Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fan Fiction Info--- ***NEW FAN FICTION COMING***

Well, the title is correct!!! I am coming out with a new fan fiction called Amari's Story!!!
It has characters from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask. It also has some lines from lyrics to songs that I created myself(which will be in italics or cursive, which ever I so choose). For more information, please read the following paragraph.


As we find out in The Final Legend, Amari (the heroine of the story, next to Zelda) is head-over-heels in love with Link. Well, Amari's Story takes place during the aftermath of Ganon's death. Hyrule is repairing itself, Zelda is crowned queen, and Amari starts a band called The Twilit Angels. After some consideration, Link joins the band, along with Nabooru (the Spirit Sage from Ocarina of Time), Anju (the inn-keeper from Majora's Mask), Malon (the ranch-girl from Ocarina of Time), and Roxas (number XIII from Kingdom Hearts 2). I know, Roxas is out of place, but, I didn't want any Zoras in my band! Anyway, the band now consitis of Link (lead guitarist), Amari (lead singer), Nabooru (bass guitarist), Anju (synthesizer/pianist), Roxas (drummer), and Malon (back-up singer). This story pretty much shows how much Link and Amari really love each other. Somewhere in the middle of the story, Zelda is murdered by a "shadow-like duplicate of Link." Both Link and Amari (who turns out to be Zelda's younger sister) are appalled. Amari, forced into depression, continuously postpones concerts in order to "get over" her older sister's death. Link, who tries and fails to cheer-up Amari, sets off to avenge Zelda for her; he leaves a note explaining everything. At the end of the letter, he writes, "P.S, I want you to play in my place at the concert tomorrow. Please... do it for me. I know you are upset, but... just this once. I love you always." Not wanting to let him down, she agrees to his request. Which, in fact, brings us to the prologue. Towards the end of their concert, Amari sees a silhouette shaped like Link off in the distance, staggering. Is it really him? Or is it a trick? Find out in... Amari's Story.

(Please note: I am in no way whatsoever affiliated or involved with Nintendo or anyone else! This story is completely fan-made.)

P.S, I will tell you that Amari and Link have a daughter together (no, you do not hear what they do to get her! Ew!). They name her Hikari (I think it means "light" or something; I find it to be a fitting name for the child of the Hero of Time).

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