sensing no harm in the matter, simply replied, “ Our tribe has taken care of it since the death of Cleopatra and we worked hard to keep it that way, so, we usually don’t welcome strangers in.” That wasn’t enough for her so she asked, “ Oh really? And what tribe would that be? Hmmm?” Sweating, Rai twiddled her thumbs. “ T-the legendary tribe of… of.. of t-the Sheikahs! Yeah, that’s right, the legendary tribe of the Sheikahs!” Still not entirely convinced, Sara gave her the evil eye. Deciding not to press the matter, she waved it off. Rai sighed with relief and, pulling Sara along, replied, “ How about a tour?” Even though there is not much to see, she thought. Sara nodded. “ That would be great!” The two raced down the stairs to meet up with Baron and looked around the Great Cleopatra’s throne room.
* * * * *
“ So… this is where the queen Cleopatra sat? Right here?” Sara’s jaw hung open as she caressed the arms of Queen Cleo’s throne. Rai nodded her head proudly and winked, giggling. “ The Queen Cleopatra loved this place… and everyone in it. She took great care of the slaves, even though they were usually treated like vermin.” She paused for moment to stare dreamily at the ceiling. She shook her head and offered to make camp. “We should probably rest up for tomorrow. M’kay?” Sara nodded, unpacked all of her belongings and left to set up camp. Baron appeared over Rai’s shoulder and said, “ Do you think that she’s figured it out?” Rai folded her arms in front of her and shook her head. “ As long as she remains na├»ve to the truth, we needn’t worry of what tragedies or successes that befall her… for now.” Rai left without another word and helped Sara set up camp. Baron stood there with an unsatisfied look on his face. He snickered deviously and said to himself, “ Very well. Let us see what our new friend is capable of and if she really is part of the legend.” He soon left the empty throne room to join the two with Sara’s unpacking.

~ Chapter 2 ~

“ So, young one, how well do you think you know the story of Queen Cleopatra?” The old man smiled in a creepy, toothless way. Sara’s smile stretched from ear to ear. “I studied the history on Cleopatra’s life in my fourth college year!” Old man Jenkins managed to croak out a dry, raspy laugh. “ All that you have learned about how she died… is a lie!” Sara gasped, unable to believe it. “ Shall I tell you, then?” Sara nodded, clutching her pillow tightly. “ On a night quite similar to now, our young queen died and I’ll tell you how.” Rai groaned. “Huh, verse!” She threw up her hands and pulled the covers up to her ears to block out any sound. “ Anyway… the story that you are about to be told, starts in a place before the world was old. Our queen was a beauty and her fame stretched across the land, until her story reached the ears of a monstrous band. She informed her two guardians of her fate, then their entire essences seethed with hate. So, Cairo was at war and the soldiers were ready, armed at the door. They sacrificed their lives in hopes that their kingdom would once again thrive. But, alas, the poor queen was killed by the man who came from over the hills. Unfortunately, her two attendants found out that she was to be married right after she was buried.” Sara shook with fear and excitement. “ B-But… who were her two guardians?” The old man smiled deviously. “Why, they were none other than-” Rai shot up, threw the covers to the side and smack him on the back of the head. “Don’t you have some kind of homeless shelter to go to!? Shoo!” The old man frowned, got up and left. Rai shook her fist at him as he disappeared into the mysterious desert. Ignoring the glares coming from Sara, Rai made her way back to her sleeping bag, laid down and went to sleep. “I don’t understand what all of the fuss was. Why did you send him away?” Without turning to look at her, Rai waved the question away. “It doesn’t matter. Just go to sleep.” As Sara calmed down and tried to fall asleep, she could have sworn that she heard purring coming from Rai’s direction. She soon felt herself drifting into what she thought would be a peaceful night’s sleep.
Sara… Sara… can you hear me? Sara slowly opened her eyes sleepily, unaware that someone had called her name. She sat up and stretched, yawning. She looked at her watch and sighed. “Man… its only 2:00 am.” She moaned and turned over, pulling the covers over her head. Sara… Sara… can you hear me, Sara? “What? W-who’s there?” She once again sat up and looked around. She saw nothing but the tumbleweed rolling by peacefully. Sara… the voice spoke again, this time coming from behind her. Sara stood up and whirled around as she quickly grabbed a hunting pistol from her belt. She aimed straight in front of her, finger at the ready over the trigger. “A-alright! I know that you’re there! I d-don’t want to have to… to hurt you, so… s-show yourself and no one will get hurt!” No response other than the strange reverberation of her own voice. “I… I mean it! Reveal yourself or I’ll pull the trigger!” As soon as those words escaped her lips, a silver silhouette emerged from the oasis. Sara’s arms slowly fell to her sides. Her pistol slid out of her grip. There, levitating before her was… the lost spirit of Cleopatra. “What…?” B-but… Queen Cleopatra… she’s… impossible, she thought. “No, Sara, it is not impossible. But, yes… I have passed on.” Oh, great! Now she can read my thoughts? “Yes, unfortunately for you, I can.” She smiled in a ghostly way that still seemed sweet. “Are you really the ancient Queen Cleopatra, though?” She asked. The spirit nodded and placed her hands on her hips in a childish way. “Yes, I am, but you don’t have to say it like I’m that old!” Sara laughed nervously, slowly starting to back away. “Sara, I have a serious favor to ask of you… I want to show you something, but you can only see it if you swear on your life that you won’t tell a single soul!” The queen’s expression became fierce as she closed in on her. Feeling helpless, she fell backwards in fear. “I-I-I promise! I won’t tell anyone!” Sara stared into the paranormal queen’s pale- gray eyes, nodding reassuringly. Still unsure whether to trust her or not, Cleo shrugged.

A Switch in Time

- Chapter 1: A Switch in Time –

“Long ago, before the world had form, there was nothing but chaos and darkness floating in a mysterious abyss. Then, one day, three golden goddesses descended upon this chaos. They were Din, the Goddess of Power, Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom and Farore, the Goddess of Courage. Din, with her strong, flaming arms, cultivated the red earth into form. Nayru poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. Farore gave life to physical beings who would uphold the law. Their tasks complete, they departed for the heavens. The golden triangle, known as the Triforce, was left behind where the three goddesses left the earth. If someone with a pure heart finds the Triforce and makes a wish, Hyrule will be thrust into a Golden Age. If someone with an evil heart makes a wish, the world will once again rein chaos and destruction. The Seven Sages, fearing such calamity, sealed the Triforce into the Sacred Realm.” This is the history of the glorious land of Hyrule. But, unaware to the land’s inhabitants, there is another legend that has been passed down generation after generation by the Hylian Royal Family. It is the story of a boy from the forest who set out to defeat the Great King of Evil, Ganondorf. This boy was raised in the forest as a Kokiri by the legendary Great Deku Tree. But, when an evil force invaded the forest, the boy was called to the tree’s sanctuary. With the aid of his fairy friend, Navi, the boy vanquished the evil that set the killing curse upon the Great Deku Tree. Unfortunately, the Great Deku Tree was done for before the boy even started. With his dying breath, he implored the boy to take the Spiritual Stone of the Forest and go to Hyrule Castle to meet with the Princess of Destiny. The boy, known as Link, accepted the request and left Kokiri Forest. Before he left, his Kokiri friend, Saria, gave him the Fairy Ocarina that would suit useful on his journey to the castle. Armed with nothing more than the Kokiri Sword and a Deku Shield, he made his way across Hyrule Field. Once he snuck past all of the guards, Link found himself in a small, garden-like area. Up ahead was a window with a girl looking through. The girl was the reason Link had come so far. Her name was Princess Zelda. She was the Princess of Destiny that the Great Deku Tree had told Link about. He showed her the Spiritual Stone of the Forest and she knew instantly why he had come to see her. “For the past few nights, the same dream has reoccurred. In the dream, I see dark clouds shrouding Hyrule from the light. Then, a long beam of light shot out of the forest and brought Hyrule back into the warm light. The light then shifted into a figure holding a green, shining stone and was followed by a fairy. I believe… that you are that figure. As for the dark clouds…” Zelda stepped aside for Link to see through the window. The Great King of Evil, known as Ganon, stood there as he spoke with the King of Hyrule. “I believe that the dark clouds represent that man.” The Princess explained to Link that Ganon must be after nothing less than the Triforce of legend. She asked for Link to get the other two spiritual stones while she guarded the Ocarina of Time. Once Link gained the Spiritual Stone of Fire and the Spiritual Stone of Water, he returned to Hyrule Castle. But, once he arrived, the castle was in flames. He then saw Zelda and her attendant, Impa, speed by him on a white horse. Ganon followed right behind them and sped past Link, unaware that Link was even there. Lucky for Link, Zelda had tossed the Ocarina of Time into a small moat off to the side before Ganon could notice. After Link retrieved the ocarina, he sped off towards the Temple of Time. He placed the spiritual stones in order of how he earned them. After playing the Song of Time on the ocarina, the Door of Time opened. He walked up to the Master Sword that was in the Pedestal of Time and pulled it out. When Link woke up, he was in the Sacred Realm and seven years had passed. The Light Sage, Rauru, told Link about what had happened during those seven years of slumber. Link agreed to awaken the five remaining sages. After a series of boss battles, Link succeeded. He awakened Saria (the Forest Sage), Darunia (the Fire Sage), Ruto (the Water Sage), Impa (the Shadow Sage) and Nabooru (the Spirit Sage). After returning the sages to their rightful places in history, Link fought his way through Ganon’s Castle, which is where our story begins.

* * * * * * *

Link rolled to the side as Ganon came down with his blade. Ganon pulled the blade from the cement and laughed maniacally. “It is useless, Link! You know that it is impossible to defeat me! All of Hyrule will perish under fire and water and all shall know of my power!” Ganon lunged towards Link, blade pointed at his heart. Link smirked and leaped into the air, landing on top of Ganon’s sword. “You’re wrong! You have forgotten one thing, Ganon!” Link flipped over Ganon and struck him in the back with the Master Sword. Ganon screeched in pain and fell forward. Link landed on one knee, sword outstretched. “I am the Hero of Time. Forgetting that… is a big mistake on your part.” He coolly stood up and sheathed the Master Sword. Zelda, who had just been released from her rupee-shaped encasement, came out of the shadows. She smiled and said, “You did it, Link! You defeated Ganon!” He grinned at her, scratching his neck. “Aw, it was nothing!” He laughed sweetly. He heard a slight shifting sound coming from behind him. He thought that it was only Ganon’s lifeless body collapsing the rest of the way, but he was wrong. It all seemed to go in slow motion. Zelda screamed as Ganon stood and grabbed his sword. Link whirled around and tried to reach for the Master Sword, but it was too late. Ganon shoved the blade’s edge through Link’s chest. The blood poured from the wound, forming a crimson pool beneath him. He coughed up blood that ran down his chin and dripped onto his clothes. He gasped for air, but it was too painful even for that. Zelda fell to her knees, tears streaming from her eyes. She screamed his name over and over again and buried her face into her hands. Ganon laughed in a vicious way. He then turned the blade in a full circular motion. Link cried out, clenching his teeth. The pain was excruciating. With his last breath, he managed to gasp out her name. “Zelda…” At last, the unimaginable pain and sorrow released their grip. His last mental image contained a victorious smirk on Ganon’s face along with Zelda prone to the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks as she reached out to him in a desperate act to save him. Link slumped to the floor as Ganon pulled the sword from his heart. Blood spurted everywhere. The pain that engulfed his entire essence softened as the light left his eyes. “No… no!” Zelda sat there, staring in awe of what had just occurred. The thought that the Hero of Time had succumbed before the power of Ganon was just too much for her to bear. As Link stared into the endless abyss of death, his eyes shifted from a deep blue to a pale gray as proof of his passing. Zelda continued to stare, shaking as though an earthquake had erupted underneath only her. Ganon broke out into a bellowing laugh. “My, what a twist to our story, eh?” He stepped over to Link’s body and shoved his foot into Link’s chest. “Ha! How pathetic! Some ‘Hero of Time’ you are!” Ganon smirked victoriously down upon what used to be the Hero of Time. “Ganondorf, king of the Gerudos, heath my words, the words of the Light Sage. I have seen the troubles and I have seen what you have done to the hero of legend. Now, you all shall be cursed.” After the voice finished echoing throughout the tower, a long stream of light settled upon the tiled floor. The light shifted into Rauru, his ferocity showed through on his face. Zelda shuddered as she stood. Rauru pointed a withered finger at Ganon. “Ganon, you have broken the law of the world and, now, you shall be severely punished! Your rebellious actions have caused nothing but trouble!” Ganon merely shrugged it off. “So what? You all deserve it, anyway!” He folded his arms in front of him and laughed menacingly. Rauru growled and smashed the palm of his hand against Ganon’s forehead. Not soon afterward, white light swallowed Ganon whole. His eyes rolled back into his head. Rauru smiled in a creepy way. All the while, Zelda stood there and watched in surprise. “Nothing that has most recently occurred here or with you shall be forgotten and nothing shall lead back to it.” Ganon’s eyelids began to droop. “For… forgotten?” Rauru nodded. “The only thing you will remember is that you have lived in Kokiri Forest your entire life and you know nothing about the outside world. Your friends are Saria and the Great Deku Tree. Understand?” Rauru raised an eyebrow. Ganon sleepily nodded. Rauru removed his hand and watched as Ganon collapsed to the floor. Zelda shrieked and held her hands up to her mouth. Rauru pointed his finger at the ceiling, forming a silver portal. The portal began to vacuum up anything beneath it. Ganon, still covered with the white light, turned into smoke and flew into the portal. “Rauru, what’s happening?” Zelda bellowed over the roar of the rushing winds. She looked around. Rauru had disappeared. She looked up into the portal. As soon as she did so, the portal stopped its suction. A small, golden orb daintily floated out of the portal and landed underneath Link’s eye. Zelda looked down at him and slowly stepped forward. As the orb melted into his skin, she kneeled down beside him. Rauru’s voice broke out of the silence. “Fear not, Princess. The Hero of Time shall live again. Link cannot be defeated that easily by the likes of him. Just look at his eyes.” Zelda nodded to the air and stared into Link’s cold gray eyes. As if by a miracle, Link’s eye brightened into a deeper blue. He shot up, coughing and gasping for air. Zelda’s face lit up and she hugged him. “ By the gods! You’re alive! I cannot believe it, you’re alive!” Link laughed gently. “Well, I won’t be for long if you don’t let go of me!” Zelda blushed and released him. Link looked down at his chest. “But… Ganon stabbed me with his sword, right? How am I still alive?” He looked into Zelda’s eyes. She shrugged and looked to show him the portal that still hovered overhead. Before Link could move an inch, the portal started up again. “Zelda, what’s happening?” She shook her head, but remained silent. She slowly turned into a golden mist that slithered up into the portal. “Zelda!” Link shouted, his voice reverberating off the walls. Not long afterward, Link joined her. Navi, who had been in the other room at the time, flew in only to be greeted by a disappearing Link. As soon as Link was completely swallowed by the portal, Navi flew in after him.

- Chapter 2: Link, the Gerudo/ Hylian King –

“Link… Link! Are you all right? Wake up!” Link slowly opened his eyes, but saw nothing except swirling blurs. “Navi…?” Once his vision settled back to normal, he saw a tall Gerudo woman standing at the end of the bed. She smiled sweetly and her eyes glowed like amber. Link blinked. “Nabooru?” She gave him a smirk. “ Yeah! Who did you think you were talking to?” Another Gerudo woman entered the tent. “Sir, the King of Hyrule sent a message that he would like to see you right away.” He gave her a questioning look. “ What are you talking about?” He asked her. Nabooru smacked him in the back of the head. Link hadn’t noticed that she walked over to the bedside. She threw the covers to the side as Link rubbed his now throbbing head. “Now get up! If you want to put this plan into action, you have to deal with playing the King’s pawn just a little longer! Geez, you’re the leader of the Gerudo Tribe and I’m the one who’s ordering you around!” Link looked at her. “What plan?” She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Man, are you slow this morning or what? You know, the plan to overthrow Hyrule! Geez, you are so forgetful! What, did you parents drop you on your head when you were younger or were you just born like this!?” Shaking her head, Nabooru exited the tent, muttering something under her breath. Then, Link realized what had happened. He and Ganon had switched places. Link was now the Leader of the Gerudo Tribe and the villain while Ganon was in Kokiri Forest and was the Hero of Time. Man… I guess I’ll just have to go along with this until I can find Zelda…wait, Zelda! She must have switched with someone too! But… who? He thought. Oh well... Link got up out of the bed and brushed off the sand that flew in. Okay... act like Ganon would... He looked at Nabooru and smiled in a devilish way. “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Nabooru clapped her hands together. “Now that’s the Evil King I know!” She bent over and came back up with a pile of clothes; she threw them at Link. “I can’t take you seriously in that outfit. Wear that or people will think you’re a forest person.” She laughed mockingly as she left. Link held up the clothes and moaned with displeasure. Great... first I have to act like him, now I have to look like him? What has the world come to?! Shrugging it off, he replaced his old but characteristic tunic with one of Ganon’s outfits. Surprisingly, it fit him... and he looked good in it. As Link looked at his reflection and thought about Ganon, shuddering. What was he doing? Was he with the Great Deku Tree or Saria? Was he even in Kokiri Forest at all or had he already begun his journey? Link was coming close to a resolution when Nabooru whistled to get him out there. Muttering franticly under his breath, he walked outside of his tent. Shortly there after, he was greeted by Nabooru, who was mounted on a horse. The other Gerudo woman came over with a horse for him. Wait... is that... Epona? As the Gerudo woman left, Link slowly walked over to Epona. What if she mistakes me for Ganondorf? What will I do then? Not quite sure what else to do, he began to stroke her nose as he softly hummed her song. Epona looked as though she was about to bite his hand but then recognized the song and nuzzled him instead. She neighed affectionately and signaled for him to mount her. He nodded climbed up the saddle. Nabooru glared at him suspiciously but thought nothing else of it. “What are you waiting for, the grass to grow? Move it!” She nodded and dashed off. With a loud “Kyaaaa!” Link followed behind her. Half-way across Hyrule Field, Nabooru stopped suddenly. Link dodged and rode around her. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Nabooru shook her head. “I’m going to stop by Lon Lon Ranch really quick and, uhhhhh... pick up some milk... okay?” But before Link could answer, she was off. He stared after her for a while, and then shook his head. “Come on, Epona. Let’s see if Zelda is still at Hyrule Castle.”
* * * * * * *
As hard as Link tried, he couldn’t stop looking out of the corner of his eye to see what the people of Hyrule Castletown where doing. In front of him, they were frowning but stilled bowed with a faux respect... far different than what he remembered them doing in his youth. He sighed, but kept leading Epona towards the gates past Castletown. Link remembered having to sneak past the guards; he was going to see if he could pull off just walking past them. Once he reached a spot where the guard had a full view of him, he put on a devious but superior smile. “Master Link. Welcome back. I suppose you’ve gotten the letter from the King?” The guard asked, grabbing Epona’s reigns from him. Link nodded and said, “Please watch Epona for me. Take good care of her.” he said, not changing his expression. The guard lifted an eyebrow. “Are you feeling alright? You are... being nice.” Link walked past him and folded his arms behind his neck. “I’m in a good mood.” he said over his shoulder. Each pair of guards he walked past saluted him until he reached the castle’s main entrance. Link swallowed and pushed open the doors; he stopped himself from staring, jaw-dropped. He had never been inside the throne room before. He was amazed at the grandeur, but kept walking to meet up with the King who standing in front of his throne. “Ah! Link, my most loyal friend!” Daphnes grabbed Link around the neck and noogied him. Link laughed and tried to pull his arm from around his neck. Daphnes released him and smiled broadly. Well, at least I can act friendly around the King like I always did. Link gave him a friendly smile and folded his arms behind his neck. “Well, someone is happy about something! What are you up to?” Link asked. Daphnes smacked a hand on Link’s back. “I am so excited about this. So, tell me, Link... how would you feel to be promoted to ‘royal vizier’? People will have a higher respect towards you and you shall have more privileges. What say you, eh?” Link forced his eyes to brighten. “W-well, honestly, I would love to. Of course, it is still your choice.” Daphnes gave him a toothy smile. “Well then, my dear friend, I’ll make you a deal. You... take some time to think about it so I can have some time to think about things you could do to help me as royal vizier. Okay?” Link nodded and turned to make his leave. Just as he was about to push open the doors, he stopped. Looking over his shoulder, he asked, “Your Highness... perhaps you could show me where Princess Zelda is?” He turned all the way around. Daphnes gave him a questioning look. “Zelda...? I think you mean Malon! I have no idea who this ‘Zelda’ person is, but I can show you where to find her. She’s...” Link raised a hand. “No need. I was just curious. Farewell.” Link turned and left without another word. As the doors shut behind him, Link looked around to make sure no one was watching and yelled out in agony. He fell to his knees and pounded the ground in a childish way. What!? Zelda and Malon switched places!? This is outrageous! It’s crazy! Link began to growl, then threw back his head and screamed. When Link was finished rebuking the air around him, he sighed and stood up. He stalked off in the direction of what used to be Zelda’s special garden area. “Boy, did Ganon really screw up this time! If I ever see his face again, I swear I will strangle him! That no good, conniving little...” Grumbling under his breath, Link stalked off towards the little garden area. As he reached the entryway, he slowed to a stop and lowered his flustered remarks. Once he caught view of the two small figures conspiring together, he cleared his throat and sauntered powerfully towards them. Well, here goes!

- Chapter 3: Princess Malon –

As Link stepped towards Malon and the young Ganon, their conversation softened to a whisper before completely diminishing into nothingness. Link nodded his head in respect, smirking viciously. Even with the convincing imitation of Ganon, Malon could tell that something had been done to change things. In his eyes, she could see the truth shine through and reveal itself. “Well, Princess. You look as radiant as ever, I see.” He snickered deviously, but gave her a pleading look as if to ask her to save him from the torture of being in Ganon’s place. “Flattery is not needed. Step away from me!” She glared at him, playing her part. Link bowed low with faux respect and snuck a glance at the young Ganon that stood across from him. As he stood straight, he snarled at the boy, who jumped with surprise. Turning on his heel, Link smirked and abandoned the two. As he left, he caught the words, “He’ll never guess what we’re planning!” With one last look over his shoulder, Link dashed around the corner and hid. Only a few moments later, the young Ganon came barreling out of the garden area with Impa, the two unknowingly passing Link. When Link was absolutely sure that the coast was clear, he made his way back to where Malon was. Once he reached her, he saw that her back was facing him. “I knew you would come back, Link. I knew you would be curious enough to return here.” When she turned around, tears rolled down her cheeks and her face was flushed. “Malon...” However awkward it may have seemed, Link hugged Malon to comfort her in her time of need. She buried her face in his chest, her shoulders shook while she sobbed. “Malon... I... I’m sorry...” Link released her so she could wipe her eyes. She looked up at him and gave him a questioning look. “S-sorry...? For what?” Link stared into her eyes for a moment, sighed and sat down on the small staircase. Malon held her gaze and sat down beside him. “Well... I’m not sure what happened, but... all of us have switched places.” Malon’s eyes widened. She managed to gasp out, “S-s-s-switched places!? How could this happen!? Who switched with who!?” Link sighed once again and stared at his feet. “ Ganon and I switched while you and Zelda switched.” Malon’s jaw dropped. “So, that is why I have to play the goodie-good princess!? Are you kidding me!?” She slammed her fist on the concrete. “Well, having to be in Ganon’s place ain’t no picnic, either!” Link mused, sighing. He stood, placing his hands on his sides. His eyes wandered to the clouds over their heads. Malon stood beside him, trying to catch his attention. “Well, how long will we have to keep this up? Can we tell anyone?” Link immediately turned fierce. He scowled at her and gritted his teeth, sending chills up her spine. He placed a single finger in the middle of her chest and pressed hard to show her that he was serious. “The one thing you cannot do is reveal any of this to anyone other than to me and Zelda, okay?” Once he removed his finger, he turned and huffed an angry breath. Malon cautiously laid her hand on his back. “Why can’t we tell Ganon? He should already know... right?” Link whirled around and stared intensely at her. His gaze seemed to pierce through her and caused her to shudder. “No. Ganon doesn’t remember anything because Rauru wiped his memory so that he couldn’t change the future or for some other stupid reason, so, we cannot tell Ganon anything! You just keep playing your part and everything will, hopefully, go back to normal soon!” When a single tear slid down Malon’s cheek, Link softened his look into sympathy. “I’m sorry. I’m just... upset about all of the recent events.” Malon wiped her eyes and sighed, shaking her head. “No, it’s not you. It just that want to go home and do I usually do at the ranch because... that is all that I really know how to do. I can’t be a princess! I don’t know how to!” The two stared at each other, lost in thought. Link sighed and shook his head when no ingenious idea came to him. He lightly laid his hand on her shoulder and smiled comfortingly at her. “Well, there is nothing that we can do to change the past. I have come to learn that sad fact in my travels through time, as you may remember. I guess we’ll have to go along with this until it comes down to the last battle. Then, everything will be normal again. I’ll go back to being a Kokiri, Zelda will go back to being a princess and you can go back to scolding your father for not working.” Malon laughed, smiling broadly. She stepped back and put on a playful yet brave face. “I’ll do my best, Link. I’ll best princess that there has ever been! After this ‘final battle’ thing you mentioned, I’ll go back to being a farm hand. Being a farm girl is what I do best. Go do whatever it is that you are supposed to do, fairy boy! I mean, Mr. ‘Big Bad Guy’!”

The Final Legend

A Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Fan Fiction

Written by: Amari

~ Author’s Note ~
I am giving a fair warning to those of you who are not in full awareness that this fan fiction is based on the infamous Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess video game created by Shigeru Miyamoto. In this story, there are a few scenes that are not entirely in sync with the original storyline for the game. Such changes are as follows: - New characters have been added
- Some new scenes have been added
- Some scenes are altered versions from previous games (ex. Ocarina of Time)
- New ideas and sequences have been added
As you can comprehend from the above list, this is not your ordinary Zelda fan fiction. Before you begin reading, I must ask those of you who are unfamiliar with the Legend of Zelda series to leave this page immediately. For the rest of you, please enjoy.
Yours Truly,

~ Chapter One: Darkest Hour~

“Come on! You’re going to be late! Wake up already!” Groaning with displeasure, I slowly opened my eyes. My younger sister, Sakura, was sitting on top of my chest. I angrily pushed her off and pulled the blankets over my head. “Go away! It’s too early to bug me.” My voice seemed to be muffled by heavy sheets. I heard my door creak open, but thought nothing of it. I, then, heard Sakura’s voice quiver slightly as she said, “Mother! Mother! Amari pushed me!” Crap... now she’s lying to Mom. Could this day get any worse?
Grouchily, I pushed the blankets down until they were bunched together at the foot of the bed. Although I feared for my life, I sat up to face my hot-headed mother. Even though she looked calm, I could see the anger burning in her eyes like little flames. Her gaze felt like she was poking me with a torch. “Amari... how many times must I tell you? You have to be nicer to your little sister; what are you doing still in bed? You’re supposed to be at work already! Goodness! Will you ever learn!? Get dressed!”
My mother’s voice, which increased in volume, reverberated off of the walls in my small bedroom. She was a tall, lanky sort of woman with curly, auburn hair that fell to her waist. She had brilliant emerald eyes and freckles splashed all over her cheeks; although her age ranged in the mid 40’s, she could have passed for 25. Her fiery temper made her stubborn, but she could be very lovable at times. This was not one of them. She threw my work uniform at my face and stalked out of the room, Sakura following her with a rather victorious smirk on her face.
Muttering insults under my breath, I threw on my beige halter top and my sage green shorts. I hated having to work on the weekends.
Sighing, I walked over to my mirror and glared at my reflection; I cautiously raised my hands to my head. My hair was a giant, ratty blob. I had never been able to do anything with it except for a short pony-tail or just leave it down. I guess I’ll pull it back today... whatever. I grabbed the sage ribbon and wrapped it around the fistful of hair, topping it off with a bow. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my dagger and its small scabbard lying next to my bed. I stared at it for a moment, not sure whether to take it or leave it. Well... it wouldn’t hurt to be armed, I guess. I swiftly picked it up and strapped it around my thigh.
Once I was ready, I swung open my bedroom door, sprinted down the stairs and out of the house. Even though I was usually armed in some way, I was just your average 18-year-old. I was average height for my age with wavy, dirty blonde hair and ocean-blue eyes.
I looked up at the sky, my hair rippling slightly with the wind. The sun was blotted out by the gray clouds, but it was still intensely humid. It looked as though it would start raining soon. Shrugging, I made my way through the village to the ranch.
I grew up in Ordon Village, but I was never sure if that was really where I belonged.
The only person that I could relate to the most was Link. We had known each other since we were children and grew up together in the village.
I waved to Mayor Bo as I made my way to the dirt path way that lead to the ranch. “Hey, Amari! Are you going to close up the ranch?” I nodded, smiling sweetly. “Hey, you haven’t seen Link, have you Bo?” He paused for a second, and then nodded; he shifted his gaze from me to the path. “Yeah, I saw him. He seemed like he was in a hurry. I wonder why...”
His voice trailed off. After a moment, I broke the silence by asking, “Did he say anything?”
“Why, yes actually. I asked him what the rush was about, and he said ‘I can’t tell you. It has to do with my dream!’ Then, he ran off. What did he mean by that?” My eyes widened as I realized what he meant.
Almost instantly, memories of the day he told me of his dream came rushing into my mind like a fog. With a worried look on my face, I sprinted off towards the ranch.
* * * * * * * * * * *
“I don’t know why, but this dream has reoccurred for the past few weeks. I just can’t explain it...” I laid a hand on Link’s shoulder and gave him a concerned look. “Well, not everything has to be logically explained, Link!” He laughed nervously, smiling at me. Drawing in a deep breath, he began. “It starts out like this... I’m standing outside the ranch. Even though it feels like daytime, it’s dark outside. I’m just standing there, looking around. Then... I hear this voice. It says, ‘I know how you must be feeling right now, and I feel for you. I really do. It must be absolutely terrible to lose her in a way like that.’ It sounded like a man’s voice, but it was mixed in with another, deeper voice. I don’t know why, but I said, ‘Shut up! You don’t know anything!’
“It laughed and when it replied, it sounded like it was right behind me. ‘I don’t? Well, that’s what you think.’ When I turn around, there is this figure standing there. I couldn’t see a face because it had a hood on. I asked it who it was, and it said, ‘You know who I am. I am you.’
“At first, I didn’t know what to think. Then, it removed it’s hood. It really was me! Only... he had red eyes and black hair. ‘I’ll make a deal with you. Meet me at the field in front of the ranch.’ I was confused, so I asked him what would happen if I refused to arrive. Then, he started laughing. ‘Well, I would, if I wanted to see my friend again.’ I was speechless; he, then, shoved his hand into my chest. For only a split second, I felt pain... then, I woke up.” He paused, his intense blue eyes piercing into mine.
I wondered what it meant for a few moments. “Amari... do you think that it is a sign or just a regular dream?” I paused, then shook my head. “I don’t know. It is very detailed, so it could be a premonition... I would have to look into it.” He nodded smiling sweetly. “Thanks for listening to me, Amari. You are a true friend.”
I giggled and leaned towards him, giving him a small peck on the cheek. He blushed and turned away. “Oh... I-I’m sorry... I thought you...” I felt my face burning with embarrassment. He turned back to me and gently grabbed my chin. I couldn’t help but smile at him. “No... it’s not that... I...” He paused, staring into my eyes. I felt mesmerized by his gaze, like he was pulling me in. I felt his warm breathe roll down my neck; I felt dizzy and confused all at once, yet I felt safe with him by my side. Helpless, I let him lean into my face. Soon, our lips met. The longing for him that I had felt for these many years of knowing him flowed to my lips, taking over my body piece by piece. I felt a strong passion burning deep within me, perpetually lighting all oblivion. After what seemed like an endless kiss, we pulled apart... smiling. “Well, A-Amari, I guess I better go home. I... I’ll see you tomorrow.” With one final peck on the cheek, he stood and left for home. I continued to sit there, staring after him; I felt the color filing into my cheeks. Although he was gone, I managed to whisper, “Yeah. See you tomorrow.” Giggling to myself, I stood and made my way back to my house.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Not too soon after talking to Bo, I arrived at the ranch’s field. By that time, the bottom of the clouds had broken and rain was pouring down. In the middle of the field, I noticed that there was a figure slumped over.
When I first noticed it, I felt this horrible sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt the sinking feeling deepen as I drew closer to the figure. Once I had a clear view, I gasped. No... this can’t be! I shook my head in denial, then rolled the body over with the tip of my shoe. There, lying before me, was Link.
At first, I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t sure whether he was dead or just unconscious. Kneeling beside him, I placed two fingers on the vital point in his neck. Luckily, I felt the blood pulsing through his veins.
I, then, let out a huge breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding. I need to get him out of here... “Hey! Amari! Did you find Link?” I whirled around, shifting my gaze to the entrance. I, then, noticed Ilia running towards me. As she came closer, however, she slowed to a stop.
Speechless, her eyes darted from me to Link and back again. I slowly stood and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Ilia... this is not what it looks like...” She cut me off. “Then what happened?”
“Well, I don’t know! I just found him out here!”
“Isn’t there anything that you think could have happened?”
Since I had never actually stopped to think about it, this caught me by surprise. Unfortunately, just as was about to make a suggestion, I heard a low cough trail from behind me.
I knew instantly what it was and I quickly turned around, kneeling next to Link.
He propped himself up on his elbows, looking into my eyes. “A-Amari...? Is everything okay?” I nodded, smiling to keep him calm. “Well, everything but you! What happened here? You’re bleeding!”
Link sat up the rest of the way and looked down at the slash across his stomach. It was bleeding profusely. I kneeled down beside him, looking at the wound with concern. “Amari... i-i-it’s just a scratch! No big deal!”
Glaring at him, I ripped open his shirt. I shrieked and stood, covering my mouth with my hands. Ilia held a sickened look on her face. The gash was deep, almost passing for endless. His blood seeped out onto the ground and all over himself.
I held out my hand, looking away. “I guess I have to be the one to clean you up. Come on.” He paused for a moment, and then grabbed my hand. As I helped him up onto his feet, he cringed and grunted in pain. I tried to help him stand straight, but he waved me away. “Well, if you’re in pain, you should let someone help you!” He cried out and held his stomach. I tried to grab his arm to lead him back to the village. “Gah! Amari, that hurt! Be careful!”
“I can’t help it that you’re hurt! You should have-“
“Should have what? Warned you?”
I paused, but continued leading him to his house. Well, he didn’t have to get so defensive! I sighed, staring into the clouds. Twilight began to fall all around us. As it swarmed the air around us, I began to feel it seeping into me, as if it were trying to become a part of me. I felt myself wearing down and my happiness slipping away from my grasp. I almost stopped and left, but we were already moments away from Link’s house.
As it came closer into view, I looked up at the top of the stairs. For a moment, I saw a shadow that resembled the dark being Link had mentioned in his dream earlier that week.
It’s brilliant, scarlet eyes stared down at me; I soon began to feel intimidated by the mysterious figure. I saw the corner of its mouth pull up into an awkward half-smile, flashing its radiant, unnaturally white teeth at me.
I narrowed my eyes, wondering what it was thinking. At that moment, words came rushing into view. The words played in my head as the figure mouthed them. You are more than what you believe yourself to be. Return to what you were and everything will become clearer.
I felt my eyes widen as those words played back to me, a perpetual echo floating aimlessly through my mind. “What?” was all that I was able to reply, since I was still unable to comprehend what it meant.
I soon felt a continuous tugging on my shoulder. In the background, a faint voice called out my name. Was it Link?
“Amari? Amari! Wake up! What are you looking at?”
Shaking my head, I blinked and turned to Link. “What?”
Link rolled his eyes and sighed. “Hello? I asked you what you were looking at. Why did you zone out like that?” I paused, staring blankly at him. “Oh, um, it was nothing. Just a squirrel.”
I smiled nervously.
He narrowed his eyes and stared at me, obviously suspicious. After a long pause, he waved it away and cautiously clambered up the ladder. I followed close behind him, ready to help him if he fell.
Amazingly enough, he managed to make it to the top without stumbling even the slightest bit. As I pulled myself up, I suddenly felt a twinge of pain shoot through me. Breathing soon became too difficult. Clutching my chest, I slowly collapsed to my knees, cringing and gasping for air. Strangely, as soon as it came, the pain was gone.
Although I tried desperately to hide it, I understood completely where it came from. The hole in my heart, left by my father’s tragic death in battle and many other heart-breaking experiences, had made an attempt to bring in those horrid nightmares that had been locked away for so long.
My father, Cornelius, was captain of Hyrule’s Royal Knights and a loyal friend of the king of Hyrule. In the Great War between the Hylian and the Gerudo, one of his comrades had betrayed the army and joined the Gerudo. As an unfortunate result, my father had been murdered by his old friend. After hiding in shame, I was later told that this comrade had given his own life.
Link helped me onto my feet, brushing the dirt from my shoulder.
“Amari, what happened? Are you well?” I paused, placing my hand over my eye. I hadn’t noticed that my hands were shaking.
“I am fine. It was just... nothing.” I was expecting him to sigh with relief and smile like he always did. Instead, he gave me a sympathetic look and gently brushed my cheek. When he pulled his hand away, I noticed a small tear sitting upon his finger.
At that moment, feeling rushed back into my body. My cheeks suddenly felt hot and wet; I then realized that I had been crying. I felt the color drain from my face as my heart fluttered around inside of my chest.
Once we were inside, I guided him over to the couch—he grunted in pain as he sat down—and got him a damp strip of cloth to hold over the wound. Not too soon after disappearing into his basement, I returned with some medicinal alcohol. “Now, hold on. This is going to sting a little.” I assured him, dabbing away at the gash. Although I had a vague view of his face, I could see him bite his lip as he held back from crying out in pain.
“Well, you are taking this better than I would have expected.” I mused, giggling to myself.
As I cleaned away the blood and dirt, the gash appeared to be gradually growing smaller and shallower. I let out a sigh of relief at the sight of this.
“Fortunately for you, the wound is not too serious. You will still be able to deliver the gift for the Hylian Royal Family tomorrow.” I heard him sigh as well with the good news I brought. As I finished wrapping the treated wound, I heard the door burst open behind me. Gee, I wonder who that could be, I thought to myself sarcastically. As expected, my breathless mother came bounding into the house, Sakura dragging her feet behind her. “Azuna!” I heard Link gasp out as my mother’s eyes widened at the scene before her. Azuna reached for my shoulders and pulled me into a fatal embrace.
“I was so worried about you! You were not home yet and I was scared that you had been captured or something! I went to Bo and asked him what happened and he told me that Ilia told him that Link was hurt and that you were taking him home to clean him up. I thought that you were hurt! Thank the gods that I have found you!”
I felt her tears splashing onto my cheeks as she sputtered her short monologue. I hadn’t paid much attention, considering the fact that she was cutting off my air ways. Unsure how else to get her to release me, I dug my recently sharpened nails into her arms.
She pulled away sharply, momentarily stunned; I, then, noticed that I had accidentally drawn blood. Four small puncture wounds, each rounded into crescents, remained where my nails had been.
“What has happened? Why is there blood all over you?” Azuna’s eyes widened as she scanned over me; she shuddered slightly as she continuously gawked at the blood that swamped my shirt.
I opened my mouth to answer, but I was immediately silenced as Link stood; he laid a hand on my shoulder, signaling that he would relieve me from my duty of explaining it to her.
“Look, we are all very tired and we have had a long day. So, why don’t we all just get some rest, hm?” Azuna stared blankly at him for a moment, and then nodded. Motioning toward me, she smiled sweetly and said, “Sweetheart, why don’t we go home and I’ll clean you up?” She held out her hand, waiting for me to take it. Instead, I took a step back into Link’s arms. “No, Mother. I must stay here. Link needs someone to take care of him for a while...” my voice trailed off and I motioned toward his open wounds.
Clutching her arm over the spot where I had injured her, she took in deep breaths to remain calm for the rather large audience. “Amari, dear...” she tried again, holding out her hand once more. Shaking my head, I buried myself deeper into Link’s arms.
She sighed, knowing that I had won the battle. Nodding, she grabbed Sakura’s hand and led her out the door; I heard small snickers coming from the other side of the door once it was shut.
“Amari.” His sweet, velvety voice echo softly throughout the room, reverberating back to me in a heavenly, symphonic melody.
I looked up to meet his sapphire eyes, staring intently down upon me.
“Thanks for staying with me. You are like a sister to me, you know. You’re just... always there for me. When I need you and when I do not need you.” The combination of his kind words and his velvet of his voice left me stunned, devoid of words; his flawless complexion was enough to stun any who came near to him.
I shook my head, trying to regain my senses. Once my voice returned to me, I turned away from him and muttered, “Yeah, sure. Anytime.” Blood rushed to my cheeks, returning the flushed color that had just faded away. I felt his warm fingers come in contact with the underside of my chin once more, my heart pounding faster than normal in the process.
By that point, I couldn’t help but to look at him. My heart pounded even louder now, forcing more blood to my already beet-red cheeks. I felt that longing sensation in me that I felt the last time I was alone with him. The kind of feeling that made me want to stay with him forever, even in death.
My mouth opened slightly, a low sigh flowing out. Before I could say anything, a shrill scream rang out from the village.
I gasped, turning towards the door. Link pushed me behind him protectively, holding me there with his muscular arms. His muscles tensed and his hands balled up into fists.
“Link, what’s happening!?” My voice cracked in fear. I knew that the fear that I felt was only there to cover up the anger I felt, the anger that came from nowhere.
Something doesn’t feel right about this... I thought, my lips starting to curl back over my teeth. Link, also, bared his teeth, continuing to hold me back from whatever was out there.
Then, I felt it. A feeling so strong that it nearly knocked me over. Stronger than fear, stronger than hate- that seemed almost impossible. The only word that I could describe it with was...
Joy, almost, that I would be somehow involved with this fight. I was excited, relieved that this was happening. It felt like I wanted this to happen, for something catastrophic to occur.
At that moment, loud pounding came from behind the door in a randomized order.
Neither one of us moved, like the soles of our shoes were welded to the ground. I felt a cool breeze swirl around my exposed toes and under the heels of my sandals. I shivered unintentionally, the cool seeming to catch me off guard. Did that come from under the door? I asked myself, mouthing the words at the same time.
Two more knocks- softer, this time, than the previous ones- came, followed by a booming explosion.
That explosion shattered the door, which came flying at the both of us in huge shards. Shards large enough to impale us, pinning us to the wall. Unable to react further, I closed my eyes and hoped that my death would be swift.

~ Chapter 2: Light Within Darkness ~

As the darkness behind my eyelids grew denser, my life played before me. My happy memories never came, no matter how desperately I cried out for them. Every moment that I spent crying or screaming... they came rushing into my mind, feeling more painful to me now than they did then.
Link’s warmth that radiated from him seemed farther off than ever, making feel alone in this hellish place. Once my memories faded, a lone orb of golden light manifested itself to me, bringing me a feeling of hope that I knew would be in vain.
But, then, the orb grew and swallowed me whole, leaving me stunned momentarily. I soon found my self unaware of my surroundings. Ugh... where am I?
“You are where you should be, Amari.”
This soft, foreign voice answered my unspoken question, causing me to gasp. I tried again, Who are you? The sweet voice answered, “You should already know the answer to that. Open your eyes.”
When those words finished echoing in my head, feeling returned to my body. The strange, sudden numbness faded, allowing me to open my eyes. What I saw before me was not the same as the image I remembered from only a few moments ago.
I was in a room with dark gray bricks closing off from everything else. I looked around, confused and frightened all at once. To my left, I notice a small flame flickering faintly in an intricately-designed fireplace and a vanity made of a dark wood- mahogany or cherry, maybe. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a large bed with a wood frame enclosing it, a translucent scarf of a deep purple color falling gracefully from its canopy.
All that I could see came to me in a dream-like sequence of images, too realistic to say I was asleep and too fantastic to say I was awake. I, then, noticed the dark figure standing before me.
The figure’s long robe fell to the ground in large folds, describing its elegance and age. The dark brown color seemed even darker in the unlighted room. The intimidating robe mocked me further with its black scarf wrapped loosely around the neck, blocking my view of the figure’s face.
It turned to face me, its eyes and mouth shrouded by shadows. Seeing this figure reminded me of the shadow that I had seen earlier. I remembered what it said to me.
You are more than what you believe yourself to be. Return to what you were and everything will become clearer.
What had he meant by that? I wondered. After what had happened recently, I had more than enough reasons to question myself, as well as my sanity.
I shook my head. Now is really not the time to start that, Amari! I scolded myself, sighing. Returning my attention to the figure, I asked once again, ‘Who are you?”
The figure sighed and shook its head sadly. “I am afraid I cannot tell you that, Amari. You must find out for yourself.” The small voice sounded disappointed- by this point, I recognized as a female’s voice.
I frowned, feeling slightly infuriated. “How do you my name? Why am I here?” My questions sounded closer to demands as my patience grew shorter with each breath.
She ignored my first question and went on to answer the second.
“You are here because your life will change soon. I am here to tell you what shall happen. Would you like to know?” The frail voice grew in strength, seeming much more confident and official than before.
I took a moment to go over what she had said. Eventually, I gave and, sighing, nodded. “Do your worst,” I replied, feeling defeated.
The figure sighed also and turned back to the window. For a moment, I caught a glimpse of her eyes. They sparkled a brilliant blue, brighter than I had ever seen before. And yet, behind the bright and bubbly blue, a dash of a depressing gray flashed across her eyes.
“Listen carefully.” Her voice seemed sharper now, daunted with a hint of anger. “Your world is about to take a turn for the worst. You, along with everyone you love, will be overtaken with twilight. A dark force, that which has been sealed away for many centuries, will break free and will envelop everyone within its evil.
“The legend of the Hero states that, when the dark power was sealed away, it swore to ‘return to Hyrule and destroy the worlds.’ The ancient sages ignored the dark one’s cry and ignorantly told every being that the Golden Age would be permanent. It is almost too late to save Hyrule now. But, you can still save the world, Amari.”
She turned back to me, laying a hand on my shoulder.
“What the dark one does not know is that, while he was released, the spirit of the ancient Hero returned, as well. As long as this light remains within the deepest darkness, there is hope. However, the Hero does not know of his true form yet. That is where you come in.
“You are the center of all of this. You are the key that links the world and all of its inhabitants together. You must find the newly awakened Hero of Time. Once you do, come find me.”
My jaw dropped as I gasped. How could I, a mere village girl, be the one thing keeping this world together? I can barely keep my room clean, let alone the world! How am I supposed to do that!?
“You will find a way, Amari. You always do.” She replied, annoying me with her ability to read my mind. “Wait a minute! How am I supposed to find you again if I do find the Hero? I don’t even know where I am!” I nearly shouted, hurting my own eardrums as the volume of my voice increased.
With her free hand, the figure placed an index finger on the middle of my forehead. The light from before once again began to swallow me in its warmth. Her cheeks lifted in a way that gave me the feeling that she was smiling- was that a tear that just rolled down her cheek? “As I said before, Amari, you will find a way.” The tone her voice was high in pitch- with pride, maybe?- yet still soft and frail.
As she faded from my sight, the light became thicker and heavier, pressing down on me with tremendous strength. Her voice called out one last time, seeming more like a thought than words.
Remember, Amari. You must find the new Hero of Time and bring him here. You are the last hope of the future of Hyrule. I trust that you will not fail.
Stay safe...

Those last two words floated around aimlessly, fading in and out until they disappeared completely. The strange woman’s voice was suddenly replaced by a much smoother, rather concerned voice that continuously called my name. A familiar warmth filled me with life, a lovely honey-dew scent opening my lungs. “Amari! Are you okay? Open your eyes, Amari! Please!” the voice cried, becoming clearer with each syllable. As the light faded into the darkness once again, I moaned. I heard a low gasp come from above me.
In the next fraction of a second, I heard the scuffling of feet away from me and the voice. “Whoa...” the voice murmured, an incredulous tome mixed within its relief. Finally, I was able to force my eyelids apart. I quickly took in my surroundings. Several bodies of fiends lay around me, Link crouched by the back wall of his house, and... “Holy crap! What happened here!?” I shrieked. There, sticking out of the wall, was a huge shard of wood with a small, golden doorknob hanging from a strand of wire. Link merely shook his head and pointed at my right hand. “Amari, how did you do that!?” he asked incredulously, eyes wide.
I turned, straightening out of my poise that I didn’t recall getting into. In my hand was my dagger that I had all but forgotten about bringing to work earlier. Had it been just the dagger in itself, I would not have reacted the way that I did. The fact that I held a dagger in my hand that looked like it was bleeding made the whole situation a whole lot worse.
The blood oozed of the edge of the knife in a disgusting purplish color, a color that would never belong to any human being. Then, I remembered the seemingly endless array of bodies that lay strewn out across Link’s living room floor. “What the-!” I sputtered, dropping the knife.
I took in each individual face that stared blankly in oblivion. Each fiend had a deep greenish hue to their skin and dull, crimson eyes. As each face came in more distraught and frightened, my heart rate increased drastically. I slowly turned to face Link.
“Did... did I do... this?” I asked him, gesturing to the motionless bodies that lay severed in several spots behind me. When he made no reply to my question, my eye began to water. My cheeks flushed a brilliant scarlet as the blood came rushing to them.
When Link noticed my sudden deluge of tears, he stood up and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. My shoulders shook violently as I sobbed into his chest. “Oh, please don’t cry, Amari. Why are you crying?” he asked, laying his head on top of mine. “Is it because you were scared?”
I shook my head, still continuing to sob. “I’m crying because I killed every one of these creatures... involuntarily.” My voice shook as I spoke. I gently nudged away from him, looking once more into his brilliant ocean-blue eyes. I remembered a feeling that, even though I had been numb previously, still occurred. “I remember. While I was fighting them off, although I don’t remember it too well, I felt happy to do it. To end them like that. It felt fantastic to shed their blood so... so viciously. Why?” My tears slowed to a stop.
Link only stared at me, refusing to say what I already knew he would say. He would say something along the lines of, Amari, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know what was going on. Don’t be so hard on yourself. But, I knew that I would scoff at him and reply sharply, Then how do you explain what just happened!? How do you explain how I ruthlessly killed those creatures like a bloodthirsty monster!? Even if they were going to try to kill us, I didn’t want to hurt them for no reason.
Link pulled my into his embrace again, allowing to breathe in his calming scent. With that in mind, I was able to think more clearly. I was finally able to ask myself the questions that lay buried under the recent events. Who was that girl from my vision? Why did she want me to find this ‘Hero of Time’? Why did she feel so familiar to me? I sighed, knowing that I would eventually answer these questions. I loosely held my arms around Link’s waist and smiled.
“Link?” I said, finally breaking the silence. He only replied with a huge sigh and a muffled, “Hmm?” I giggled, amused by his sudden interest in the scent of my hair. I buried my face deeper into his chest and said, “Thanks for being there.” He chuckled softly and began stroking my arm.
The sudden shock that came from his finger tips sent a flurry of thoughts into my mind.
Wait a minute! ‘Hero of Time’? It’s like from that legend of the ancient Hero! The Hero of Time was said to be reborn into the form of a young, human boy each time the kingdom of Hyrule was supposed to go into a crisis! So, that means, if that girl was going to send me after him... oh, crap! We are destined to go into another Dark Age, aren’t we!? And, if that happens...
“Oh, heck, no! Not again!” I shouted, falling backwards out of the embrace. Link stared at me, holding his hand out to help me up. “Hey, Amari, what was that all about?” he asked, surprised by my sudden clumsiness. I took his hand and stood, shaking all the while. “Amari, what’s going on? Why did you just fall like that?” he asked again, seeming more concerned this time than before.
I ignored his questions and repeated my thoughts out loud.
“If we go into another Dark Age, we’ll be in deep trouble! And, if that happens, the dark being that was sealed away will break free once again and destroy the world!”
I said each word within a fraction of a second as I speedily paced across the remains of the fiends. “But, if we are doomed, then the Hero would come back and that girl said that I had to find the new Hero. And it’s said that the ancient Hero was named Link, so, I would have to find a Link that matches the...Hero’s description...and...” My words slowed to a stop as I reassessed my last statement. “Wait. Link... the Hero. The only Link I know is...” My voice trailed off once again as I stopped pacing the floor, cooling my fast-working mind for a moment. I slowly turned to look at Link, who continued to stare at me as if I were crazy. My eyes widened as I realized what the girl meant.
“Amari, what are you talking about? I didn’t understand a word that you just said!” Link said, sounding both confused and disappointed. I continued my ravings in a much quieter tone than before, understanding the consequences of telling him about my findings. “You.” I said, pointing at him with a violently vibrating finger. “You’re the one. You’re the new Hero. I have found you. But, if you’re here, then, the fiends must have come because...” I silenced myself as shock and realization crossed my mind.
Pushing my legs as fast as they would go, I pranced out of the house and towards the bridge connecting Ordon to the Faron Woods. “Wait, Amari! Where are you going?” I heard Link shout after me as I sprinted.
Although it was nearly midnight, the sky was painted a fantastic red-orange color, the color of a beautiful sunset on a rainy day over a vast ocean. I, then, heard the heavy pounding of hoof beats on soft ground behind that grew louder and louder with each step I took. I didn’t need to look behind me to know that it was Link on Epona. Of course, that didn’t stop me from running. I continued running over the bridge and towards the opening of land that formed the entrance to the Faron Woods.
However, as I came closer to the opening, I skidded to a halt. Not too far behind me, I heard Epona whinny as she was forced to a stop. I stared in fear at the large, glowing mass that blocked any entry; it glowed a sinister, bright orange that intimidated me with each pulse of color that is sent across it.
As I stared deeper into it, I felt that overwhelming feeling of dread and despair that I only felt as the day fell into night. I heard a faint thud from behind me that was shortly followed by a sharp pace of sandals smacking into the dirt. “What do you think it is, Link?” I asked, already knowing that it was him.
He came up to my side swiftly and silently, staring at the great mass with just as much fear and curiosity as I did.
“I’m not sure. But, whatever it is, it must not be here to help us in any sort of way. I get a terrible feeling that makes my stomach lurch from this thing.” His voice sounded angrier than scared, almost hostile in a way.
I simply nodded, my eyes never leaving the mysterious thing that floated before us. “Yeah. Me, too. Something just isn’t right about this-“ I was cut off by my shrill shriek as an enormous, black arm flew out of the mass and grabbed me by the shoulders.
I was instantly pulled inside by this cold, gigantic hand and held several inches off the ground. What held me in that place was not human.
A large beast with thick, black cords stiffly flowing out of the top of its “head” and no visible eyes examined me. I heard a low grumble that was followed by a sharp gasp come from behind me. The creature’s hand tightened its grip around my neck, cutting off my airways little by little. The gasp that I had heard previously was replaced by a voice that cried out, “Amari!”
I slowly turned my head around to see Link in the same quandary as I was currently placed in. I outstretched my arm towards him, desperately clawing at the air for his hand. “Li... Link... h-help..” I gasped, my vision starting to blur slightly.
He did the same as he mouthed my name. As soon as our hands almost touched, a brilliant, golden light flashed from what I thought to be Link’s left hand. He turned around, using his other hand to shield his eyes.
Not even a fraction of a second later, the same event happened behind me. A bright light flared out warmly from the top of my right hand in the faint outline of an upside-down triangle.
Then, in perfect unison, both me and Link were thrown out of the creatures’ hands. We both collided with the ground several feet apart. I heard a low, muffled sound come from where Link was, but, my heart was pounding too loudly in my head for me to tell what was said.
I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees as my entire body pulsed unevenly. My head ached, my lungs felt as though they were being compressed, my whole body felt sore, and my heart raced inside of my chest.
I felt myself changing on the outside. My legs and arms felt like they were becoming extended, longer somehow. My shoulders collapsed inwards into a smaller, more petite formation. My hands and feet altered in ways unimaginable to any person on Earth.
My knuckle came closer together as my fingers sank into themselves, curving in the process. My nose and lips felt as thought they were being pulled right off of my face, from my chin to the bridge of my nose.
I screamed in agonizing pain as the process increased in intensity. Finally, the strange alteration of body slowed to a stop. As the pain swept away, carrying all feeling of my body with it, my knees buckled beneath me. My hands- or, rather, what was left of them- appeared to me as small, white blurs by my face.
In the background, I could still make out the shape of Link, who seemed to be undergoing some sort of pain that made him wretch around like a fish out of water. “L... Li..” I tried to gasp out. My voice came out in raspy whimpers, from what I could tell. As my sight faded out once more, my life flashed before my eyes once again. As my eyelids drooped over my eyes, I felt a warm sensation wash over me.
I felt a sense of peace that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

~ Chapter 3: Into the Twilight ~

I heard the low yet constant plopping of water falling into a puddle on the floor and the heavy breathing of some sort of wild animal. I felt a cool, tiled floor underneath of me and a frozen, circular bar around my wrist. I shook myself back into my senses as I tried to stand. The light clinking of chains ramming into each other rang sharply in my mind. I used my hands to push myself up onto my feet, but failed to do so. Surprisingly, it felt natural to stand on all fours like this.
As my vision returned to me, I started to look around at my surroundings. I saw the tall, intimidating bars of a prison cell gate before me, held shut by a large padlock that looked rusted and ancient. The bland walls were made up of cinderblocks and the floors were tiled with black linoleum.
In the back corners of the encasement, I saw two large bundles of straw in the form of beds shoved back carelessly. As my mind slowly assessed what these sights and sounds meant, I panicked and hurriedly glanced at myself. My wrist- or, what I thought was my wrist- was connected to a hook that was chiseled into the ground by a short, rusty chain.
I was unjustly thrown into a dungeon.
Even more panicked than before, I began running in circles around the hook that held me to that place. As I ran, I noticed a great figure standing off to the side. I stopped half way around and turned to face this figure.
A large wolf with green and gray fur that bristled furiously stood on its haunches, its lips curled back over it’s fangs in a sinister snarl. I slowly started backwards, stopping at the point where the chain was too short to continue.
Oh, man! If this thing attacks me, I’m dead! Let’s just hope that it won’t hurt me.
After hurriedly trying to contemplate a plan to persuade the wolf to calm down, I tried to tell it to relax. My voice came out in small barks and yelps, that of a fox or a small dog. I glared at the floor as I tried again. Once again, only sharp barks. What the..? Why can’t I talk right?
It was all that I could do at the moment not to scream and run. The wolf inched forward and a low growl rumbled deep within its chest. Then, the wolf’s fangs opened slightly as I heard words play in a velvet, musical yet hostile tone in my mind.
Who are you!? What do you want!? Are you with those creature’s that brought me here, fox!?
I made a noise that just barely resembled a gasp. Did he just call me a... fox?
Yeah, I just called you a fox! It mused, seeming more annoyed now than ever. That’s what you are! What’s wrong with you?
I froze, confused by what had just happened. You... I thought. You can hear my thoughts? How? The wolf sniffed roughly but never broke out of its defensive position. I wouldn’t call it ‘hearing your thoughts,’ per se. It just sounds like your talking to me. The wolf’s expression softened as he loosened his stance. You really don’t know what’s going on, do you?
I paused, then shook my head. I looked around once again, severely confused. Where are we exactly? Do you have any idea? The wolf shook his head and looked past the cell gate. No. I would like to know, though. I’m really worried about her... his voice trailed off, lowering to a more disappointed tone. His ears drooped and his sparkling blue eyes looked sad and lifeless. I huffed out a sigh, unable to reply at that moment.
I stood and trotted over to him and, cautiously, sat down.
He looked at me, sneered, and sat next to me. Trying to ignore the fact that I now knew that I was an animal- more specifically, a fox-, I kept up the conversation. So, who are you worried about so much? I asked, sincerely curious. Just as he was about to answer me, a childish giggle echoed throughout the small cell.

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