Sunday, November 30, 2008

**NEW FAN FICTION--- Tears of the Fallen**

Okay, so, my newest fan fiction that I have created is going to be called Tears of the Fallen. I think that the idea, as well as the title, is great! Alright, here we go!

Amari and Link have grown up homeless and without parents on the harsh streets of Cardania, a thriving city built over Kokiri Forest. Although times are tough in the glorious land of Modern Hyrule, Amari and Link still make it through. Taken into an orphanage, the two work together to take care of the younger children.

Until one day, King Ganondorf orders that the orphanage should be burned down, along with anyone who is inside of it at the time. So, now having no home and losing their only siblings they've ever known, Link and Amari help the remaining children find good homes. However, they themselves are not taken. They soon come across an abandoned warehouse, stocked with weapons and bullet-proof vests. They stash these new items in the basement of the old potion shop, whose owner takes them in until she passes away.

Amari, now 18, and Link, now 20, torture and fool with the Elite Guard, Ganondorf's strongest army. They plan to destroy everything and everyone Ganondorf owns, which they do. The only thing that is stopping them now... is a strange man named Reno. He claims to have come to Cardania from the University of Hyrule, which used to be Hyrule Castle, in search of the new Hero of Time and Princess of Destiny.

However, when he mentions the Temple of Time, which he and his archeologist team find hidden underground, our young heroine takes a major blow. Unable to react, she lies and says that she had never heard of it before.

In this ever-changing love story, our heroes come across ancient temples and sages, dreams that turn out to be memories, a lost heritage and several gunfights. While the bullets fly and the affection soars, what will they encounter? Who may they encounter? Will Amari figure out the secrets of her past? Will Link ever discover why he feels so strongly towards Amari? Who is Reno? Why do these memories lead them to places old and new? And, just who is Miira?

Find out, in: Tears of the Fallen

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