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Seven Minutes in Heaven--- Twilight Princess Style: Amari

This is a story version of the popular 'who will you get? Pick an item' game/quiz from The guidelines have been followed, so, no, you do not get to pick who you/I get. Please enjoy the story!
- Amari

Staring across the room at everyone who sat in the circle, I nervously twiddled my fingers. I began to sweat, blushing at the thoughts of who I would get. Oh, God! What if I get Coro? Ew! He creeps me out! But… what if I get… no way! I would never put up with it. But, what about- My thoughts were cut short as Nabooru thrust the basket towards me. Inside were five items, each item representing one of the five boys in the circle. I turned around, throwing a nervous glance at my sister and friends. Miss Anju smiled reassuringly while Chika and Kagome laughed. My sister, Zelda, gave me a thumbs-up and a thought.
Go for the gold, Amari! You can do it! She cried happily. I nodded, turning back to Nabooru. “Come on, already! Just pick one! It’s not it’s gonna kill you!” she mused, apparently annoyed.
Swallowing hard, I closed my eyes and reached into the basket.
Only a few moments later, I pulled out a leaf from a tree. What the heck does that mean? I thought to myself. I leaned in a took in a large whiff of it. It smelled like the trees of Ordon. I still wondered who this article could belong to.
Nabooru helped me to my feet and lead me to the other room. “Okay, just wait in here. I’ll be right back.” she said, closing the door. As I sat in the dark room, alone, I began to think of my options. I could have chosen Link, Coro, Shad, Fado, or Shinbo, one of the Hylian guards.
Even more intensely afraid of who I might have chosen, I snatched a piece of my hair and started to braid it. Not too soon afterward, the door swung gradually open. I winced, releasing the strands of hair. I squinted my eyes, trying to see who I had chosen.
It’s no use. The room is too dark for me to see. I sighed, patting the spot beside me on the couch. The mysterious guest sat carefully beside me. I held on tightly to the leaf.
We sat there in an awkward silence for a few moments. Okay, so, it’s a leaf. That leaves me with… Link, Coro and Fado. Those aren’t bad options, other than Coro.
After losing myself within my train of thought I turned towards the shadowy figure. “Okay, so… we only have seven minutes in here, so…yeah.” I closed my eyes, waiting for skin contact.
Soon, I felt a tender grasp of my face, making me moan involuntarily. The feeling was extraordinary, the shocking sensation that pulsed through me. I opened my eyes in time to catch a glimpse of who I had chosen. I smiled as I soon met the lips of the sapphire-eyed guest. As the sweet, familiar honey-dew scent filled my lungs once again, I knew instantly who I had chosen.
Way sooner than I had imagined, the door swung open, allowing light into the room once again. Stunned, we both pulled away. “All right, you two. Time’s up! Get out!” Nabooru teased. She stepped away from the door to allow our passage out. I stood up and began to exited the room. I stopped as I realized that a hand had pulled me back by the wrist. I turned around, meeting the deep, sapphire eyes of the one that held me. The hand slipped easily down from my wrist to my hand. I flushed a deep crimson hue, smiling.
But, soon, he released my hand. He turned towards the door but didn’t move. “We don’t want to give the others any ideas.” The velvet-soft voice whispered, making me swoon at its beauty. I nodded and walked out, with him following close behind.
“Well, seeing as Amari was our last contestant, this ‘Seven Minutes in Heaven’ session has come to a close You can all go home, now!” Nabooru exclaimed, pushing everyone out the door.
As I headed towards Aria, I turned and saw Link getting ready to mount Epona.
Before he turned and rode away, he waved. I blushed and waved back. Never had I felt that way towards anyone… until now.
“When I saw you pull out that leaf, I was so scared! I thought you would have to be stuck with Coro or something!” Zelda said, her fore finger pecking at the controller. “I know! Me, too. I was so nervous!” I exclaimed, slamming down on the X button.
On the screen, my character leaped into the air and came down on Zelda’s in a Sword Plunge. “Yeah! High score!” I shouted, throwing my arms into the air. Zelda sighed and crossed her legs, her jeans flopping limply around her legs. “But…” her voice trailed off.
Setting the Xbox controller down, I turned towards her. “When I saw Link stand up and walk into the room, I got really excited. First, because I knew you had a crush on him for, like, forever. Second, because no one had picked him. I am really glad you got him.” She laid a hand on my shoulder, heating up my icy skin.
I blushed and turned away, smiling to myself. She smirked and leaned closer, as if she were pressing for details. “So… how was it?” she mused, grinning broadly. My cheeks flushed an even brighter red, embarrassed by how my sister was so interested in this. “It was…” I started, pausing to swallow. She leaned in closer, sincerely interested.
I sighed and stared out the window at the gently falling rain. After the short pause, I turned back to her and said, “…it was nice. I really enjoyed it.”
She grinned and leaned back facing the television screen once again. “Now, how about a rematch. You cheated last time.” She picked up her game controller, never turning to meet my gaze. I smiled fiercely and picked up my controller, as well
“You’re on!”
I sighed, gazing up at the stars. Next to me, the peaceful waters of Zora’s Domain swirled and played around my ankles and the Mother and Child rocks. I continued to stare up at the brightest star that twinkled merrily in the clear sky. Nothing could make this night better. Nothing, but…
“Amari? Is that you?” I heard a surprised voice call out from behind me. My fiery waves bounced wildly as I turned to meet the sapphire gaze of Link. We remained silent as he stared into my bright, sage-green eyes. I blushed and was the first to turn away. My feet crossed over each other under the water.
Link chuckled and looked up at the sky. “Wow.” He breathed.
“The stars look so beautiful tonight. This is great spot to just get away from it all.”
I nodded and followed his gaze back to the bright star. After a few more silent moments, I broke it by saying, “I know she is up there.” Link looked at me, confused. “Who is up there?” he asked.
I sighed and turned towards him. “My mother. I came here to talk to her. Unfortunately, I can never hear her voice telling me ‘It’s alright, Amari. You’ll pull through somehow. After all, you are my daughter.’” After telling him that, I began to tear up. My heart sank as I thought of my dear mother. A single tear slid out of the corner of my eye and began to roll down my cheek. Link caught the tear on his finger, as if to tell me to calm down.
His sapphire gaze held me there once again, stunning me. His finger tucked itself into his fist, which he loosened. His hands cupped my face, which made it harder to look away. As if the both of us were drawn to each other, we slowly leaned in closer to each other. We came so close that our noses almost touched. His hot, honey-dew breath rolled down my face and neck. I, involuntarily, moaned as he soon closed the distance between us.
As soon as our lips met, I knew that it was meant to be. I knew that Link was the one that I was destined to be with for the rest of my life. It wasn’t the first time I had thought that, either.
Fate, serendipity, attraction… whatever you wanted to call it, it was here and here to stay. As soon as our lips parted, I let out a long breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding. Our faces stayed close enough that we could hear the other’s heart racing. I flushed an incredibly deep scarlet, deeper and brighter than my hair.
“Wow, umm…” I breathed, feeling incredibly at ease near him.
“Yeah. Wow.” He replied, just as speechless as I was.
I giggled, my face lighting up a bright red color. I smiled to myself and played with my hair once again. He is so cute! I am so glad that I am here with him and no one else.
I released my hair and laid my hand next to me. When my fingers landed upon warmth, I blushed even deeper. In accurate unison, we both took in a quick glance of our hands and looked at each other.
I dipped my head and looked at him through my eyelashes. He smiled sweetly as he wrapped his hand around mine. The bright moonlight above us illuminated his blue eyes, making them shine brightly. I scooted closer to him and, while laying my head on his shoulder, let out a contented sigh.
He continued to smile as his hand moved from my hand to my shoulder. As his hand pressed down on my shoulder to pull me closer, he leaned close to me and kissed my forehead gingerly. I closed my eyes and my lips parted slightly. As he pulled his face away, I shifted my position to look up at him. “Link?” I asked, laying a hand on his knee. He looked down at me and I could tell that he was smiling on the inside.
I turned away from him and looked up at the stars. “You won’t ever leave me… will you?” My voice cracked slightly on the word ‘leave.’ He didn’t answer immediately, however I had a strong hunch of what his answer could be. He laid his cheek atop of my head. “Of course not, love. I promise to never leave you alone, ever.”
That was all that I needed to hear. I nestled deeper into his chest and sighed. My joy and contentment overflowed within me and forced tears from my eyes. I smiled and wiped the tears away. We continued to sit there, smiling to ourselves and we watched the stars flickered excitedly throughout the sky. After a few moments, I broke our romantic silence by saying, “Link… thanks.”
As our hearts and our imaginations soared through the night sky, we both joined together in one more kiss. This sweet, slow sensation made me feel as if I could do anything, as long as he was mine and I was his……
~ Fin ~

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