Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random Rambling 1- Ganon's Story

~ Ganondorf- did he always want to rule Hyrule or was it a childhood accident? ~

In almost every single Zelda game ever made, Ganondorf, or Ganon, has tried to take control of Hyrule. Has there ever been a reason behind this event? What if it was some childhood tragedy that involved his parents? What if it involved someone he loved? For example:
(we'll call the queen Callia and the king Daphnes)

Let's say that Callia, Daphnes and Ganon were all childhood friends. He had no other friends because people shunned him for being a Gerudo. So, Ganon, Callia and Daphnes grew up together. Callia, who happened to be the princess of Hyrule at the time, turns 18 and is legally able to take the throne. She has to decide to marry either Daphnes or Ganon. Ganon may have had a crush on her his whole life, but, she had liked Daphnes more. So, she chooses him. Ganon, now lonely and heart-broken, vows to take revenge upon everyone who Callia holds dear--- her kingdom, her family and her child, Princess Zelda. Once old enough to rule over the Gerudos, he leads his personal army to rampage every village and home he lays eyes on. Finally, they come across a village tucked away in a remote forest, called Ordon. With the village in turmoil, Sophie and Raven (Link's parents) try to flee with their baby, Link. Both of Link's parents are killed. Before Sophi is murdered, she places the baby in a bush where no one can see him. After the rampage settles, Bo (the mayor of Ordon) finds the starving baby and takes him in as his own. After destroying everything in sight, Ganon and his hoardes turn to Hyrule Castle. Once they arrive, they take down everyone in their path. Ganon, filled with seemingly perpetual rage, finds and murders Callia; she happened to be protecting her 2-year-old daughter, Princess Zelda. Apalled by his actions, he tells his mutiny to fall back. The next day, he taken to the Mirror Chamber where he sealed into the Dark Realm. 18 years later, he escaped from his prison. He resumes his place as King of the Gerudos. Having been released by the power of Twilight, he floods Hyrule with this newly found power. The people of Hyrule, with nowhere else to turn, pray that the Hero of Time will once again appear. Which leads us to Twilight Princess...

Another scenario: (we'll call Ganon's mother Rina)
Ganon had a peaceful life up until his 12th birthday. In the middle of the celebration, the Royal Army burst into his home and accuse Rina of witchcraft. Tears streaming down her cheeks, she is dragged away from her child, screaming, "Remember me in your dreams!" The next day, she is executed (your choice). Ganon blames himself for a fraction of his life. Finally, when he reaches the age of 27, he decides to blame the Hylian Royal Family for the death of his mother. After all, they are the ones in command for the Army. So, being the King of the Gerudos, he commands Nabooru, his second-in-command, to gather up the Gerudo warriors and storm each home; he also commands that they kill anyone who dares appose them. Soon, they come across a mansion of in the country. The man of the house is killed protecting his wife (we'll call her Sophie) and his newborn child, Link. Sophie flees, bearing a heavy wound, with the baby Link. She arrives at the Kokiri Forest, where she then dies. After that event, Ganon leads his rebellion to Hyrule Castle. Callia, protecting the baby Princess Zelda, is murdered by a Gerudo woman. Daphnes takes over protecting Zelda and fights Ganon. One lucky swipe gets Ganon and his mutiny to retreat. Weeks later, Ganon decides to ask forgiveness for Daphnes. After being forgiven, he assumes the position of second-in-command to the King. Which brings us to Ocarina of Time...

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