Wednesday, June 10, 2009

***NEW FAN FICTION--- A Place to Belong ***

Okay, so, now that it is officially summer time (yay!), I have decided to create another Zelda fanfiction called A Place to Belong. This new story is not related to any other of my stories and is based off of Ocarina of Time. The story is about a young Gerudo girl named Amari (yes, this is still the same Amari from all of my other fan stories) and her quest to find out who she really is, sort of like the movie Anastasia, if you will. She has been a Gerudo all of her life and has thought nothing of her ways until a stranger comes into town. The stranger, Link, comes across Amari and the two become great friends (and eventually fall in love with each other). One day, when the Spirit Festival comes to Gerudo Valley, Link and Amari run away and travel through Hyrule on a journey to defeat Ganondorf. Will they succeed? Will Amari find out who she really is?

Find out, in: A Place To Belong.

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